19 April 2013

One A-rab Is The Same As Another. . .

One caught, one still on the run after a wild night. . .7-Eleven stick-up, MIT campus cop shot, car jacking, shoot-out, suicide belts, bombs tossed. . .

The end of the line for one sand nigger, forced to strip and taken away naked. . .you know that has to hurt his pride. . .dragged off by nude by the enemy.

No doubt after the last picture released these two jokers are A-rabs. . .look at those Joe Camel noses:
Nobody has to feel bad now about the other sand niggers who were falsely accused. . .they’re guilty by association.  AmerICKa can now resume her favorite pastime: congratulating herself.  We'll hear all manner of law enforcement, politicians and other assorted blow hards extolling the resilience, fortitude, bravery and God blessedness of the republic. . .

UPDATE: 4:15 am. . .ha. . .now we are getting what are called *conflicting reports*. . .supposedly one of the bombers is dead. . .so the fellow lying on the ground in the photo above, and who was taken away NAKED in a squad car, must not be a bomber. . .one sand nigger dead, one on the loose. . .and one random NAKED guy hauled off. . .all these conflicting reports will be meat-and-potatoes for the Alex Jones crowd.

UPDATE: 11:05 am. . .IPTDude asks in a comment:

Are Chechens sand-people?

Good question.  My understanding is that Chechens are the muslim niggers of Russia. . .a weird mud people formed out of the slums of the North Caucasus, a mix of Georgian, Azeri, Turk, Persian and assorted other European and Middle Eastern stragglers who stopped by to fornicate while crossing the Caucasus.

So in short, there is something in them for everybody to hate!

UPDATE: 12:30 pm. . .apparently the dead bomber stated he didn't understand AmerICKans, but in his embrace of violence, he showed a shared affinity. . .AmerICKans have always resorted to violence to solve their problems. . .after all, that's what the Bostonians cherished *Partriots' Day* celebrates. . .no one should be shocked at the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air on Patriots Day. . .there is nothing more AmerICKan than the smell of gunpowder in the morning.


  1. Ha ha ha, Alex Jones feeds on initial reports when the story isn't clear as "evidence" of some sort of cover-up, false-flag, etc.

    As far as "sand-niggers" go, these guys appear to be Muslims of the Chechen variety. Are Chechens sand-people?

    I guess the bottom line will be they are/were Muslims.

    Next up: Watching the media fight about the cultural identity of these two. Is it domestic? Are guys who came to the US in the last decade domestic? What constitutes domestic? Can a ferriner be "domestic" if he's avoided having American friends?

    The Left will want to broadly call these guys domestic terrorists while the Right will attempt to flesh out the nuances of their foreign birth, partial upbringing, and seclusion from "American" society.

  2. I tried to answer the question about the racial identity of Chechens in an update in the original post. . .but I don't know if anybody really knows what a Chechen is.

  3. I looked at the Wikipedia article on Chechnya and came away more confused about their general ethnicity. Your explanation probably encapsulates it the best: "There is something in them for everybody to hate!"

    The biggie, of course, for many Americans is the two bombers (who knows if there were more involved) were/are/whatever Muslim.

    The two guys we know of now look kind of ethnic but also look kind of white to me.

    Which seems about right seeing as they come from an area that saw all sorts of people crossing it, distributing their seed along the way.

    Interesting aside: Georgia (the country, not the state, hah!) is right by Chechnya, a mostly Muslim country, but has somehow remained Christian since about the 4th century. They did this even with Turkey just to their south.

    Gah, that region has had to shed a few hundred thousand gallons of blood over the centuries, if not more.