07 January 2010

The Garbage People

Newsbizarre.com, 7 January 2010: The death of a former model, 26-year-old Paula Sladewski, has shocked America. Her body was found burning in a Miami trash bin. A former glamour model and bikini girl who appeared briefly in the 2003 “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search” video, Paula Sladewski had been working as an exotic dancer in Los Angeles when she took a New Years Eve trip to Floria with her boyfriend. The vacation was for New Years Eve, to see Lady Gaga perform live in concert at Miami Beach's posh Fontainebleau. It was a trip that Paula Sladewski could not have known would be her last.

One of the last to see Paula Sladewski alive was boyfriend Kevin Klym. Kevin Klym reported Paula Sladewski missig to police soon after she went missing. The pair had had a fight when they were out in downtown Miami, Florida on Sunday January 3 2010. Klym said he last saw Paula Sladewski about 7 a.m. at Miami's Club Space. 34-year-old Klym told authorities that he wanted to leave the nightclub because Paula Sladewski was ``too drunk.'' The report said Paula Sladewski yelled at her boyfriend and bouncers threw him out of the club. That was the last time Paula Sladewski was seen by her boyfriend.

On Sunday night, police found the charred body of the model beauty Paula Sladewski in a North Miami trash bin. The body of Paula Sladewski was so badly brunt, only dental records could be used to identify her. A relative of model and dancer Paula Sladewski, stepfather Richard Watkins, said his stepdaughter had a “very volatile relationship” with boyfriend Kevin Klym. There were even domestic violence charges filed against Paula Sladewski June 2009.

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

There has always been the shadow of the devil trailing the so-called *fashion* and *modeling* industries. The Fashion Industry was truly born in sin, back when the eyes of Adam and Eve were first opened. . .

What was born in shame is now celebrated as a Hallmark of Culture. . .

What is today called *Fashion* mocks its origins with its utter shamelessness. . .a Satanic shamelessness that delights in the *open eyes* of man.

This girl, found in a Florida gehenna, is just one of hundreds of thousands of similar girls (by dream or reality), all seduced into a Satanic ritual. . .the ritual of the inversion of fashion.

All models are strippers who, to varying degrees, remove their fig leaves. . .by removing their fig leaves, they say “we have no sin.”

They are, of course, role models. . and the ugly follow their lead.

The *modeling* and *fashion* industries, despite an aura of *glamour,* are nakedly depraved. . .addiction and rape lurk offstage (see the Elite scandal, the Anand Jon Alexander scandal, or the bizarre case of Karen Mulder, for example).

So many girls are abused by fashion, a case like the one here, with the girl ending up burning in a dumpster, seems a mere cliché. Yet every day thousands more girls take off their clothes and pose for pictures, imagining themselves as future icons. One must imagine their lives are already garbage. . .they live, as it were, in burning dumpsters, and so they risk nothing by accepting Satan’s call to his ritual of inversion.

There is a picture of this Florida dumpster model, dressed immodestly, an alcoholic beverage in her hand, aged well beyond her mere 26 years—yet with a smile on her face. Born into it, I suppose. It’s all good, we have no sin.

Her *boyfriend,* according to another news account, had punched and broken her nose on one occasion. . .yet she goes on *vacation* with him, anyway. . .they party, fuck and fight. . .she ends up smoldering in the trash. . .

This is who we are. . .the garbage people.


  1. Ironic how these skanks look older than they actually are in their photos, runways, and television.
    It seems the term "Airhead" applies to all of them in some ways.

    And by the way, they are not as good looking as they believe they are.

  2. Is genius too much to say about this piece?

    Utterly fabulous. You put the issue under a microscope and bring it into crystal-clear focus.

  3. Are you insane or just a very insensitive human being? The Garbage People, are you serious? Where is your compassion? Hateful condemming comments only spew more hatred. This appears to be a Christian site, we should be praying for this person and her family....how much they must be suffering and all those who loved her.

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