31 August 2015

Hangover Square

Hangover Square: This one's a real noir curiosity, as it's set in turn-of-the-20th-century London and has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde horror tinge to it.  The script tells the sad story of George, a dweeb composer working on a concerto for his blueblood patron, Sir Henry (played by Alan Napier, who would score his most famous role twenty years later, as Alfred the butler in the '60s tv show Batman).  George is cheered on by Sir Henry's goody two-shoes pianist daughter, Barbara.  Even though George is an overweight dork, his musical genius fires Barbara between her legs. . .but the feeling is not mutual.  Anyway, George has bigger problems than how to handle Barbara.  You see, George isn't a marshmallow all the time.  He has this (movie) condition: sudden discordant sounds trigger blackouts in which he becomes, for some reason, a violent psychopath.  Not surprisingly, this makes it tough for him to concentrate on his concerto.  Uh, but anyways, George's life gets even more complicated when he meets nightclub chanteuse Netta, a 100% Grade A noir femme fatale, the kind that eats marshmallows like George for breakfast.  With a couple kisses and batted eyelashes and some vague promises about a life together, Netta soon has George blowing off his concerto to work on pop songs for her new stage show.  Naturally, this being noir, George eventually discovers Netta has made a first class chump out of him.  Brokenhearted, he runs home and throws his sheet music against the wall.  But, uh, there are a bunch of violins, cymbals, etc. leaning against the wall.  Somehow the couple pieces of paper manage to knock over all the instruments which somehow make a huge discordant CRASH BANG which, of course, triggers one of George's violent blackouts, and, presto! bye bye Netta!  But even though George is in the midst of one of his fits, he's still able to devise an ingenious plan for disposing of Netta's body--he puts one of those Anonymous masks over Netta's face, and tosses her on a Guy Fawkes Night bonfire (because, uh, you see, luckily all this just happened to occur on Guy Fawkes Night).  Yeah, so anyway, after snapping out of his blackout, George tucks his tail between his legs and trots back to Barbara and Sir Henry to finish his concerto.  Just as it seems he's about to work up some feeling for Barbara, and make a happy little dull life for the two of them, a Scotland Yard police shrink busts George for Netta's murder.  George has one last request before being hauled off to the nuthouse: he wants to perform his concerto (because, uh, you see, the Scotland Yard shrink just happened to figure out George was Netta's killer on the very night George was to premiere his concerto).  The shrink doesn't think this is a good idea, but George gives him the slip, and we are given this memorable ending:

Despite some rather serious implausibilities, Hangover Square is moodily effective, due to its baroque staging and the strong performances of the two leads.  Laird Cregar (imagine Jason Segel as a 1940s limey) plays George with just the right mix of sad sack 40-year-old virgin and bug-eyed psycho.  Linda Darnell's Netta is a triumph of two-faced minimalism, her subtly played treachery in sharp contrast to the often overblown histrionics of noir bad girls.  Toss in Bernard Herrmann's fittingly dark score, and you've got a good gothy change-up to the usual 1940s film noir fare.

26 August 2015

Bryce Williams: Citizen of the Year

After the disgruntled negro television reporter Bryce Williams, or Vester Lee Flanagan or Sambo or whatever you want to call him, killed a mousy white female television reporter and her chunky white cameraman on *live* TV, I read a news article with the following headline:

There is no mystery, the answer is simple, and as plain as the nose on Uncle Sam's face.

Yes, Bryce Williams was a negro and a faggot, a double burden even in our increasingly *tolerant* multi-sexual rainbow culture. . .

And yes, Bryce Williams was a failure in his television career, unable to *fit in,* who then blamed others for his shortcomings, the type of shitty employee who always ran to *Human Resources* claiming discrimination or harassment to cover his own inevitable failures. . .

And yes, Bryce Williams probably suffered, as so many Westerners do, some form of neurosis, and it's better than even money odds it will be revealed he has been *medicated* with useless-but-harmful *anti-depressants* in the past. . . 

