26 August 2015

Bryce Williams: Citizen of the Year

After the disgruntled negro television reporter Bryce Williams, or Vester Lee Flanagan or Sambo or whatever you want to call him, killed a mousy white female television reporter and her chunky white cameraman on *live* TV, I read a news article with the following headline:

There is no mystery, the answer is simple, and as plain as the nose on Uncle Sam's face.

Yes, Bryce Williams was a negro and a faggot, a double burden even in our increasingly *tolerant* multi-sexual rainbow culture. . .

And yes, Bryce Williams was a failure in his television career, unable to *fit in,* who then blamed others for his shortcomings, the type of shitty employee who always ran to *Human Resources* claiming discrimination or harassment to cover his own inevitable failures. . .

And yes, Bryce Williams probably suffered, as so many Westerners do, some form of neurosis, and it's better than even money odds it will be revealed he has been *medicated* with useless-but-harmful *anti-depressants* in the past. . . 

But there are MILLIONS of Bryce Williams all over the Western world. . .millions of incredibly mixed-up failures harboring deep-seated resentments. . .the question remains:


What is it about the United States which provokes its losers to seek salvation at the end of a gun barrel?  The answer is simple:


Whenever the state doesn't get its way, whenever the state feels the others are impeding its pursuit of national happiness, IT KILLS THEM

And so it is therefore no mystery whenever a Bryce Williams, after seeing the state kill MILLIONS in Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, wherever, also feels justified in killing those who deny him his pursuit of happiness.

Why wouldn't a Bryce Williams, a member of a populace with a NATIONAL DISTASTE for a peaceful solution to the state's dispute with Iran, dismiss non-violent means to address his grievances?

The state teaches its people it is LAWFUL to KILL others who disagree with it. . .

And that is why the United States leads the world in mass shootings.  Its people learn from their masters. . .    

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