09 August 2015

A Living Holocaust Memorial

Daily Mail, 9 August 2015: The frail 86-year-old body of Sumitery Taniguchi is a web of scars, that have criss-crossed his skin for 70 years. The elderly man was one of the many tens of thousands of victims of the atomic blast that destroyed the Japanese port city of Nagasaki, on August 9 1945. He is still unable to fully straighten his left arm, while his wife rubs moisturising cream onto his scars every morning to reduce the irritation.

Three of his ribs half rotted away following the attack and still press against his lungs, leaving unnatural dents and swellings in his scrawny chest. Mr Taniguchi was just 16 when the five-tonne plutonium bomb, known as the ‘Fat Man’, exploded 500 metres above his home city of Nagasaki, on the western side on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Mr Taniguchi’s back was torn apart in the blast, which threw him from his bicycle as he worked as a letter carrier. He was just over a mile from the epicentre of the bomb

Dazed in the wake of the blast, he wandered aimlessly for three days, completely unaware of the severity of his injuries. He could feel something like a ragged cloth hanging from his back, shoulder and arm, which he later realised was his own skin. After being rescued, he spent the next 21 months lying on his stomach, receiving treatment for his burned back, decomposing flesh and exposed bones. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he could hear nurses walking in the hallway outside his room, asking one another if the boy inside was still breathing. He lay immobile for so long that his teenage arm bones grew and blocked the joint, disabling his arm for the rest of his life.

He has revealed his scars as part of his work with the Nagasaki survivors' group that he leads, in the struggle against nuclear proliferation. He and his group hope that no one will ever again suffer the pain of a nuclear blast. ‘I want this to be the end,’ said Mr Taniguchi, weak-voiced and struggling for breath, as he slipped his shirt back over his scars.

But listen, AmerICKans insist, WW II was a GOOD WAR!  Hooray!  Hooray for our heroes who defeated evil!!  

How juvenile, how narcissistic!

If any AmerICKans who get a nationalistic hard-on over WW II, and get all choked-up on those God damned Memorial and Veterans Day holidays, and pray for the troops in church and ask God to bless AmerICKa imagine themselves Christians, the most charitable thing one can say about them is:

Ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. 

But anyways. . .

I've been thinking about this old Japanese guy Taniguchi:  

What a marvel of the human spirit!

70 fucking years with that cross to bear. . .

I mean, I get sick and tired of it all if I have to deal with a few coloreds with stinking feet in the jail, and Taniguchi goes 70 years as a living holocaust memorial. . .

70 years is a long time. . .

Despite having a body that would make Freddy Krueger cringe, he managed to find a wife. . .and what a generous spirit she must have. . .and so I suppose Taniguchi *survived* and somehow managed to *live.*  

It's a strange world. . .in AmerICKa kids will kill themselves if they are bullied on the internet. . .preening, they will take a picture of themselves with their cunt hanging out, then send it to some jackass they *love* who then posts it online. . .and their life is over.

Different levels of endurance. . .

70 years Taniguchi has lived as a victim of AmerICKa's shameful war crime. . .

And you can't even get AmerICKans to acknowledge the crime. . .impossible. . .they won't even consider it. . .they'll even tell you God was OK with it, because it *saved* lives!!  Ha ha ha. . .the A-Bomb as savior!!  No.  God was not OK with it.  And it didn't save lives.  Hundreds of thousands of lives were ENDED, not saved, for crying out loud! 

70 years Taniguchi has lived as a victim of AmerICKa's shameful war crime. . .got up day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, decade-after-decade in PAIN, with a BROKEN body. . .he took mankind's worst and lived with it for 70 fucking years.  

I have no clue what his psychological state is.  Maybe he's cursed every day he's woken up to.  Maybe he wishes every AmerICKan would get skin cancer and rot to death.  Who knows?   Whatever crosses his mind, he's born his cross.  He's endured 70 years, and 70 years after the fact, he takes off his shirt and shows his scars and simply says:   

I want this to be the end. . .

In AmerICKa, the war machine is the object of faith, the vulgar killer Chris Kyle is worshiped as an ambassador of Christ and a model of courage and bravery. . .

The A-Bomb, the Sniper. . .kill from a safe distance. . .and ask for God's blessing. . .that's not faith, courage or bravery. . .that's sickness.

The truer model of courage and bravery is in enduring 70 years as a living holocaust memorial. . .

[How many millions of misguided prayers have AmerICKans offered up for *the troops?*  And how many prayers for Taniguchi?]  

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