But there are MILLIONS of Bryce Williams all over the Western world. . .millions of incredibly mixed-up failures harboring deep-seated resentments. . .the question remains:


What is it about the United States which provokes its losers to seek salvation at the end of a gun barrel?  The answer is simple:


Whenever the state doesn't get its way, whenever the state feels the others are impeding its pursuit of national happiness, IT KILLS THEM

And so it is therefore no mystery whenever a Bryce Williams, after seeing the state kill MILLIONS in Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, wherever, also feels justified in killing those who deny him his pursuit of happiness.

Why wouldn't a Bryce Williams, a member of a populace with a NATIONAL DISTASTE for a peaceful solution to the state's dispute with Iran, dismiss non-violent means to address his grievances?

The state teaches its people it is LAWFUL to KILL others who disagree with it. . .

And that is why the United States leads the world in mass shootings.  Its people learn from their masters. . .    

21 August 2015

The Great White Hope and The Great White Dope

Are the AmerICKan people stupider and more shallow than Europeans?  

Of course.

One example: compare the political processes underway in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Both feature *outsider* candidates who are *drawing the ire* of their respective party's *establishment.*  In AmerICKa, the sheeple swoon for a Johnny One Note buffoon, Donald Trump.  According to this idiot, all that's wrong with AmerICKa is there are too many wetbacks raping white women on their days off from pushing a broom in a hospital or cutting grass somewhere. Not a word spoken against the Wall Street usurers (Trump brags about his ten billion dollars, as if he earned it!  Handouts from Wall Street!  Trump is nothing but a Welfare Queen, and I guarantee you'll never see Whitey Milkshitter bite the Wall Street hand that has fed him).   Not a word spoken against the *War on Terror* (in fact, this idiot wants to up the ante, *Minority Reporting* Iranextorting Saudi Arabia and stealing the oil stolen by ISIS).  Not a word spoken about the environmental holocaust taking place along the Pacific Rim (in fact, this idiot is a contributor to environmental ruin, with his absurd golf courses for the elite).  Not a word spoken to raise the minimum wage (but, what a surprise, he will raise the wage for giant multinational corporations!).  Not a word spoken against our homicidal *law enforcement* agencies (in fact, this idiot believes the po-lice don't have enough power!).  

You have to ask: what are the sheeple so fucking excited about?  They're going to get more of the same. . .meaning: less and less.  Trump is for the status quo, but the sheeple love him because he is amusing. He makes the sheeple laugh, unlike humorless repubots like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.  Trump is riding his comedy act (with FOX News serving as his straight man) to the top of the GOP polls.  Trump is different, not because he is offering change, but because the sheeple can bond with him. . .he offers the simple, painless (to them) solutions they crave.  Instead of fighting bankers and corporations, and thereby sounding vaguely *socialist* (the horror!), and trying to untangle the mess AmerICKa has made in the Middle East, Trump tells the sheeple they'll be fat and happy again once they build a wall on the southern border and kick out all the white women raping Mexicans and drop a few more bombs in the Middle East and steal all the oil they need.  Trump delivers his crude *political platform* peppered with entertaining insults and zingers. . .the perfect clown to lead a childish people.

The British *outsider* is Jeremy Corbyn, and unlike the AmerICKan Trump, Corbyn does seek to change course. . .in fact, he's advocating radical change, and amazingly, he has the support of 50% of Britain's Labour Party, which proves not all limeys are as brain-dead as their cousins across the pond.  Some limeys actually believe the government should stop robbing the poor to subsidize the rich, yes, they actually believe in restoring lost social services and collecting corporate taxes.  Yes, some limeys believe workers deserve a living wage.  Yes, some limeys actually believe NATO's Middle Eastern wars are illegal, and want them to end.  And yes, some limeys actually believe the environment is poisoned, and want the government to do something about it.  I know, all CrAzY ideas, right?  But Jeremy Corbyn backs them all.  Corbyn even hints Tony Blair is a {gasp!} war criminal!  

