11 July 2012

This And That

Obama - Romney:
I used to enjoy the theatre of the AmerICKan presidential election. The differences between the democrats and the republicans are like the differences between Tide and Cheer. But still, with all the Marketing Dollars enchantments, we become convinced one brand is superior. We will look down our noses at those who favor the other brand. . .

The presidential ritual was an amusing community theatre. . .for one day, we all got to pretend we were important, walking around with our *I Voted* stickers. It was re-enactment. As faggots go to Renaissance Festivals for re-enactments of courtly dances, we entered the cheap cardboard polling booths for a re-enactment of democracy. . .

Theatre is diversion. . .but Obama - Romney does not divert me. With the economy now wholly and openly at the service of Usurers, and Perpetual War now accepted as Pure AmeriCKan Dogma, I find it impossible to suspend disbelief to the degree required to allow one to sit through the stage show *campaign.*

This is AmerICKa's first Post-Mortem election, in which we vote not for a figurehead, but a funerary mask. . .

The Priests of Baal:
This has been AmerICKa's summer of naked, flesh-eating madmen. . .a sign of the times? Unquestionably. Sometimes those of us who want to be Christian suffer from tunnel vision, seeing only the sad state of so-called *Christendom,* which is daily abused by false prophets (zionists, hucksters and self-hating faggots). But this summer we see the other side has fallen on hard times, too. Look at the sorry state of the cannibals (Priests of Baal), wandering naked through skid rows, devouring the faces of the garbage people. The Decline is all-encompassing. . .

Big Love:
I finished watching the five seasons of *Big Love,* the HBO series about a Utah fundamentalist polygamist Mormon family. I expected the series to be an oddball dramedy, a circus sideshow from the surreal world of Four Corners AmerICKa, where mainstream Mormonism (a kOOk's cult everywhere else) seems positively Anglican. While the series had its David Lynch-like moments, particularly the Green family subplot, featuring the bizarre gender-bender Selma, it continually surprised me with its sympathetic and convincing portrayal of the struggle to stay in faith while pilgrimaging through the world. Indeed, the tag line for *Big Love,* the story of Bill Henrickson and his attempt to shepherd his polygamist family through the AmerICKan wilderness, could very easily be taken from Proverbs 21: Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord pondereth the hearts. Christians watching *Big Love* ought to take pause, for shouldn't The Way seem as strange in the eyes of the world as fundamentalist Mormonism? But Christianity isn't even noticed, it's become part of the fabric of the world. Christians gape in wonder, just like infidels, at Mormons and Muslims and any other *extreme* believers, bewildered anyone would adhere to a faith that conflicts with the world. Anyway, *Big Love* had a sterling cast, including great supporting roles for offbeat Hollywood legends Harry Dean Stanton and Bruce Dern. *Big Love's* real acting eye-opener, however, was Miss Chloƫ Sevigny. I'd always thought of the *Kids,* *Boys Don't Cry* and *The Brown Bunny* girl as a Traci Lords-lite. . .but she steals the show episode-after-episode as the damaged, conniving ice queen Nicki Grant, charmingly eliciting both *Big Love's* most humorous and heartbreaking moments.

Scientology's Two Biggest Faggots:
Speaking of kOOk religions, Scientology's two biggest faggots, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, have been in the news, lately. Why don't these two queers do Scientology a favor, and bring L. Ron Hubbard's prank into the 21st century by marrying each other?

A Prophet:
I noticed this article a couple weeks ago:

Population Fatness Is A Major World Threat

Fifteen years ago, in a little magazine titled The J M** T****, a certain social scientist prophesied exactly this. I wish I still had my copy. Anybody got one laying around? If so, scan it and send it to me, and I'll post it here. . .