07 September 2011


Fuck Lady Gaga and Ke$ha and all these other Modern Pop Whores. . .they're boring Madonna retreads. . .and Madonna was tedious, to begin with.  Now Chrissie Hynde was one hot piece of ass, back in the day.   Naturally cool and sexy, no need for any cheap theatrics.  Today Chrissie turns 60.  Look at her in that video above. . .from about 8 or 9 months ago.  The face is pretty worn out. . .but I'd still eat her pussy, no problem.  She's real flesh and blood, blessed with a natural creative energy. . .whereas this Lady Gaga is lifeless. . .she's a fucking Transformer, folding into ten different pop robots. . .you might as well try to eat Chromia's pussy.

Here's a picture of Hynde when she was in high school. . .looks like a Manson girl.  How hot is that?
Sixty years old?!?!  Back On The Chain Gang was released thirty years ago?!?!   Chrissie is an old lady?!?!  And she's not nearly old enough to be my mother.  The grave is not far off. . .