02 November 2016

Why Vote?

Is there any reason to interrupt our glorious everyday routines and wait around and wait around and wait around the government's user-non-friendly polling place to cast a vote for President of the United States of America?

I suppose there are two reasons to vote:

For Entertainment Purposes: it is often quite amusing to see how poorly and cheaply the balloting process is carried out.  The polls are staffed by volunteers (i.e., the terminally unemployed who survive on this type of temporary piecemeal work, or lonesome retirees who want to be noticed again, if only for a day) using broken-down equipment.  It can be great fun to watch these election workers struggle to herd the increasingly irritated masses through the Rube Goldberg process of identification, balloting and counting.  Additional hilarity can be had by deliberating gumming up the works through feigned misunderstanding of the procedure, or making humorous comments to election staff, such as remarking to the person in charge of the voter roll "I didn't have to give my name the first two times I voted for Clinton today."  Either method is sure to frustrate both harried poll workers and impatient voters.

Fulfilling Our Ritual Obligation: our vote does NOT count, at least, not in the way some suppose.  Our vote has NO BEARING on the outcome of the election.  Even if we lived in a state that would decide the election (by its nonsensical *electoral college* system), and even if the vote in that state were a tie awaiting our vote, our vote still would have NO BEARING on the outcome. . .for certainly there would be a vote recount and our supposed tie-breaking vote would then be jumbled up among all the other insignificant votes. . .and then even that recount would be set aside for a court review, and eventually the election would be referred to a judiciary body to resolve (such as in the famous 2000 Gore-Bush contest).  Non-Democratic Powers# decide who *wins* the election, not the little ant people who stream to the polling places thinking they have a *say* in the matter.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are actors hired by the Powers to perform in a cultural ritual, and our votes are merely the painted styrofoam props of the ritual stage show called Democracy.  Participation in these state rituals## is what binds the mass together in servitude to the Powers, and allows the Powers to continue their Delicious Living off the blood of the lumpen.  

If I vote, it is only for entertainment purposes, to make jest of the ritual, to mock the class traitors who work the polling place and to provoke the citizens who vote to fulfill their ritual obligation to the state, which they do from self-interest, because by collaborating with the state in its ritual election, by the willful self-deceit of believing they have a *voice* in the Process which rules their lives, the lumpen do not then have to confront their true condition: human fodder for the Powers.  Adherence to state rituals excuse the sheeple from taking responsibility for their existence.

Dress as a creepy clown, mark the ballot for an unauthorized candidate like Jill Stein, and then leave some novelty plastic turds lying around as a thank you for the *privilege* of *voting.*  

#For those who believe in the Christian Supreme Being, no human vote counts, not even the bought-and-paid-for-by-the-Powers votes of the final judiciary body. . .for the Christian Supreme Being controls the course of history, and no human ruler sits upon a throne unless he or she will fit the Eternal Scheme of the Almighty God. . .only the tripartite vote of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit count.

##Other state rituals include the paying of the income tithe, standing for the national anthem, supporting the troops, submission to public education and police forces, faith in manifest destiny and other assorted pledges of allegiance, veneration of the constitution, jury duty.