19 November 2015

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is. . .uh. . .Bearded Men

Something called The Gateway Pundit, 18 November 2015: Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG-TV reporter Emily Miller posted to Twitter Wednesday night an internal police memo on four suspicious bearded men seen at the Pentagon on Sunday. Miller said the memo from the Metro Transit Police was leaked to her by a source who thought the public should know. Photos of the men walking in the Pentagon Metro Station shows them each having beards and appearing to be Middle Eastern. Miller writes: “This is scary: Be On The Lookout alert for these men on DC metro at Pentagon. Note it was a warm on Sunday.”

Ha ha ha. . .

Ah, for the good old days of terror, when level-headed leaders like George Bush told us to stay calm and go shopping. . .

Four bearded sand niggers strolling through the metro station wearing coats on a warm (60 degrees) Sunday. . .

This is scary. . .

Here's the Twitter profile picture of our ace reporter Emily Miller:

Note the cross AND the gun. . .covering all her bases, as they say. . .

Which do you think she has more faith in?
Does Emily Miller Have More Faith In Her Savior Or Her Gun To Protect Her From Bearded Men?
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The Most Powerful Nation On Earth, with a $666 billion military. . .home to a nation of frightened rabbits.

I hope ace reporter Emily Miller didn't inadvertently give the *terrorists* some valuable feedback on their *dry run*. . .I mean, maybe now they'll shave and leave their coats in the closet?  Damn! And we almost had 'em!!

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