01 September 2015

Tony Blair Calling The Kettle Black!!

The Guardian, 1 September 2015: A defiant Tony Blair has dramatically re-entered the debate over Labour’s future with an 11th-hour appeal to party members to come to their senses and reject the “Alice in Wonderland” politics of Jeremy Corbyn. The former prime minister and winner of three general elections says Corbyn’s supporters are operating in a “parallel reality” which rejects evidence and reason, and says their leftwing choice for leader will be an electoral disaster. With just 11 days to go before the ballot of more than 550,000 party members and affiliates closes, Blair admits that he does not fully understand the forces that are stoking what he calls “Corbynmania”. But he insists that those who dismiss his views on how Labour can win elections are making a tragic mistake and are trapped in their own “hermetically sealed bubble” in which “reason is an irritation, evidence a distraction, emotional impact is king and the only thing that counts is feeling good about it all.”

Ha ha ha ha!!

Ain't that rich!!

O man, you got to be kidding me!!

Tony Blair, one of the great frauds of the last fifty years, says voters need to come to their senses and reject the Alice in Wonderland politics of Jeremy Corbyn!

He accuses Corbyn's supporters of:

Operating in a parallel reality,

rejecting evidence and reason,

being trapped in their own hermetically sealed bubble, in which

reason is an irritation,

evidence a distraction, and

emotional impact is king!!!

Surely this is Tony Blair calling the kettle black, for here is a fine old video clip of Blair's own Alice in Wonderland politics, in which he operated in a parallel reality and rejected evidence and reason in favor of emotional impact:
Tony Blair is a God damned liar.  

In the news story above, the only honest words out of Blair's rotten-toothed mouth were that he didn't understand *Corbynmania.*  How could he?  He long ago sold his soul for a few pounds sterling and became a shoeshine boy for the war-mongering 1%.  No, of course he don't understand working class blokes sick of being fucked over by bankers and war profiteers.  He thinks workers who refuse to accept his *reality* (austerity, war, pollution, shitty infrastructure and crappy education) are unreasonable.  

Poor old Tony Blair, the God damned faker, he's been down the rabbit hole so long, he don't know up from down, nor right from wrong. . . 

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