17 May 2016


17 May 2016: A black University of Iowa student from Naperville lied about being the victim of a hate crime and was actually an aggressor during several drunken fights that began inside a bar, police said Tuesday. Marcus Owens, 19, told police that he was attacked in an alley April 30 by three white men who hurled racial slurs and beat him, damaging his eye socket, knocking out his front teeth and cutting his lips. The claim stoked safety concerns and exposed minority students' distrust of university leaders. But a two-week investigation by Iowa City Police found that a heavily intoxicated Owens was an instigator during several altercations that began inside the Eden Lounge early May 1 and continued in downtown streets. Police said Tuesday that Owens, a 2015 graduate of Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, would not face charges for filing a false report, fighting or underage drinking, and that they would not seek restitution to recover the costs of their investigation. They said they wanted to avoid lengthy court proceedings in the case that shook the normally quiet college town.

There is a significant portion of the negro community which exists in a continual state of untruth.  Living lives of repeated failings and unmet personal expectations, these negroes refuse to acknowledge responsibility for their deficiency.  Instead, they choose to pacify their wounded egos by blaming their inadequacies on nonexistent white malevolent spirits.

I wasn't a drunken ass who descended into a state of bestial violence, says the black Marcus Owens, no, I was an innocent victim of the crowd, hated without reason.

Thus, the false negro victim equates himself to Jesus Christ.  Add blasphemy to the list of charges the police failed to file. . .

Only the truth can set the negro free, but as long as he persists in living in untruth, he will stumble from one failure to the next, each time blaming an imaginary supernatural white force.  The more the negro fails, the more he lies, the more the negro lies, the more he fails. . .the negro is trapped in a circle of defeat and dishonesty from which he can only temporarily escape through intoxication and/or a false cathartic violence, and from which the negro reemerges with the pounding headache of his own moral bankruptcy. . .which, of course, must be alleviated with another dose of evil white spirts. . .ad infinitum, the negro condition.

In the particular case of the negro Marcus Owens, he compounded his misdeed by seeking to infect the entire University of Iowa community with his phantom hate:

The claim stoked safety concerns and exposed minority students' distrust of university leaders.

Owens' lie thus tempted the victimization tendencies of other coloreds at the University of Iowa.  Not able to live alone in untruth, he seeks to push his hate poison on his fellow coloreds.  For if they, too, inevitably fail, and they, too, blame it on a supernatural white force, then his state of untruth is *strengthened* by their false witness. . .

Though the police are understandably sick and tired of dealing with the hysterical hysteria, they do a disservice to the negro in question by sweeping his black lies under the rug.  Without an official repudiation of his untruth, the negro in question is allowed to continue living without having to accept responsibility for his own crime.  When untruth is allowed to pass unchallenged, the liar is given over to a reprobate mind, like the unrepentant sinners depicted in Romans 1.  Thus, black lies do matter. . . 

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