20 November 2012

All Hail The Brave Zionist

Don't you just feel so sorry for the poor zionist and his family, quaking in fear in besieged Ashkelon, while Palestinian *rockets* reign down upon his head, and the heads of his wife and five children and eighty year old parents?  I marvel at the zionist's courage, and his commitment to zionism, that he can endure such hardship and terror.  Isn't it obvious who is suffering more?  Don't you just want to sign some fucking petition and demand Obama send Israel some more missiles, and some more Iron Domes to give the poor zionists half-a-chance against those frightful *terrorists?*

Meanwhile, of course, the *terrorists* talk a lot of shit from the comfort of their homes, while hiding like the yellow-belly cowards they are behind that big fence which they built to keep the zionists from discovering their top secret rocket laboratories. . .

Anyways, once again the genesis of this latest round of Satanic violence is clouded in AmerICKa under the smoke of the pathetic Palestinian diy *rockets*. . .for that's always the simpleton's picture presented by Media: the Palestinians, for no apparent reason, just wake up on the wrong side of the bed one day and decide once again to start launching *rockets* upon poor nerve-wracked zionists.

There are a few independent journalists out there who try to get it right. . .here's about as clear and easy-to-read article as you can get about the origins of this latest round of Satanic violence:

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  1. Gotta love how the US gives Israel and a few other countries in that region a ton of cash. What for? I suppose it's for oil.

    Wonder what could be done with all that money if it were invested in stuff like solar, wind, etc?