30 May 2020

Powder Keg USA: Who? Why?

I watched the Minnesota governor Saturday morning struggling in a press conference to make sense of the unrest afflicting his state.  He seems like a decent fellow, trying hard to do the right thing for his constituents.  At one point he made the claim that 80% of the agitators were not from Minnesota, and speculated some of them may be involved in organized retail crime, or from subcultures of hate.  And I am sure some of them probably are in Minneapolis just to steal, or just to spread hate.  And we can probably wonder similarly about the crowds of mischief makers at the numerous other sites of unrest breaking out across the USA:

Who are they?

Why are they doing this?

It's now abundantly clear they are not all grieving George Floyd justice seekers.  Some are obviously thieves, plain and simple.  Others are anarchists.  Some just plain old regular folks out for a wild block party after being cooped up for weeks under virus lockdown.  Some are haters, with varying targets of hate.  And who all else, God only knows. . .

But there is one salient fact which escaped the governor of Minnesota: one banner unites every person taking part in the unrest everywhere in America. No matter who or what they hate or want to protest, or if they just want to steal or party, THEY ARE ALL AMERICAN.  

Thus, America is a sick society, currently infected with a percentage of its population who openly want to either protest America, burn America, loot America, injure or kill other Americans, or simply want to chaos dance in its streets.

The specific motivation of the individual agitator doesn't really matter.  What matters is that a percentage of Americans are disaffected.

How many malcontents are there?

The crowds still seem small.  In the hundreds, perhaps low thousands in some of the bigger cities, but certainly not mass crowds.

Most Americans are still too lazy, too lethargic, too addicted to the distraction of their choice to actually comprehend if they are disaffected, let alone do anything about it.

There is also a fairly significant portion of the population who are consciously disaffected, but are simply too obese do anything about it.  Walking, running through several city blocks for two or three hours is simply beyond their physical capabilities.  They must cheer on the mischief makers through TV or the internet, much like spectator sports fanatics.

It's hard to tell how large is the percentage of American malcontents.  How many are absolutely sickened at the idea their best-case scenario life involves forty to fifty years of struggling to maintain hourly wage indebtedness, with no meaningful social interaction to soothe them?  And then there are the countless neuroses which afflict Americans: addictions, fears, disorders, manias, depression, etc., etc. etc. for which the American seeks pharmacological relief.  Americans are the most medicated people on earth, this alone proves America is a sick society.

If we cut away all the fat of political/cultural over-labeling, we see in our current American unrest sick Americans seeking to alleviate their pain by destroying the cause of their sickness, or through the intoxication of chaos.

Will the numbers of the sick agitators grow? 

How long will this last?  

Is this virus of unrest just a *little flu* that will soon disappear?  Or a more dangerous contagion that can cause long-lasting damage to the American body? 


After watching another night of Powder Keg USA, I would describe the State of the Union as follows: 

The Garbage People, sick of being treated like garbage, now want to turn the rest of America into garbage.

Meanwhile, as his country unravels, the idiot President seems totally unaware he is the President. He chooses to act as if he is just some MAGA dummy who can watch from the sideline and hope the right wing wins. . .as if there is anything to win. Hard to imagine the nation could have a worse President.

Podwer Keg USA: Anarchy?

About 4 AM Saturday morning, watching various live local news feeds. . .

It seems to me the BlackLivesMatter-type protests of the last couple days are now morphing into general anarchy.  There is a portion of the citizenry who recognize and are rightly disgusted by the schizophrenic neoliberal/nationalist American character. . .(indeed, a few even tried to climb over the walls protecting the White House!).

It also seems, possibly in San Jose, Detroit and maybe Oakland, that antagonistic subcultures clashed.  We are waiting for confirmation that injuries and deaths in those cities were caused by counter-protesters offended by George Floyd sympathizers. . . 

In any event, it seems clear that the majority of the unrest in Portland is pure anarchy, and we must wait to see if this also spreads, like the Floyd sympathy protests. . .and like the virus molecule has spread. 

America is sick. . .

It's fascinating to see MAGA unravel at the very end of Trump's first term.  Just a few short weeks ago the bloated old poser President was bragging about the greatest economy in the history of the world, etc., etc.  Riding high, without a care in the world save blustering against Iran and Venezuela.  Now the country unravels on his watch.  The country unravels under his weakling leadership.  

What is the obese chief thinking this weekend, as he sits alone in a White House bedroom, binging Big Macs and watching on television as city after city is looted and set aflame?  Did he peak out the window and see the angry protesters scaling the walls, trying to get to him?  Is he readying his next round of blame shifting?  Does he have any recognition of his complete failure to Make America Great Again, for no one can honestly look at the pathetic mess that is our current Powder Keg USA and say it is great.  Sure, FOX will salve his fragile ego and say all the mess is in democrat cities and states, that just means, at dishonest best, Trump is only able to lead republicans.  He's split America in two (actually far more than two), broken the country. 

Trump's fragile ego is already searching for an excuse for a possible election loss, as he now daily rails against mail-in ballots, absurdly claiming fraud, that gangs(?!?!) steal them from mailboxes, or, ridiculously, have the exact same printer, paper and ink to manufacture their own counterfeit ballots. . .financed, one must suppose, by democrats!!  A complete fantasy from the damaged mind of a fat old man terrified to go out a loser.  So America, in unprecedented disarray, is left essentially ungoverned, as its president is too preoccupied with his own falling *ratings,* *reviews,* *popularity* to be bothered with the problems of a crumbling nation.


Regarding FOX *News*. . .LOL!  Look at the fear on the face of the hate-mongering network's pansy reporter!  

29 May 2020

Powder Keg USA

More fires and looting in Minneapolis. . .

Thoughts on Powder Keg USA:

While Minneapolis burns and unrest begins to spread, the nation's leader wallows in hurt feelings and lashes out in a baby-like tantrum against Twitter!  I would imagine most people are laughing in disbelief at Trump's disconnect from reality.  What I wonder is if the right wing fringe of self-proclaimed Christians who worship Trump as a political messiah feel any shame or embarrassment for him as he acts so petulant?  And do these self-proclaimed Christians truly believe their God blesses such a crybaby?
The police have fled the burning third district in Minneapolis.  OK.  Please.  No more hero worship of these costume wearers.  Please, no more *first responder* nonsense.  When the community needed the police most, the police fled in pure cowardice.  The police have been absolutely useless the last 3 nights.  The police are on duty when there are four of them and one handcuffed drunk. . .but when real service is called for, where are they?  Here's a chance for Americans to have an honest discussion of the value of the kind of *policing* they've been given.  Maybe it's time to go back to having *peace officers* instead of these over-vested militarized petty warrant chasers.  The po-lice as currently constituted provide almost zero return on the heavy tax investment.  Time not for a po-lice *force,* but a community service staff. . .

The people taking part in the civil unrest in Minneapolis Thursday night/Friday morning would best be described as *revelers.*  They are shooting off fireworks, drinking, singing and dancing. . .they are having a gay old time!  Perhaps for the first time, they feel they live an authentic existence, as if they are the masters of their own fate.  While a fair percentage of Americans would watch this scene with disgust, I daresay this is one of the best, most enjoyable nights these revelers have ever experienced.  Fire, destruction, chaos.  All the scene lacks for true Dionysean theatre is mass orgy.  The Minneapolis revelers will remember this night with great fondness for the rest of their lives.

The nation suffered a greater loss over the destroyed Wendy's in Minneapolis than when the two office buildings fell in New York on *9/11.*  That little Wendy's provided far more useful service than the tenants of the two office buildings, who were primarily usurers who stole from the poor (Cantor Fitzgerald, Sandor O'Neill & Partners, AON Corporation, Franklin Templeton [yes, Amy Cooper's former employer], Maxcor Financial, Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer Funds, Union Bank, Metrpolitan Life, ICAP, Lehman Brothers).
It would be interesting to see what would happen if a group of individuals who engage in anti-po-lice civil unrest intersect with right wing militia LARPers who want their hair cut. . .

Meanwhile the virus molecule is still floating around and millions of American face financial hardship. . .these are challenging days for many Americans as their nation declines further.

26 May 2020

The Police Did It Again

George Floyd has died after a Minneapolis police officer detained him by putting his knee on his neck, in an arrest captured on camera by a member of the public. The clip, filmed on Monday, showed a black man lying on the ground, motionless, and a white police officer, resting his knee on top of the man’s neck. In the video, Floyd groaned and asked police to get off him, while members of the public attempted to convince the officer that he was hurting him. Despite the pleas, the officer did not move his knee from the man’s neck, who pleaded with the official: “My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts...(I need) water or something. Please. Please. I can’t breathe, officer. I cannot breathe. I cannot breathe.” A second officer who was filmed during the incident, did not do anything to intervene while his colleague was on top of the man.

