19 June 2015


I left out one thing from Rachel Dolezal Wept:

I forgot to congratulate myself!

On 16 January 2013, I posted the following:

In the message I noted the internet's almost immediate birthing of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, and our brave new Electronic Age's tendency to question the reality of the *physical world.* 

Here's what I concluded:   

I wonder now if anything can ever *really happen* again?

In this age where most Westerners and a fair numbered of coloreds exist mostly on the internet, can anything in the *physical world* ever be self-evident, again?   

Most Westerners and a fair number of coloreds are hooked the majority of their waking existence to some sort of electronic Media device, and participate in life most actively through something called *social media.*  This means the reality of the physical world is now instantly translated into internet applications.  The reality of the physical world is thus instantly degraded into an electronic *update* or *status* or *tweet* or *instagram* and is then further degraded by the moronic feedback (*comments*) posted by the great unwashed electronic masses.  The result is a kind of Jesus Seminar for the Real World.

The Jesus Seminar were a group of 150 *scholarly* anti-Christs, 2000 years removed from the physical reality of the Lord, who nonetheless confidently and arrogantly tweeted their uninformed theories questioning the reality of the New Testament's eyewitness accounts of the life of our Lord and Savior.  

Today we live in a world where everyone is a *Jesus Seminarian.*  Everyone is a *scholar.*  Everyone exists on the internet, and can now question the reality of the physical world.  It is the internet we all now share.  The physical world, the world of time and space, in which we dwell less and less, has now become the *virtual reality.*  The more we live in the internet, where everything appears the same to everyone, the more the physical world, which we share with only a few, becomes more and more strange. . .more and more *unreal.*  When something extra-ordinary happens in the physical world, we rush to the internet and try to make sense of *life* by rendering it in 140 text characters or less.  And then we wait to see what our electronic friends have to make of it. . .

And after the Charleston church shooting, an instant replay.  Once again, it seems nothing in the physical world can be self-evident, anymore.  Type 'charleston shooting fake' into google, and look at the electronic derangement of reality.  Here's just a tiny snippet:

In particular note the entry immediately above, which exhibits a great advancement in *electronic evidence:*

His facebook page looks like a fake one, only one picture no activity?

Thus, the physical world Charleston shooting is unreal because Dylann Roof's Facebook page seems fake!!!!!!!!!!

[Courtesy of something called *InfoWars,* here's the *scientific data* behind this new electronic evidence procedure, which will surely soon be as accepted as fingerprints or dna. . .]

Ha ha ha. . .

You see, a *real* person, living in our new Electronic Age, could not leave such a limited presence on the Internet, which is where *real* people now exist. . .

Ha ha ha. . .

Bruce Jenner is not real, Caitlyn Jenner is real.

Rachel Dolezal is not white, Rachel Dolezal is black.

Dylann Roof is not real, because he's not navel-gazing on Facebook.

AmerICKa is now wholly given over to TransReality. . .

By the way, I'm not even on Facebook, so you're not even really reading this. . .


  1. To put my cards on the table, I'm in the middle on this one. The disillusionment of the truth about 9/11 in tandem with the rise of the internet, social media, and instantaneous updates, have, I would agree, created both an unhealthy atmosphere and an overzealous paranoia with respect to current events and a market for conspiracy theories about anything and everything. On the other hand, I would say that some degree of paranoia or hyper-vigilance is justified by the last hundred years or so of elites' behavior.

    I'm not one to assert that Sandy Hook was a 100% staged event or that Adam Lanza was a CIA-trained MK Ultra assassin or - alternately - a totally contrived and photoshopped boogeyman persona invented to scare soccer moms. I do, however, think that aspects of the Sandy Hook episode are bizarre and resist easy explanation, even if I would also concede that most of the YouTube videos on this topic are utter garbage.

    Likewise, with the Charleston shootings, I don't really know what to think. I didn't chime in on the scrap between you on the one side and Clytemnestra and Hipster Racist on the other because I didn't see that either camp's claims were particularly well supported or justified. The discussion also took on a hostile tone in which I preferred not to involve myself.

    Roof could be on the level. He could be precisely what the TV says he is, a wimpy white kid worked up and radicalized by all the "white genocide" talk. I don't see that your analysis of his feelings of sexual inadequacy is very compelling, however, at least with so little to go on. These are the sorts of thoughts the entertainment industry trains people think and regurgitate with regard to nationalists and race-realists.

    Same with the idea that this was a plot to assassinate Hillary or something to that effect. Her being in the area is interesting, but that's about all I think anybody can justifiably say on the subject without more evidence.

    Aspects of the Roof case, such as his bare-bones Facebook account full of black friends and that narrative-perfect photo of him with the white supremacist jacket in the swamp, cause some head-scratching, but while remaining open to at least listening to other people's theories, I'm not prepared to posit a definite conspiracy. Roof could just be a drug-addled adolescent operating under bad influences.

  2. So far I see no evidence to believe Dyl-ann is anything other than a misfit who wanted to *do something.* Suggesting his sexual frustration as part of the motivation was intended to be taken, in part, as humor, but that, alas, did not go over so well. . .Jonathan Swift, I am not.

    These misfits like Dyl-ann, who actually act out their frustration, (the una-bomber being another type), have nothing in their life to *medicate* their dissatisfaction. The pharmacological remedies offered by AmerICKan medicine are of no help, indeed, there is evidence they cause further harm. Dyl-ann and the other classic mis-fits suffer from a degree of alienation and hopelessness above and beyond the typical AmerICKan malcontent, who indeed to find contentment in video games, alcohol, sex, televised sports. Dyl-ann was outside of all of that. I do sincerely believe his lack of a sexual partner had some part to play in his *shooting.* I see Dyl-ann as a racialist Elliot Rodger.

    Anyway, the larger issue is the so-called *conspiracy.* It amuses me to no end that in our electronic age, we can take the flimsiest of threads and weave such intricate dark plots. The JFK investigation has lasted 50 fucking years, and still nobody knows what the fuck that was all about, but in our electronic age, now mere minutes after the event, without anthing more than google or Facebook, the eSheeple are convinced they have discovered the moon!

    The only evidence I have seen that has emerged from the Dyl-ann story to support conspiracy is that he may have been on psych meds. . .and the conspiracy which this supports is the on-going conspiracy to pharmacologically enslave Americans.

    The eSheeple have not discovered anything that indicates the Roof story is anything other than what it appears to be.

  3. Ha ha ha. . .


    Because the eSheeple have successfully exposed the Charleston hoax, the *dark powers* had to immediately generate two more shootings, in Detroit and West Philly, to distract the masses.

    There's no going back, now. . .

    TransReality is here to stay. . .