06 January 2017

Fake News is Old News

The problem with FAKE news is how quickly it gets forgotten. . .so that the same old bullshit is repeated decade after decade, and is happily swallowed by the idiot masses.  The much-revered (in AmerICKa) Israeli leader Netanyahu (whose wife steals pop bottles) has made a (tawdry) political career by serving up FAKE news.  His whole schtick consists of preying on Jewish holocaust insecurity, which he perpetually increases by delivering FAKE news.  One such typical Netanyahu FAKE news example is the Iran Is Only Months Away From Having The Bomb story (details here).

Anyways, here's some FAKE news from a year-and-a-half ago. . .remember?
So, whatever happened to these ISIS trainees?  This *news* was published 16 April 2015, 632 days ago.  The US Marine Corp training program is only 13 weeks long, and these ISIS trainees have been out there 90 fucking weeks?  Of course not. . .the news was


But this story will pop up again, in one form or another, and the sheeple will once again fall for it. . .*terror* is an easy sell, because it allows the sheeple to imagine themselves innocent victims.

A much tougher sell has been the Russia Rigging The Election FAKE news. . .quite simply because the idiot masses only need ask themselves did they vote for Trump of their own *free will* or not?  They're convinced of the real FAKE news: that Trump is their advocate, so even if Russia helped Trump, who cares?

The really successful FAKE news will always prey upon the masses fears and insecurities. . .anything that requires attention beyond the basest drives will never take root within the infantile masses.  All these Putin Bogeyman stories will never amount to anything other than spitting in the wind.

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