Once again the despicable po-lice believe the mere fact of their silly costume makes them superior to other human beings.  

Look, part of the blame must be assigned to those Americans who engage in uniform worship, the kind of crap where any dumb fuck in a costume is considered a hero.  Please.  You give these losers holidays and discounts and run endless commercials with the propaganda they are special.  And over and over and over again these imbeciles fuck up and kill somebody, or injure somebody or plant evidence or lie on the witness stand or steal property. . .they commit just as many crimes as the riffraff they supposedly police.  They do this because all the hero worship of idiotic uniform sniffers feeds their delusion of grandeur.  These idiot po-lice really do believe they are special, that they are better than everybody else, that they deserve to be respected and obeyed no matter what.

These idiot police had plenty of civilians warning them that they were killing this poor bastard.  But of course they ignored the warning. They know better!  They wear a costume, so that proves it!  You know these moron po-lice were just seething as the civilians were screaming at them to quit killing George Floyd.  How dare these civilians attempt to tell us what to do!!  There is nothing that makes a cop angrier than a mere civilian attempting to correct them.  Their over-inflated sense of self-worth cannot stand even the slightest contradiction.  

So now they've killed another one.   George Floyd.  Apparently he was drunk or high, perhaps had tried some scam in a grocery store, then resisted arrest.  OK, Floyd was not in some church at choir practice—but at some point these colossally ignorant cops should have realized what they were doing.  They had minute after minute to turn back before it was too late.  They had sage advice from civilian gawkers. . .but their God damned pride would not permit them to admit a mistake in front of street rabble.  So they continued their insane course of action until Floyd was dead.  I highly doubt Floyd had been doing anything 20 minutes prior to his death to deserve such an end.

The four cops who responded have apparently already been fired.  No doubt their union will whine about this.  Listen, according to all police unions, cops have never done a single thing wrong!  No.  Not once.  Never.  Cops are always justified!

And of course, this will happen again.  And again.  Because the po-lice never learn.  Never.  They cannot see their own fallibility.  They will continue to believe they are perfect, heroes, special, superior beings who must not ever be questioned, but always obeyed.  

And the pathetic, shameless, servile *thank you for your service* uniform sniffers must accept a share of blame.  Until more Americans grow out of their infantile worship and hold the po-lice accountable, the po-lice crime wave will continue unabated.   

22 May 2020

Virus: The Rebirth Of McVeighism

For the first time since the office buildings fell on *9/11,* we see in the United States a significant reappearance of the militia LARPers, those self-proclaimed patriots who have been in hiding since the execution of Timothy McVeigh (much like Jesus' disciples hid in the upper room before the resurrection).

McVeighism, which cautiously stuck its head out under the MAGA hat in 2016 in opposition to a Clinton bogeywoman, has now been nearly resurrected by the virus.  All it lacks for its complete rebirth is blood. . .

The virus has disturbed the somnolence under which the patriot has been slumbering since 6/11 and which *9/11* additionally tranquilized.  In the nearly twenty years since, the patriot has retreated from his loss of political and economic freedom, accepting his terminal indebtedness in exchange for living in cocooned America under the influence of his opium of choice.  

But the virus has infected the cocoon. . .

The little molecule from China has woke the sleeping patriot dog . .

Now the patriot can no longer drive to GameStop to purchase the newest shoot 'em simulation or game system accessory, he can no longer feed his morbid obesity at his favorite restaurant, he can no longer hunt for sexual partners at the corner bar, or, if he can enter the bar, he cannot make a fully informed choice as the sex object's face is now masked.  With his placating electronic and carnal spells frustrated or broken, the patriot reawakens to confront his political, economic and cultural precariousness.

The psychic toll of nearly twenty years of additional decline in wages, reduction of social services and a cultural change far more seismic than the climate change had been suppressed first under United We Stand terrorism, and then by electronic distancing.  Whatever dissent remained active in the patriot was expressed in the same futile fashion as everybody else: social media tantrums.

But the virus' unprecedented and unexpected disruption of the New American Way of Life has startled the patriot from his long lethargy.  He awakens after twenty years only to discover he's been fed shit, and that all the prophecies of Timothy McVeigh have been fulfilled, and then some.  Now the government can even regulate the cutting of hair. . .and this amounts to a call to arms.

The neo-militia LARPers differ from their predecessors in one significant and bizarre aspect:

Their rebirth occurs not in the fringe of an Elohim City, not from outside the political system, but deep in the heart of the republican party!

