13 May 2015

Congratulate Me!

Ha ha ha. . .I was right!

So go ahead and congratulate me!

Seymour *Butts* Hersh gives us the true story of the *heroic* SEAL take-down of bin Laden, and it confirms my opinion expressed in my review of the shitty movie Zero Dark Thirty:

Given the lethal-but-laughably mistaken targets of their drone operations, I find it hard to believe one, or even a hundred-and-one, CIA *officers* could find bin Laden. 

Full review here.


  1. These apparent revelations from Hersh of details embarrassing to the Obama administration just seem to me to be calculated to give an air of reality to what was probably a 100% fraudulent hoax. I put more stock in this interpretation of events:


  2. Another good article on this topic:


  3. Thanks for the links. . .certainly we don't know the truth, and perhaps bin Laden did die in 2001 from his raggedy kidneys. . .or. . .maybe he's still alive, like Timothy McVeigh.

    Above all, these events are Stage Shows, swallowed by the gullible sheeple to keep them from examining their own declining condition.

    McVeigh and bin Laden could be re-booted in the future, just like Hollywood re-boots Spider-Man or Batman