08 July 2009

The *Failure* of the Tehranatti

Telegraph.co.uk, 8 July 2009: Almost a month on from Iran’s presidential election, it is now time to recognise that the so-called “Twitter revolution” has utterly failed to achieve anything - save dead and injured young Iranians, and up to 2,000 new political prisoners.

[The complete article may be read here.]

The butthead who wrote the above article actually believes the Tehranatti staged their *performance revolution* for the benefit of the great unwashed of Iran!

Oh, so that is why the Tehranatti held up *protest signs* with English language slogans?

No, the hijinks of the Tehranatti were staged for the benefit of the thick-headed in the West. . .stagecraft to continue the demonization of Ahmadinejad and Iran. . .theatrical propaganda meant to continue the conditioning of the Western masses to accept the necessity of a *war on Iran.*

[Article here detailing Western fingerprints on the Tehranatti.]

The altruism of *freeing* the Iranian peasants from tyranny, combined with the egoism of *freeing* post-9/11 Western nervous nellies from the Iranian *nuclear threat,* make for a powerful cocktail of the noble and the selfish with which to deaden any dissent to the inevitable war on Iran.

No, the Tehranatti did not fail. . .they are the darlings of the West, the Pets of the Month, and they played their roles perfectly. . .and their show will be rerun endlessly in the run-up to the war on Iran.


  1. Man, I've been thinking we'd be in Iran for a while now. Anymore, I'm not so sure, though I am sure Israel would love it.

    Isn't that really the thing? Whether Israel chooses to get after Iran? And if that happens, what is the US reaction?

    The signs should have an asterisk on them. "* brought to you by cia.gov"

  2. The sheeple are a little war-weary. It will take more of an effort for the Military Media Complex to convince them to cheerlead the war on FOX this time around.

    This war is inevitable, there has been so much stink made in Israel about Iran going nuclear, they have to attack, whether or not they get a *greenlight* from Uncle Sambo. . .

    Uncle Sambo knows this, and he knows the US will have to back Israel. . .the US will be sucked into the war, the Christian-Zionist party is too strong in the USA for Uncle Sambo to keep the US out.

    Thus, we have these little theater pieces, to help condition the sheeple to accept the inevitable.

  3. I pray you are wrong. If you are correct, I suggest you get your boys thinking about becoming conscientious objectors.

    True story: A prof of mine was a young attorney in the 60's when a farm boy got drafted. The farm boy wasn't educated, he did sing in his church choir, and didn't believe in killing or even hurting people. He wanted conscientious status. He was denied. The day he was denied, he brought a chicken in to show the judge. A colonel stated, when my prof had him on the stand, that "dumb farm boys make fine cannon fodder." This according to my prof.

    Another young man, Jewish and of a well-to-do background, had started at age 12 a series of letters with his rabbi concerning war. He stated in his letters he was against killing people for any reason. He was granted the status in light of his established "belief."

    Even if your boys are more sincere than others, it does not matter. Get them to play the legal game now to save their skins later. A series of carefully worded letters to your church leader may be their only saving grace from a draft.

  4. Here's what they'll be dying for:


  5. I was talking to an Iranian the other day about this Iranian cunt that shot the nigger football player the other day and mentioned to him that she was a Bahai and this is why her family went to the America because they were supposedly in danger because of their religion. He said it was total propaganda that the government goes after people who aren't Muslim to the point that they are in physical danger in Iran. This was a guy that was very "western", had lived in the states for a few years before he came to Denmark, and supported the CIA Tehranatti revolution attempt. He did not like Akmenajew, or support any kind of strict Islamic state at all at all but he also said that he can't believe how blatant the lies and propaganda from the western media about Iran are.

    There's a really good book by a guy named Stephen Kinzer about the cias history of fucking around in Iran but I can't remember the name of it.

    And yes I would have bet dollars to donuts three years ago that America would have bombed the shit out of Iran by now. -Cwn Annwn

  6. Ha ha ha. . .I always like the way you don't mince words, and get right to the heart of the matter.

    You know, the point about how it is BS that the govt goes after people who aren't muslim is backed up by the fact there are a fair number of Jews in Iran. . .and they don't want to go to Israel. . .despite years of recruitment efforts from the jewish state.

  7. I cannot open that link. . . . mebbe something with the browser.

    The takeaway should be you don't want them dying for some cause. Get them writing letters to your church leaders to gain legal status.

    I know, I know, you don't like this "man's law" crap but it will save your boys from becoming cannon fodder.

  8. Try the link on the front page to the Hoffman site: On The Contrary. He has the story there.

  9. There's got to be something in the water out in that desert country.

    What do you figure would happen is something like that happened in the Deep South?

    We'd have federal troops outside, the media swarming, Jesse Jackson and Rev Al in town, a march, a sit in, and a riot a week later where some folks get their frustration out by copping some Nike shoes.

    Funny how these abuses are so kept under wraps when it concerns Israel. Hell, in the South, a white kid gets beat up by 6 Negroes and it's the white people who are the racists.

  10. You know, the point about how it is BS that the govt goes after people who aren't muslim is backed up by the fact there are a fair number of Jews in Iran. . .and they don't want to go to Israel. . .despite years of recruitment efforts from the jewish state.

    Jews, Christians and Sabeans (a sort of desert cult in the far Southwest which worships John The Baptist) are protected minorities under Islamic law.

    Baha'i, as a post-Islamic reconstruction, are considered apostates and face the death penalty. Islam is such a miserable religion and so many have converted in recent years that only a few *examples* are murdered.

    Two days ago (8 July) in Evin prison, several dozen people (both men and women) were hung for the crime of 'atheism'.

  11. That's odd, you'd think the Military Media Complex would jump on a story like that--it's perfect for demonizing Iran. Several dozen, including women, hung for atheism? I wonder why this has not publicized over here? Or maybe I missed the news? You got any links to the story? I'd like to read about it.

  12. emm, err, hmmm. hate to 'break' (LOL!) this to you,


    The six people who were executed were all found guilty of apostasy from Islam and refused to revert.

    Murder, adultery, rape, armed robbery, apostasy and drug trafficking are all punishable by death in Iran... On June 26, hardline cleric Ahmad Khatami called on the judiciary to charge leading "rioters" who took part in last month's post-election street protests as "mohareb" or one who wages war against God. Under Iran's Islamic law, punishment for people convicted as "mohareb" is execution.

    They were hung in front of their fellow demonstrators, and everyone in the general population was told that they'd be soon on the scaffold too. Islam is such a wonderfully tolerant 'religion of peace'. LOL!

    Apparently it's not just hanging. After the social unrest, several dozen men were also raped in front of the general population.


    I remember when I was in Damascus, and had to rebuff every cab driver trying to steer me toward some hot gay action. "I'm not gay" I kept explaining. "In Islam," I was told, "only the man who plays the woman is gay..." HA HA HA HA HA! Sharmutah - bitch, the dude on the bottom.


    but people get harsh sentences (inc death) in Iran for 'apostasy' all the time.


    re: the Baha'i specifically (is the plural Baha'ii or Bahaiah?)


    Hope this helps.

  13. Uh, something’s not right here. The link you sent states:

    “Iran has hanged six people for murder, but the lives of two others due to be executed at the same time were spared by the families of their victims, an Iranian newspaper reported on Thursday.

    The execution of a ninth convicted murderer, who was 16 at the time of his crime in 1992, was postponed on the order of judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi, the Etemad newspaper said.”

    That sounds more like Texas than someplace where several dozen were hung for *atheism.*

    Where is the link which states several dozen were hung for *atheism?*

    As for the rape charge, again I don’t see any story about several dozen protesters raped in front of the general population. . .just some statement on a blog that says:

    “It's confirmed that male prisoners are getting raped inside Evin prison in Tehran!”

    Again, it just sounds like another day in the Texas prison system.

    Where is the article which states protesters have been sent to prison already, and then raped in front of everybody? I can’t find that link. . .

    Some of these *sensational* crimes remind me of the old *babies in the incubators* ‘news stories’ from Kuwait.. . .

  14. Dear FTBTFI:

    Well, since you're getting technical, I'll apologize and rephrase. They were convicted of leaving Islam (mohareb), six were sentenced to death and hung for it. The "murder" charge is a little bit like "spying for Israel". Now that you've asserted it I'd kindly request that you provide the names of the deceased.

    First thing the protestors did was to "insult" a big Mosque in downtown Tehran. That's about all the murder that happened.

    Back to the point, re: how wonderfully the Baha'i are treated in Iran according to you and Cwn Annwn:


    The seven members of Iran's Baha’i religious minority are scheduled for trial on 11 July. If convicted, they could face the death penalty.

    The detainees' families were told in May that they were now facing the additional charge of mofsed fil arz (being corrupt on earth), which can carry the death penalty, and that a new date for their trial has been set. They are scheduled to appear on 11 July before Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran where they are likely to be charged with mofsed fil arz, as well as "espionage for Israel”, “insulting religious sanctities” and “propaganda against the system." Their lawyers have never been able to visit them since their arrest, though they have been allowed family visits.