Jeremy Corbyn makes perfect sense. . .nothing he says is truly radical.  What is radical are the insane polices which dominate the Western world, the policies of endless usury, endless war, endless pollution. . .and yet most in the West have been brainwashed into believing this is the Great White Way.  What a God damned shame!  And what a God damned shame a fellow like Corbyn couldn't get more than 5% of the vote in an AmerICKan democrat primary.

And it's interesting that the people most hurt by these insane policies, whites, are the ones who support them the most.  It's whites that have lost the jobs, lost their savings, lost their services, and seen their standard of living decline. . .and yet they keep pledging allegiance to their abusers.

At least in Britain there are a few whites left who realize they've been sold a bill of goods, and recognize in Jeremy Corbyn a man who represents their interests, and who refuses to bow down to the 1%. 

Oblivious AmerICKans get a clown candidate, a guy with a rubber nose and funny hair.  They get Donald Trump, peddling more of the same as if it's something *the establishment* is afraid of.


If Trump really was a populist, really was a threat to the World Order, the Controlling Elite would give him the same treatment they give Jeremy Corbyn.  Corbyn is out of line with the World Order, and the 1% must put him away before he grabs hold of the keys to the Kingdom and has the means to open eyes all across Great Britain, and the world.

And what treatment do the High & Mighty give Jeremy Corbin?  He is Accused, charged with the ultimate crime against humanity, the charge which brings with it an immediate banishment, casting the accused as morally bankrupt and unfit to associate with:


When Trump gets the Corbyn treatment, you'll know he's offering to restore to working class AmerICKa all that's been stolen from it. . .until then, he's just a clown, the Great White Dope, not the Great White Hope, a stooge sent by the 1% to delight a childish nation.

As for Corbyn, can he survive the Accusation?  In AmerICKa, he couldn't.  What about the UK?  At the beginning, I said AmerICKans were stupider and more shallow than Europeans. In 22 days, the Labour Party names its new leader.  If it's Corbyn, then we'll have the proof there remains at least some across the Atlantic who still think for themselves.  If it's not, then at least we won't be quite so alone with our goofball Trump.

17 August 2015

The Sniper

The Sniper: Eddie Miller is a sick man.  He wants to kill women.  Why does he want to kill women?  This 40 seconds long clip explains:

So, in summary, women are shitty mothers AND cheap whores.

Eddie knows he's sick.  He's got a sniper's rifle in his chest of drawers.  He keeps it locked away.  But every now and then he brings it out and aims through his boarding house window at the she-devils on the street below.  He fights off the urge to kill. . .at one point even going so far as self-harm: he burns his trigger hand on a hot plate.  He goes to a hospital for help, not only for his burned hand, but also his burned mind.  But he only gets help for his hand.

The hyper-tense Eddie ekes out his loner's existence as a delivery man for a dry cleaner.  One of his customers is a typical noir film type, a brick shithouse lounge entertainer, who makes the mistake of being nice to Eddie, only to ruin it by revealing she already has a boyfriend.  Fucking bitch.  She becomes Eddie-the-Sniper's first victim.  

The murder lifts Eddie's spirits.  We see him smiling and looking relaxed in a bar, he even catches the eye of an another typical noir type, a cheap barfly.  Eddie might actually get a piece of ass!  He shoots the breeze with her, until she starts asking personal questions, and he piles one stupid lie on top of another, until even the cheap barfly smells a rat.  She gives Eddie a piece of her mind, and storms out.  Eddie-the-Sniper's second victim.

Up to this point, The Sniper is a quick-moving, engrossing character study of a woman-hating psycho.  Arthur Franz plays Eddie Miller, and does a fine job of portraying an everyman desperately trying to contain a powder keg of hate.  Unfortunately, the film bogs down as it become more-and-more police procedural. The cops are uninteresting characters and are badly acted, particularly by Gerald Mohr, who plays Sgt. Joe Ferris in a poor Humphrey Bogart impersonation.  Even worse, there is an excruciatingly unfunny *comedy relief* sequence as peeping toms and rapists are brought in for a bizarre group questioning.