Their economic humiliation pacified by MAGA identitarianism, the zombie patriots shuffled along after Donald Trump. . .and now we see the surreal spectacle of their revived political dissent directed by the President himself (Liberate Michigan, et al.), as if he were not also responsible for the conditions which provoked it.  Thus, only the governments of *blue* states are enemies of the people.  The Federal Government, as long as headed by MAGA Trump, is indeed as tyrannized (by wicked democrat governors, deep state pedophiles and liberal media) as the poor neo-militia LARPers.

I doubt Timothy McVeigh would be as naive as the new LARPers in the patriot  movement. . .

What remains to be seen is if the neo-militia LARPers are anything more than crybabies staging selfies for social media. . .

It only takes one, however, not to be a crybaby, but the real deal. . .and given the ongoing pandemic, economic upheaval and Trump's quest for a second term, conditions should remain conducive at least through Election Day to provide ample opportunities for an idiot of any stripe to deliberately or accidentally cause a Ruby Ridge type situation, and thereby give rise to a new Timothy McVeigh.

17 May 2020


Angst is a gritty, frenetic and ├╝ber-naturalistic look at a day in the life of a homicidal maniac. This Austrian cult classic is a masterpiece of insane camera work featuring shots of every conceivable height and angle, a 360 degree body camera that circles the killer in a dizzying waltz and frequent nauseatingly extreme close-ups (you’ll wish you could forever unsee the sausage eating scene).
There’s almost no dialogue, just a running first person narration as the nameless killer laments his shitty childhood and fantasizes about his next set of torture murders. We follow the killer on the day he is released from prison as he wanders around looking for victims. He believes he can perfectly plan his murders for maximum sadistic pleasure. Alas, his perfect plans are about as perfect as Trump’s COVID-19 plans, and suffer from similar impatience, frustration, hasty revisions, short-sightedness and self-delusion. By happenstance he ends up at a fairly secluded house, breaks in, and then all Hell breaks loose:
A guy named Erwin Leder (supposedly he was in Schindler’s List, but I don’t remember him) plays the killer, and nobody, NOBODY has ever expended more energy in any role. It may be cinema’s greatest ever portrayal of a psychopath. It’s an exhausting physical performance, as Leder runs, stumbles, crawls and stomps nearly non-stop through the film’s eighty-seven minutes. You’ve never seen a psycho spend so much time dragging around so many bodies (living, dead, crippled) and soaked in so much sweat and blood.
In the film’s rare relatively still moments as the killer tries to stealthily stalk his victims, Leder creeps around like an spastic Nosferatu. Even behind the wheel in a car, the killer can barely sit still, and, fleeing the site of his murders and with his victims in the trunk, he rear ends another car at a school crossing, resulting in one of the craziest film endings ever.
The movie’s few moments of comic relief are provided by the pet dachshund at the site of the killer’s home invasion. This may be the only movie ever in which a dog uses a dead fat old woman’s dentures as a chew toy.
From beginning to end, a completely original psycho flick shot in a convulsive cinematography and portraying a killer not as cold and cunning, but as boiling and unhinged.  Truly one of a kind.

11 May 2020


Inspired by the misfit life and morbid desires of the quintessential mama's boy and the granddaddy of American serial killers and transsexuals, Ed Gein, Deranged is an ultra low-budget shocker that wallows unabashedly in its main character's squalid home life, disturbed simple-mindedness and extreme necrophilia. Shamelessly tawdry, though made nearly half-a-century ago, it makes even the most lurid and sensationalized true crime accounts on today’s ID channel seem tame by comparison.

The Gein-modeled character is named Ezra Cobb, and the movie begins in the shabby Cobb family farmhouse, as Ezra’s beloved mother lays dying. Here’s her last bit of earthly advice to her worshipful son:

A year or so passes, and the desperately lonesome Ezra decides the solution to his unbearable solitude is to dig up mama’s remains and bring her back home. But even this isn’t enough to heal Ezra’s lovesick heart. To really be joined with mama, to become one with her, he needs to transition to female, so he digs up more female corpses and begins to fashion a female suit of skin for himself.
Meanwhile a do-gooder neighbor woman has a different remedy for Ezra's loneliness: she suggests the solitary oddball find a wife (a living, breathing one).  This calls to Ezra's addled mind his mama’s deathbed advice:
A bizarre date ensues, with the grossly obese Maureen staging a fake seance in which she pretends her dead husband wants Ezra to make love to his wife. At first Ezra seems to enjoy the woman's soft fat fleshly charms, but as Maureen gropes his groin, Ezra has a flashback of mama’s warnings about the sins of whoring women, and instead of pulling out his cock, he pulls out a handgun and shoots the bloated harlot.
But Ezra can't get the taste out of his mouth of that little bite he had of the forbidden fruit, and soon finds himself lusting over a trampy barmaid and then a cute high school hardware store clerk. They’re both killed in suitably demented antics, and the whole thing ends as the unconcerned simpleton Ezra is caught laughing maniacally in his rundown kitchen while his last victim hangs dressed out like a deer in his barn.
Roberts Blossom (you'll probably remember him as the scary old snow shovel dude from Home Alone) does a fine job playing Ezra Cobb as a dim *aw shucks girls make me nervous* oddball, an unusually quiet *yes sir, no sir* type who normally reveals so little when he speaks, that when he does occasionally disclose something personal, such as his fondness for digging up graves, nobody believes him.  It's a low-key performance, with Ezra's strangeness mostly expressed through awkward body language, facial tics and eye squints, with only a couple of manic outbursts to show the signs of the Psychopathia Sexualis storm brewing in his deteriorating mind.  The nobody actresses who play Mama Cobb and Maureen give the give film its few moments of pure hammy flash.    

With its sick humor, unapologetic misogyny and perversion, bleak rural landscape, suitably ugly musical score, and wonderfully rancid set designs, Deranged is a grimy pulp classic, absolutely fulfilling its ambition to roll the viewer around in the mud of aberrant behavior. 

05 May 2020

Season Of The Witch

After making the low-budget zombie classic Night of the Living Dead, George Romero followed up with Season of the Witch (the flick's third title—originally it was the rather vanilla Jack's Wife, then the more provocative softcore porny Hungry Wives).  This isn't anywhere nearly as good as NOTLD. It's a clunky occulter about bored, repressed middle-class American housewife Joan, who eventually finds the freedom to be true to thine own self through suburban American witchcraft. Romero tries to capture the absolute suffocating sameness of the American Way of Life, the horrible sterility, conformity, artificiality and tackiness (the characters are dressed in gruesomely exaggerated faux-'60s squares and hippies costumes, and their hairstyles are done in Ultra Aquanet and unwashed greasy), but he'd do it much more skillfully in his other zombie classic Dawn of the Dead. Here the script is too broad (occult, counter-culture and feminist themes are introduced and dismissed in haphazard fashion) and too rushed, with giant gaps in character development, in particular the main character’s jumbled psychosexual motivations.

The opening scene, the best in the movie, introduces us to Joan's unhappy, repressed life via a nightmare sequence.  Joan's biggest waking nightmare is her boorish male chauvinist pig/wife beater husband.  Joan looks like the perfect candidate for antidepressants until she is introduced by her loudmouth alcoholic friend to a New Age witch, who intuits Joan's various frustrations and suggests sorcery might be the cure for what ails her.

While Joan ponders whether to dabble in the occult, she runs into issues with her hippie daughter.  In one odd scene, Joan has a bizarre conversation with her daughter which ends with the daughter cooing compliments about mom's fine body.  Later mom meets her daughter’s boyfriend and they take an instant dislike to each other, but it's one of those *there's a fine line between love and hate* type of things. Soon thereafter Joan hears her daughter and the boyfriend having sex, and mom quickly rushes to her bedroom to masturbate! (And at this point, it’s really not clear whether she’s more turned on by her daughter or the boyfriend).

After lugging around for half the movie one of the fakest looking prop books in film history, How To Be A Witch, Joan finally decides to try out her own enchanting spell and picks her daughter’s boyfriend to be the beneficiary of her not-so-free love.  Oh, I forgot to mention Joan's also been tormented by visions of a threatening demon (somebody in a cheap rubber mask!). . .this is important because shortly after screwing the boyfriend on her living room floor, Joan mistakes her returning husband for the demon and shoots him.  She tells the police she thought hubby was an intruder.  The police are suspicious of the story, but have no way to disprove it and decide, rather cavalierly, not to charge her.  The increasingly ludicrous script mercifully ends as the newly independent Joan decides to join a coven, and in the final scene we regrettably get to see her nude and collared on her hands and knees before a devil’s altar. The End.
Oh, and the acting is terrible.

And the cast is ugly.

