18 May 2016

A Person Is Guilty

There are days when a person is so sick of living. . .sick and tired. . .lightning falling from Heaven would be mercy.

People make judgments they have no authority to make. . .judgments based on *knowledge* plucked from thin air. . .yet they are convinced of them.

A person cannot protest. . .

Yet a person is guilty, nonetheless.  Nobody standing accused is innocent.  A person may be innocent of the crime detailed in the warrant, yet the person is guilty of something, for the person accused has done something to attract the attention of the Law.  

A person, let us call him what he is, a bum, did not steal a loaf of bread, but he is accused because he is guilty of looking hungry. . .had the bum accepted his hunger with a clean and shining face, he would today be free. . .

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