And, in something that would never appear in a contemporary film, this 1952 b movie features the character Dr. James Kent, a kind of primitive criminal profiler, who blames society for not identifying and helping sick people like Eddie.  Sixty-three years later and this is a lesson lost on an AmerICKa in which any mentally unstable soul can get a gun easier than he can get psychological help.  

At any rate, two late scenes rescue The Sniper from a fall into tedium.  A carnival scene, in which Eddie loses control and menaces a couple of carnies, and the finale in which a withered Eddie waits for the police to put him out of his misery.  All-in-all, not too bad.

09 August 2015

A Living Holocaust Memorial

Daily Mail, 9 August 2015: The frail 86-year-old body of Sumitery Taniguchi is a web of scars, that have criss-crossed his skin for 70 years. The elderly man was one of the many tens of thousands of victims of the atomic blast that destroyed the Japanese port city of Nagasaki, on August 9 1945. He is still unable to fully straighten his left arm, while his wife rubs moisturising cream onto his scars every morning to reduce the irritation.

Three of his ribs half rotted away following the attack and still press against his lungs, leaving unnatural dents and swellings in his scrawny chest. Mr Taniguchi was just 16 when the five-tonne plutonium bomb, known as the ‘Fat Man’, exploded 500 metres above his home city of Nagasaki, on the western side on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Mr Taniguchi’s back was torn apart in the blast, which threw him from his bicycle as he worked as a letter carrier. He was just over a mile from the epicentre of the bomb

Dazed in the wake of the blast, he wandered aimlessly for three days, completely unaware of the severity of his injuries. He could feel something like a ragged cloth hanging from his back, shoulder and arm, which he later realised was his own skin. After being rescued, he spent the next 21 months lying on his stomach, receiving treatment for his burned back, decomposing flesh and exposed bones. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he could hear nurses walking in the hallway outside his room, asking one another if the boy inside was still breathing. He lay immobile for so long that his teenage arm bones grew and blocked the joint, disabling his arm for the rest of his life.

He has revealed his scars as part of his work with the Nagasaki survivors' group that he leads, in the struggle against nuclear proliferation. He and his group hope that no one will ever again suffer the pain of a nuclear blast. ‘I want this to be the end,’ said Mr Taniguchi, weak-voiced and struggling for breath, as he slipped his shirt back over his scars.

But listen, AmerICKans insist, WW II was a GOOD WAR!  Hooray!  Hooray for our heroes who defeated evil!!  

How juvenile, how narcissistic!

If any AmerICKans who get a nationalistic hard-on over WW II, and get all choked-up on those God damned Memorial and Veterans Day holidays, and pray for the troops in church and ask God to bless AmerICKa imagine themselves Christians, the most charitable thing one can say about them is:

Ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. 

But anyways. . .

I've been thinking about this old Japanese guy Taniguchi:  

What a marvel of the human spirit!

70 fucking years with that cross to bear. . .

I mean, I get sick and tired of it all if I have to deal with a few coloreds with stinking feet in the jail, and Taniguchi goes 70 years as a living holocaust memorial. . .

70 years is a long time. . .

Despite having a body that would make Freddy Krueger cringe, he managed to find a wife. . .and what a generous spirit she must have. . .and so I suppose Taniguchi *survived* and somehow managed to *live.*  

It's a strange world. . .in AmerICKa kids will kill themselves if they are bullied on the internet. . .preening, they will take a picture of themselves with their cunt hanging out, then send it to some jackass they *love* who then posts it online. . .and their life is over.

Different levels of endurance. . .

70 years Taniguchi has lived as a victim of AmerICKa's shameful war crime. . .

And you can't even get AmerICKans to acknowledge the crime. . .impossible. . .they won't even consider it. . .they'll even tell you God was OK with it, because it *saved* lives!!  Ha ha ha. . .the A-Bomb as savior!!  No.  God was not OK with it.  And it didn't save lives.  Hundreds of thousands of lives were ENDED, not saved, for crying out loud! 

70 years Taniguchi has lived as a victim of AmerICKa's shameful war crime. . .got up day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, decade-after-decade in PAIN, with a BROKEN body. . .he took mankind's worst and lived with it for 70 fucking years.  

