18 August 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun

Hollywood brought over the great Dutch actor Rutger Hauer about thirty years ago--and never knew what to do with him. He’s had more lame roles in more lames movies, well over a hundred, than just about anyone. Yet he has played two of the greatest and most charismatic villains in screen history: Roy Batty in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner and John Ryder in the cult classic The Hitcher. I was hoping Hobo With A Shotgun would offer Hauer a similar cult role to shine in, but. . .no. Hauer is good, but not even he is good enough to make this terrible, cheaply made Canadian attempt at a Grindhouse/Machete ‘70s exploitation-type homage thingy watchable. The Canadian actors are awful, a screeching, lumbering cast of Nova Scotian oafs, all about as subtle as a hundred pounds of spoiled back bacon. Hauer plays a hobo who rides into a lawless town run by a deranged crime family addicted to decapitation, mutilation and head crushing. Initially Hauer’s hobo tries to lay low and mind his own business, but his growing fondness for a prostitute (supposedly with a heart of gold, but acted by somebody named Molly Dunsworth with a heart of chocolate gold coins) inspires him to clean up the city. It’s a thin, dull vigilante script shot in garish neon hues and punctuated every couple minutes with Asian Extreme gore. Ha, Hauer’s actually TOO GOOD in this horseshit movie. He makes the hobo a real character. . .a real character interacting with a set full of blood-stained mannequins. The only passable scenes are like the one shown above. . .Hauer alone, giving a monologue. . .or looking pensive in a box car. . .or conflicted as he surveys the mayhem around him in the corrupt town. A miserable little movie, dumb minuscule plot, lifeless characters, Asian Extreme gore without the Asian attitude (it’s Tokyo Gore Police by way of the Hoser Community Players), a bizarre, anti-climatic ending featuring robots and a giant octopus (?!?!)--and yet somehow this Whoopee Cushion of a movie got generally decent reviews, with only the old school queer Rex Reed getting it right, concluding his review as follows:

Quite the most appalling piece of junk I have seen lately, Hobo With a Shotgun just lies there like an autopsy.

16 August 2011

The Court Jester

Why is Media ignoring Ron Paul, asks Media *outsider* Jon Stewart?


Mr. Paul contradicts the validity of AmerICKa’s endless, pointless wars. . .and anybody who dissents from war must be ostracized by the Media wing of the Military Media Complex.

There is NO SUCH THING in AmerICKa as a *free press.*

Media is owned by semi-global corporate giants who profit from Western wars, and thus Media cannot question war. How can Satan cast out Satan?

Media’s obligation is to cheer war, and instruct the sheeple war is necessary.

It is nice Media *outsider* Jon Stewart exposes Media’s shunning of Mr. Paul. . .it would be nicer still if Stewart answered his own question of why Media ignores Paul. . .and it would be even nicer if Stewart then asked his brainwashed audience why they are not troubled by endless war. Finally, Stewart ought to ask his dumb audience why they would support any war candidate.

Mr. Stewart, whether witting or unwitting, plays a small but vital role in Media--the faux *alternative.* Stewart is the jester in the court of the Military Media Complex.

Until Jon Stewart points his finger squarely at the camera and asks his amoral audience if they haven’t yet had enough of the pointless killing, he serves no genuine useful function.

A *free press?*

When has ONE grieving member of a victimized family of Obama’s wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or Libya ever been allowed onto AmerICKan television to tell the sheeple about their dead or maimed loved one, and ask what benefit the sheeple have derived?

There is no *free press.*

Only a Satanic War Media which relentlessly promotes indiscriminate killing. Night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year Media pollutes AmerICKans’ souls with war propaganda, glorifying ridiculous *SEALS* and worshipping at the altar of the Drone.

Dr. Ron Paul has diagnosed the AmerICKan sickness unto death--Media must now persecute him.

It won’t be long until we have the *Ron Paul is an anti-semite* story. We get this bogus story every time Paul campaigns. It’s the kiss of death from the Christo-Zionist Media ministers the sheeple remain faithful to, and absolves the sheeple of any guilt as they go about the ghoulish business of crowning their next war king.