30 March 2016

Two Utterly Repellent Human Beings

Haha!  I'd forgotten that Fiorina was more nauseating than Cruz!

Look at the two together!  Two utterly repellent human beings!  

Look how Fiorina condemns herself as double-minded:

Listen, if Donald Trump, essentially a harmless buffoon, is Hitler-Lite as Media loves to promote, then what are these two 100% corrupt, dishonest, amoral office-chasers?  


Ted *Carpet Bomber* Cruz and Carly *Rebuild The Sixth Fleet* Fiorina would kill more people than Godzilla. . .and would expect to be worshiped by the sheeple for it.

The comedian Louis C.K. recently sent out an email to his fans, begging them not to vote for Donald Trump. . .C.K. is a funny guy and he makes funny TV shows. . .and he ought to stick to that instead of making voter guides if he thinks Trump is the true danger.  These Military Media Complex Robots like Cruz, Fiorina, Clinton and Kasich are far worse morally, for they actually know what they are doing, while Trump is merely mugging for the camera. 

[Bernie Sanders?  He appears a little more humane than the others, though he did support the wars in Serbia and Afghanistan. . .but if you're one of those sheeple who feels like you have to vote, vote for this candidate.]    

Anyways. . .

The sheeple ought to wonder how a shrew like Fiorina ended up as one of their choices for Figurehead.  Idiotic and unlikable, a failure in the business world, all of a sudden she shows up on the television screen in those retarded *debates* as if she was a legitimate candidate!  There she was huffing and puffing against Vladmir Putin, of all people!, a real statesman!  

There was no *groundswell* for Fiorina.  No popular support.  Nobody wanted her or even knew who she was. . .and yet all of a sudden she's shoved in the sheeple's face as if they had asked for her!
Huh??  What??  Nobody asked for the dumb cunt!!

Nobody asked for that God damned dumb cunt, or for that creep Ted Cruz, or for any of these jackasses!  But that's the sheeple's choice. . .and, amazingly, they seem to take it seriously!  Haha!   

Democracy?  Are you shittin' me??  It's a God damned prank!

Trump is *frightening,* but not these other idiots?  You got it fucking backwards.  Trump is the least frightening of all. . .because he wasn't shoved in our face by the Unseen Powers.  He comes to us out of his own naked vanity, which is certainly less frightening than these mystery stooges in their *people's choice* masks. . . 

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