16 March 2016

Holiday in North Korea

So this fucking crybaby has to do 15 years hard labor in North Korea?  Big fucking deal.  It's a small price to pay for reaping the benefits of living in BabylonUSA.  This fucking crybaby is undoubtedly a supporter of the US government, and I bet he never gave a fucking thought to his government's 65 year treatment of North Korea:

From the outset, the aim was to wipe out every urban center in the North. In his recent book, The Korean War: A History (Modern Library, 2010), Cumings notes: “The United States dropped 635,000 tons of bombs in Korea (not counting 32,557 tons of napalm), compared to 503,000 tons in the entire Pacific theater in World War II…. [A]t least 50 percent of eighteen out of the North’s twenty-two major cities were obliterated.”

To comprehend the scope of the destruction of North Korea by U.S. air power, consider some comparisons. In Germany, estimates of the number of civilians killed in the Allied air war range from 305,000 (U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey) to 600,000, out of a total German population of 78 million. The bombing aimed at destroying the Reich’s industrial capacity and breaking morale through sheer terror. Where the civilian population was targeted with firebombing – notably Hamburg and Dresden – this was widely denounced as war crimes. In Japan, due to racist prejudice the U.S. rulers had fewer compunctions about indiscriminately slaughtering Asian, rather than European (“white”) civilians (see John Dower, War Without Mercy: Race & Power in the Pacific War [Pantheon Books, 1986]). Some 100,000 people were killed in a single firebombing raid on Tokyo in March 1945, and more than 200,000 were murdered in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that August. In Japan, estimates of civilian deaths range up to 600,000, out of a total population of 72 million – the same scope as in Germany, but over a much shorter time period of nine months.

In North Korea, in contrast, the U.S. bombing went on for three years, and its purpose was not terrorizing the population, it was annihilation. Cumings quotes Curtis LeMay, the architect of the aerial bombing that incinerated Japanese cites (and who later advocated bombing Vietnam “back to the Stone Age”). LeMay says he argued with his Pentagon superiors at the outset to “let us go up there . . . and burn down five of the biggest towns in North Korea.” While there were objections about civilian casualties, he said, in the end “over a period of three years or so . . . we burned down every town in North Korea.” The number of civilian dead in North Korea during the war was over 1 million, and total casualties were 1.5 million-plus, out of a total population at the time of 8-9 million: almost 20 percent of the population.

This fucking crybaby thought he could go into North Korea, steal one of their *comical* (in his typically dumbass AmerICKan point of view) propaganda banners and take it back to the US as a *souvenir.*  Hey, dumb ass, your fucking government burned half their fucking country, when their people were no threat to your people, and your fucking government has never stopped fucking with them. . .so, yeah, maybe they are a little *paranoid* and kOOky, but they got a couple million charred corpses worth of reasons for being so.

And even if the North Koreans framed him, he's still a dumbass fucking crybaby for thinking he can *holiday* in a country his government perpetrated a holocaust against.  15 years hard labor seems about right for such monumental poor taste and bad judgment. . .


"Hey, where do you wanna go for Spring Break?"

"Daytona Beach?"

"Nah, we go there every year.  Let's go some place different, for a change."

Think. . .think. . .think.

"Hey!  I got it!  Let's go to North Korea and laugh at how crazy the survivors are!!"

"Oh, man, that'll be a blast!  Great idea!"

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