I have no clue what his psychological state is.  Maybe he's cursed every day he's woken up to.  Maybe he wishes every AmerICKan would get skin cancer and rot to death.  Who knows?   Whatever crosses his mind, he's born his cross.  He's endured 70 years, and 70 years after the fact, he takes off his shirt and shows his scars and simply says:   

I want this to be the end. . .

In AmerICKa, the war machine is the object of faith, the vulgar killer Chris Kyle is worshiped as an ambassador of Christ and a model of courage and bravery. . .

The A-Bomb, the Sniper. . .kill from a safe distance. . .and ask for God's blessing. . .that's not faith, courage or bravery. . .that's sickness.

The truer model of courage and bravery is in enduring 70 years as a living holocaust memorial. . .

[How many millions of misguided prayers have AmerICKans offered up for *the troops?*  And how many prayers for Taniguchi?]  

08 August 2015

On The Rag

Daily Mail, 8 August 2015: Donald Trump has publicly lashed out after he was banned from one of the biggest gatherings of conservative activists over controversial comments he made about Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In an interview with CNN on Friday, the GOP frontrunner appeared to imply that Kelly 'unfairly' grilled him about his history of insulting women during a televised debate because she was menstruating. He remarked that there 'was blood coming out of her... wherever', sparking outrage and causing RedState's Erick Erickson to boot him off the line-up of the high-profile event in Georgia. On Saturday, Trump took to Twitter to hit back at his critics, writing: 'So many "politically correct" fools in our country. We have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense!' In a later post on Saturday morning, the 2016 presidential candidate added that his remarks about Kelly were not made in reference to her menstrual cycle - but to the host's nose.

Her nose?  Huh?!?!  Sure. . .

Anyway, this blood feud highlights, once again, the utter absurdity of AmerICKan *democracy.*  We have a debate with ten men who want to lead the *most powerful nation in the world* and apparently nothing of interest was said in the two hour discussion of the *issues,* as the only issue that seems to have emerged is the issue flowing from between some talking head's legs. . .

We can tell already the sheeple are going to be treated to another election devoted to trivia. . .

Endless war, shitty jobs with shitty wages, outdated infrastructure, irradiated Pacific coast, homicidal police force, educational system producing ignorant xenophobes, intoxication, addiction, violence: I assume at least some of these topics were discussed?  But doubtless the audience was treated to the same empty sloganeering to which they've grown accustomed, and which they now regard as genuine policy. . .you know, the political bromide which soothes the sheeple as their standard of living declines further and further:

Our troops are the finest in the world, and I'll devote the resources necessary to maintain that high standard, and to secure our borders, and fight the enemy over there, so we don't have to fight them over here. . .

I have a detailed plan to grow the economy and free those languishing in poverty from the shackles of a lifetime of government dependency. . .

We have to lower taxes on the rich and eliminate all corporate gains taxes so our entrepreneurs have the incentive to create good-paying jobs that will rebuild the American middle class. . .

If the teachers unions continue to waste parents' money on "conferences" and refuse to accept parents' input on curriculum, we need to give parents the freedom of school of choice. . .

For at least a generation the sheeple have heard these *policies,* with minor variations suited to the itching ears of regional, racial or *alternative* audiences, from both sides of the 1%ers political proxies. . .and they've come to believe there is no other way. And so when a Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich comes along (let alone a genuine radical from a green or constitutional party), the sheeple nod their dumb heads as Media tars-and-feathers them as kOOks (or, when all else fails, as an anti-semite).

So, the *debate* generated nothing but the same political manure that has been used to fertilize the Presidential field for decades. . .

And when the candidates have interchangeable *policies,* with nothing to differentiate themselves, the AmerICKan democratic system becomes the *democracy* of scandal, or gaffe, or novelty (as in the last election, with a half-negro, and perhaps in this election, with a postmenopausal, or half-woman).