Joan, who I assume is supposed to be a hot '60s housewife, is acted by a woman, I guess, since it was filmed in 1970, but if it were filmed today I would swear the actor is a MTFT. 
There are a couple touches that make this mess barely less than a total disaster: Joan’s nightmare sequences are creepily surreal and create a decent atmosphere of dread, and her spells are at least as legit witchy-sounding as those of Rowena on Supernatural. Still I couldn’t recommend anyone actually sitting through this unless you were a big George Romero geek and absolutely couldn’t live without watching every film he ever made. The rest of us can content ourselves with his zombie flicks.

01 May 2020

Virus: On Patriots And Their Rights

30 April 2020, Daily Mail: Incredible scenes at Michigan Capitol as anti-lockdown protesters armed with rifles storm Senate gallery while lawmakers wearing BULLETPROOF VESTS vote against extending Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's state of emergency. Demonstrators gathered at Michigan's state Capitol Thursday to protest Gov Gretchen Whitmer's lockdown. Many people at the protest, including militia group members carrying firearms, stormed the Capitol building. Men held guns while waiting for state's House of Representatives to vote on Whitmer's state of emergency. Senators wore bulletproof vests in the House Chamber as protesters shouted from outside: 'Let us in!' Ultimately, lawmakers denied the governor's request and passed a resolution authorizing the Speaker of the House to commence legal action, which will challenge the governor's actions during the pandemic. 'American Patriot Rally' was organized by Michigan United for Liberty, and drew in hundreds of people.

An embarrassment for the state of Michigan. . .

Michigan looks like a shit-kicker state. . .

Anyway, these pathetic dress-ups offer the chance to examine just what Freedom truly is, and just what *rights* the individual truly has. . .

So what were these people so upset about that they dressed up in their Second Amendment militia costumes and held a Liberty LARP at the Michigan State Capitol?

They whined that the Governor, Big Government Governor Whitmer, the Tyrant, the Enemy of the People, wants them to stay home until she thinks the virus health crisis has passed. . .

These paunchy patriot LARPers no longer feel *free*. . .

[Let's ignore the obvious: this gOOfball stunt violated the Tyrant Whitmer's stay-at-home Executive Order, the gOOfballs suffered no consequence, therefore how much *freedom* have they really lost?]

People who call themselves patriots and start shouting about their rights are weak, weak individuals.  Very weak.  

These patriots believe an old piece of paper called the Constitution bestows upon them certain *rights.*

These *rights* are entirely imaginary.  They weren't dug out of a mine, or grown in a field, or plucked off a tree.

They don't exist. . .  

Only a weakling would put on a militia costume and whine about their rights, insisting that these rights are something a government should grant and guarantee them.

Their problem is their identity confusion.  They identify as patriots.  This means they no longer identify as their birth personage.  They no longer identify as a creation of God.  For the self-identified patriot there is a collective beyond themselves which they submit their created being to.  They believe in a nation, which is as imaginary as *rights,* excepting for the fact weaklings agree among themselves to sacrifice their individual created being.

The truth is everyone, even these pitiful Michigan shit-kickers, are born free and with all the rights their Creator wants them to have.

The Creator has granted all of us the absolute conviction of Free Will (whether we truly have it or not doesn't matter, only the insane do not think they choose their own actions). 

Only a God damned weakling would want to form a group and cast limits on the absolute freedom God granted them.  These shit-kickers crying Liberty don't understand they have given up the only true Liberty there is when they trade their individual identity for a group identity such as *patriot.*

Nothing looks weaker than to form a mob and cry for some imaginary authority to let you live.  Why do you need some imaginary human authority to give you liberty?  You were born with it!  Reclaim it!  Stop acting like a fool and live your own God damned life! 

The truth is these militia LARPers are too weak to live their own lives.  You don't want to stay home?  Then don't!  Who is stopping you?  Oh, the government might take action?  So what?  You don't want to be free, then.  The truth is, you want the government to coddle your infantile urges, you want the government to instantly gratify you.  You'll submit to a government, as long as it pats you on the head.

For the sake of their own negligible remaining dignity, I hope these LARPers don't claim to be Christian.  Jesus is the example of Man being born free.  He lived exactly how He wanted to live.  He wanted to follow His Father's will.  Did He dress up like a soldier and cry to the government to let Him?  Hell no!  He did what He wanted to do. . .all the way to death.  

Live Free or Die?

Jesus shows what that really means. . .

We already have the right to live free. . .

These sad, pathetic weakling protesters don't have the guts to live truly free, they want it handed to them, like the fucking welfare they cry the government gives to freeloaders. Ha!  Ain't no bigger freeloader than the freedom freeloader. . .