    The reality is that we're witnessing an internal revolution which is happening exclusive of U.S./Western influence, motivated by the dismal conditions for the common people on the ground. If we're not hearing about all the atrocities in the establishment press (which you guys, suddenly, seem to have great respect for, in contrast to all your earlier articles) it's because a: this shit happens all the time in Iran and has for thirty years; and b: the average Americano considers working-class Iranians to be *mud people*, i.e. subhumans to be enslaved or vermin to be destroyed. As you already know, the press lives on ad money, and they sell more advertisements if they can catch two celebrities fucking around on their spouses or some politician fucking a young man in a public toilet someplace, and they save the cost of a round-the-globe plane ticket besides.

  15. My friend, I’m not asserting anything. . .I was only quoting the news article you linked, which said the people who had been hung were guilty of murder. . .like the people executed in America, I don’t know if the Iranians hung for murder are guilty or not. . .and I certainly wouldn’t know the names of the murder victims.

    The point I was trying to make was that we had the statement made that several dozen had been hung for atheism. . .we went from several dozen executed for atheism to a half-dozen executed, allegedly, for murder. . .

    I don’t know why you draw the conclusion I suddenly have *respect* for the mainstream media when I am only surprised the Military Media Complex did not jump on the story of the execution of several dozen atheists, as it certainly would aid in their demonization of Iran. . .was there ever any story which stated several dozen atheists had been executed?

    As for the Baha’i, I freely admit I don’t know about their circumstances in Iran. . . it’s not been an interest of mine, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. I was only agreeing with the observation Cwn’s friend made about the treatment of religious minorities based on my understanding of the jewish experience in Iran. . .

    As for an internal revolution happening in Iran exclusive of Western influence, that certainly could be debated, politely. . .

  16. Dear FTBTFI:

    Sure, they were found "guilty of murder" as well as guilty of "leaving Islam". I'll apologize and retract a second time. Apostasy and "insulting the mosque" was the crime for which they were convicted, not simply "being atheists". That said, the murder conviction looks about as authentic as all those "espionage for Israel" charges the establishment brings against people they don't like. There are no names of any dead people.

    Re: atheists being exterminated in Iran, about 8000 of them were in the late 1980s. (see History of Modern Iran (Abrahamian, Ervand) Columbia University Press, 2008.




    I just posted some fun stuff up on facebook for you also. If you guys actually believe that Iran is some sort of blissful paradise simply because a handful of Tehrani Jews don't want to go to the only place that's a bigger toilet in the entire world (and I don't blame them either) then I don't know what to tell you.

    It's hypocritical to blame the West for everything. In reality, western nations (the U.S., Canada, the U.K. in particular) are simply colonies of capital the same way Iran is. The people in the U.S. are at least as brainwashed as the average Iranian. If the West attacks Iran it's because Capital will have more to fear in the long run from the revolutionary movement than they do from the Mullahs. Those guys are little more than the equivalent of sellouts like Rev. John Hagee.

  17. I say this not to argue, my friend, but just in case a stranger straggles by here, I don't want them to have the wrong impression. I don't believe Iran is a paradise. . .my only concern with it is that I do not want to see another US war, otherwise, like any other country, let the locals settle their own issues themselves. . .if the Tehranatti are real, and reflect the will of their countrymen, then their hijinks will spread to the hicks in the provinces--but I wouldn't bet on it.

  18. I sure as hell don't think Iran is a paradise. In fact, without having actually been there I'm willing to say that it most likely sucks ass to live there unless your one of the rich class. I know that there are Bahais that are granted political asylum in the states and in Europe but I also know there's a lot of shady shit that goes on with people that are granted asylum. It very well could be a regional thing with how they deal with bahais, maybe the government at the high levels doesn't have a policy of going after them, they turn a blind eye to how they are dealt with in the remote areas. I know Iran doesn't really fuck with the Jews there, and I've been told its bullshit that the government goes after other religions by an Iranian so whose to say that news story isn't bullshit. I mean they faked news stories of Iraqis killing babies in Kuwait hospitals, they get caught putting out fake news all the time so why wouldn't it be possible thats fabricated, although I admit it probably isn't. But anybody that doesn't believe this Tehranatti thing isn't some cia/mi5/mossad instigated shit has been sipping too much neo-con kool aid. -cwn annwn