The role of Media is no longer governmentally adversarial, wars are cheered on, banks are validated as *too big to fail,* etc.  Media is now personally adversarial, its function is to provoke the scandal or gaffe which will capture the sheeple's attention, and boost the ratings of the political theater. . .thus the Trump blood feud with the FOXy talking head. . .the politics of distraction, of which there will be much, much more to come. . .we're only getting started.

As for Trump himself, he'll undoubtedly flame out. . .he's far too thin-skinned to go the distance. . .look how easily he took the bait from the FOXy talking head.  His post debate comments reveal his over-sensitivity. Listen to how obsessed he is with being treated *nice:*
He tells the Minister of Propaganda Hannity his entire decision whether or not to run as a third party candidate is based on how *nice* republicans treat him!!  Ha ha ha!  It doesn't matter which clown wins the nomination, any idiot is OK with Trump, as long as the party is nice to him!  No political principle factors into the decision, it's entirely based on republicans' petting his fluffy hair!  Has there ever been a cheaper political whore?  Just be nice to me and I'll do whatever you want!  It doesn't even take money to buy this stupid cunt. . .

Yes, Trump is definitely a cunt, and if anybody was bleeding from the pussy, it was Trump, not the FOXy talking head.  Again, listen to this crybaby:
Waa-waa!  You're not treating me nice!

And this lightweight is currently the People's Champion!  AmerICKa is down for the count. . .

05 August 2015

America Is A Democracy? Ha Ha Ha!

Daily Caller, 5 August 2015: The truck driver who won Mississippi’s Democratic primary Tuesday with more than 146,000 votes admitted that he didn’t vote in the election because he “had to do a lot of stuff and just lost track of time.” Robert Gray said that he didn’t campaign much, and he didn’t report spending any money on his campaign. “Actually, it wasn’t too much campaigning,” Gray said. “It was a couple of events, but even though my opponents did a lot of hard campaigning they only reached a few people. You know, it was just people showing up, voting and, I guess random, voting.”

He also said the 146,163 people who voted for him had no idea who he was.

“They didn’t know me from anybody else,” Gray told the Associated Press.

“I was in Jackson and had to do a lot of stuff and just lost track of time, to tell you the truth,” Gray said when asked about whether he voted.

Gray does not appear to have a significant social media presence, and local reporters are still working on getting a photograph of the man. MPB also reports that the house that Gray used on his election paperwork “appears to be abandoned.”

On the one hand, you have to have the mega-rich back you if you want to run for President. . .the sheeple still have an emotional attachment to their Figurehead.

But now even state governor is a meaningless office to the great unwashed sheeple. Governor?  Who gives a shit, just pick a name at random, and what fucking difference would it make, anyway?  So you could spend ten million dollars *spreading your message,* but why bother?  Nobody's paying attention.  You don't need a fucking dime to be governor, just a regular-sounding American name. . .

This is democracy in action in 21st century AmerICKa. . .

The democracy of disinterest and indifference. . .

"You know, it was just people showing up, voting and, I guess random, voting.” He also said the 146,163 people who voted for him had not idea who he was. “They didn’t know me from anybody else.”


Ha ha ha. . .and this *democracy* is our *gift* to the rest of the world (a gift most often forced upon the others by our military). . .

Ha ha ha. . .now that we have reached the 'pick a name, any name' stage, there is only one last barrier to total voter apathy in our *vibrant democracy:* not even bothering to vote, which is what our truck driver nominee did, proving he really is the man to lead Mississippi into the future. . .

And perhaps we are already there. . .for consider: Mississippi has approximately 2 million voting age residents. . .in the republican and democrat gubernatorial primaries, approximately 600,000 votes were cast, so we have only a 30% voter turnout. . .and at least one-fourth (and probably much much more) of those 600,000 votes were cast for an UNKNOWN person.  We have to ask, is anybody then even truly *voting?* A large percentage of voters are not making a conscious decision, they are just making random scratch marks next to a name. . .are not these, therefore, ZOMBIE voters?  Aren't they just voting out of some vague instinct, back from a time when democracy was alive and well? AmerICKans now *vote* like the zombies *shopped* in George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead:

[I wonder if it will matter when white Mississippians find out they voted for a colored boy?]