14 July 2015

Obama Makes The Jackass Pout

Ha ha ha. . .I'd give Iran 10 nuclear bombs, just to see that jackass pout!

Waa-waa-waa. . .the sky is falling!  It's the worst moment in world history!

Ha ha ha. . .

And just as soon as that jackass stuck his nose in America's business, his republican poodles trot right out after him and say the same fucking thing! 
Listen to that Ohio cocksucker!  Him and his kind are why the sheeple ought to be wiping their asses with the American flag. . .it ain't worth nothing but shit

The government sells out the sheeple every day of the year, from passing laws allowing the corporatists to throw them out of work for some dollar-a-day third world darkies, to robbing them with their taxes, which are given to parasite Wall Street usurers, to killing them in foreign wars fought not to defend America, but to make money for the 1%ers in the War Economy, to subjugating true American National Interests to the deranged demands of a lunatic foreign state, all for filthy lucre's sake, the filthy lucre required to buy a seat in AmerICKa's whorehouse Capitol Building.  

Wake up, sheeple!  Your government is infested with money-grubbing vermin spreading the disease which sickens you, and they do it in the service of a malign world order. . .

But let's stop for a moment and give the old mulatto Obama his one moment of due. . .for whatever reason, he actually did the right thing.  Whatever his true motivation, nobody can logically counter his argument in favor of the Iran deal:

I have been president and commander in chief for over six years now. Time and again I have faced decisions about whether or not to use military force. It’s the gravest decision that any president has to make. Many times in multiple countries I have had to use force, and I will never hesitate to do so when it is in our national security interest. I strongly believe that our national security interest now depends on preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which means that without a diplomatic resolution, either I or a future U.S. president would face a decision about whether or not to allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon or whether or not to use our military to stop it. But simply, no deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East. Moreover, we give nothing up by testing whether or not this problem can be solved peacefully.

Moreover, we give nothing up by testing whether or not this problem can be solved peacefully. . .

Exactly.  You cannot rationally argue against this point, which is why the jackasses in the videos above resort to hyperbole and hysteria, as they can offer no rational reason not to see if this *problem* (problem for who?) can be solved peacefully.

Now we are going to have weeks and weeks of the Jackass and his republican poodle America Seconders crying wolf!  No straw man argument or ad hominem attack will be too outrageous for these shameless liars to proffer.  Will the sheeple dutifully bend over, once again, and take one up the ass for the Jackass?  Or will they listen to Obama, who, with no more elections to fret over, can now finally tell the Jackass and the republican poodles to fuck off? 

Ha ha ha. . .if you like watching supposedly powerful men grovel, take a good look in the next few weeks at these republican poodles running for president!  Watch them beg from the Jackasses AmerICKan proxies for their campaign dog bones. . .HA HA HA. . .THEY'LL CIRCUMCISE THEMSELVES UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT HANGING BETWEEN THEIR LEGS IN THEIR PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO PROVE HOW MUCH THEY LOVE THE JACKASSES STATE.

[And for all you who think Trump is the messiah, when you hear that milkshitter say something like what I just said, instead of picking on pissant wetbacks, then you can get your fucking pink panties in a bunch. . .until then, you just got fooled again.]


  1. Trump circumcises himself:


    Ha ha ha. . .the messiah. . .the Destroyer of Wetbacks. . .he goes to the wailing wall for Israel. Good little poodle!

  2. How many shekels did this poodle just earn?

    Some GOP presidential candidates have been promising for months to reverse the putative deal if they become president. The latest is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who announced his candidacy just hours before the diplomats concluded the agreement in Vienna. “We need to terminate the bad deal with Iran on the very first day in office,” Walker said.

  3. In this case, the apple really did fall far from the tree:


    Rand Paul now a confirmed poodle. . .

    You wonder what his father must think, seeing what a phony his son turned out to be?

  4. Two more republican poodles, Rubio + Bush, pledge allegiance to Israel:


  5. Exactly.

    "Republican poodles" a.k.a. Cuckservatives:


  6. Good article. I especially like this, from the comments section:

    The Cuckservative is slavishly devoted to arguing for “free trade”, even when its effect is injurious to his volk and their economic and political stability.

    I have never understood why the sheeple, who get poorer and poorer by the day, allow these republican poodles to rob them, and give their money to the Wall Street usurer tribe. . .

  7. Here's some classic Israel slavishness from the faggot republican poodle Lindsay Graham:

    Senator Lindsay Graham, who has never met a war he didn’t like, lamented to Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin: “My initial impression is that this deal is far worse than I ever dreamed it could be and will be a nightmare for the region, our national security and eventually the world at large.” A failure to reach a deal with Iran would have almost certainly have led to a military confrontation, so naturally poor Lindsay is sad that a small portion of the Middle East will now likely be off the table for bombing. Indeed, what a nightmare.

    Graham also called the deal “possible death sentence for Israel.” How a deal that would delay the chances of Iran getting a bomb by decades is a death sentence for Israel, a country which already has dozens or hundreds of nuclear weapons and a far more powerful military than Iran, is anyone’s guess.

  8. Ha ha ha. . .here's some more, from the most odious of the republican poodles, the phony baptist Huckabee (I guess Luke 9:62 isn't in his Bible):

    U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said on Tuesday the nuclear deal reached with Iran will empower Tehran to carry out threats against the United States and Israel.

    In a statement, Huckabee said he would stand by Israel and keep all options, including military force, in dealing with Iran.

    "Shame on the Obama administration for agreeing to a deal that empowers an evil Iranian regime to carry out its threat to 'wipe Israel off the map' and bring 'death to America,'" he said.

    Shame on you, you fucking poodle, for seeking your absurd political aspirations first, rather than the Kingdom of God. When you threaten war, you trample the Sermon on the Mount the way your *enemies* in the Middle East trample the American flag. . .

  9. Good article about the leg the republican poodles hump: