23 June 2020

Blacks Owe Biden An Apology


Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, apologized for telling a radio host that black voters torn between voting for him and President Trump “ain’t black,” remarks that ignited a firestorm online.

LOL!  American blacks ought to apologize to Biden for being so sensitive and so dishonestly aggrieved.  It was a clear truth then that any American black who voted for Trump was either intellectually handicapped or self-hating.  Trump despises black people.  He don't want to be around black people.  He won't rent to them, he don't want them touching his money, he thinks they're lazy.  This scorn for blacks is documented here.  

And now after Trump's complete disdain and dismissal of the current Black Lives Matter intifada (he won't even allow his poodle Mike Pence to say *black lives matter*), it is now obvious WORLD WIDE that Trump couldn't give two shits about American blacks.  

After watching Trump barricade himself in the White House and hide in his bunker and then beg for the US Military to clear away all traces of the Black Lives Matter protests, after hearing Trump respond to black America's call for police reform with a promise for more Law&Order!® for white folks, isn't it time for blacks to say, yeah, Joe, you were right, if we vote for Trump, we ain't black, we're nothing but Uncle Toms?

That's not to say Biden is much better. . .he ain't.  But he'll say the right things and do one or two small things to make black life better (health care, for damn sure making sure the black vote ain't suppressed, perhaps even modifying police immunity).  It ain't the least bit racist to say it is glaringly obvious blacks ought to vote for Biden instead of Trump.

And the Black Lives Matter intifada needs to continue past Election Day.  Don't let up.  Maybe blacks can wring more out of Biden.  

But to say voting for Trump is an option?  Please.  Don't insult white intelligence!

What does the black republican look like? Just take a look at the pathetic Uncle Tom Tim Scott, *republican* senator from South Carolina, who humiliated himself and took a knee before Donald Trump by becoming his waterboy for *police reform.*  You wonder how this black *republican* lives with himself, knowing damn well how the po-lice brutalize and oppress black folk, and yet he does his master's bidding, anyway, producing a fake police reform bill that is an insult to all victims (whatever their race) of po-lice malfeasance.  

No.  And it's too bad the old dope Biden apologized in the first place.  It's weak to apologize for the truth.  That's one reason whites ain't too excited to vote for him. . .no backbone, he bends whichever way the wind blows.

19 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: Atlanta Police Quitters And Malingerers

The morning after an unusual number of police officers called out sick, only two sergeants and one officer showed up in one of Atlanta's six police zones, according to police officers who don't want to be named.  Additionally there are reports several officers have quit.  The shortages come in the wake of the Fulton County district attorney bringing charges against two officers who were involved in the deadly shooting of Rayshard Brooks. On Wednesday, multiple sources within the Atlanta Police Department told CNN that officers were not responding to calls in three of the department's six zones.

One can only laugh at the juvenile behavior of the crybaby Atlanta police, both the quitters (who at least had the decency to quit) and especially the pouters who stay on the time clock but refuse to perform their paid duties.

These are the people costume sniffers expect us to perpetually thank and shower with discounts and free passes. . .

These are the people costume sniffers worship as heroes. . .

So it’s heroic to bitch and whine and quit and steal your fucking paycheck when you get criticized? When did that become heroic, and not weak and infantile and shameful?

Police will only po-lice if they are exempt from the laws they supposedly enforce?

God only knows how many crimes these quitters and malingerers have committed. . .how many citizens they assaulted, murdered, framed, raped and stole from.

These damned thugs are lucky they aren’t being tarred-and-feathered. . .

We know already the FOX sheeple will orgasm at any news of increasing crime in Atlanta, for in their simple minds this will prove how wrong the police haters are, and how badly America needs even more Law&Order!®, not understanding Law&Order!® created this latest American mess in the first place.

If, indeed, the Atlanta police department crumbles into non-existence, there will doubtless be months of pain as the city transitions to a community service staff, and no doubt there will be terrible tales of rapes and murders and sad broken-hearted small business owners forced to abandon their dreams due to organized retail crime mobs.

But out of chaos, a New Order shall emerge. Atlanta will be protected and served by peace officers, and the dishonesty, corruption and brutality of the organized police force will become yet another small dark chapter of American history.

So we ask all the Atlanta police officers to do their community, and the country, which can learn from the Atlanta experience, one genuine act of sacrifice: quit. Get out of the way and let the New Atlanta Public Safety Staff take over.

Sadly, after composing this we learned the infantile police of Atlanta were rewarded for their temper tantrum with a $500 bonus and free meals. LOL!  The more things change, the more they remain the same. . . 

13 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: Our Trump, The Little Beast

When asked by a race traitor on FOX news why he thought people protested after the George Floyd murder, President Trump said the protesters didn't know why they were protesting, and that some then just followed the crowd of the unknowing. . .

It's clear the President doesn't have the patience or the inclination to give thought to the meaning of the mass demonstrations of the last two weeks.  He has no desire to tackle the difficult race problem in America.  He wishes it would magically disappear, just like he wished the coronavirus would magically disappear.  And just like he fixated on one simple and easy to understand solution to the coronavirus—it's a Chinese virus, so let's stop Chinese people from coming to the US—he's fixated on one simple and easy to understand solution to the problem of the mass demonstrations—they were riots orchestrated by bad leftist people, *antifa,* so let's have more Law & Order to dominate and sweep away these bad leftist people.

Trump is a tired old man who refuses to acknowledge anything that is not Great!®.  He only has the energy to be the President of Nice!®.  Please, he routinely begs Media, ask me nice questions, say positive things about me, discontinue the mean FakeNews!® that suggests all is not right in the America He Made Great Again.  He only wants to be praised and have high *ratings.*  He's so sensitive, so pained by anything that contradicts his own inflated impression of himself, he even sent a cease-and-desist letter to CNN, demanding an apology and a retraction for a presidential preference poll that showed him badly trailing Joe Biden.  Failure to comply would result in *severe sanctions!*  The US is in the midst of a virus crisis and a race crisis, and the President is focused on his own image. . .

The buffoon Trump is utterly disinterested in anything other than his own personal fate, so much so that he has no true knowledge of anything that is happening in America.  An example is his absurd characterization of Seattle's *Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.*  The buffoon Trump (and the moronic FOX network) paint a dark picture of anarchy, violence, subversion of the republic that must be absolutely and mercilessly crushed before it. . .before it. . .before it what?  Before it spreads to Portland??  I don't know.  Trump (and FOX) don't tell us what fresh Hell awaits.  Well, I haven't been to Seattle, so I don't know exactly what's going on there, but I would guess Seattle 2020 looks more like San Francisco 1967 than Russia 1917.  

No, the really frightening thing is not what the unwashed youth of Seattle are doing, but the ugly, dishonest and perverted representation of it by Trump (and FOX).  My God, that there are a few young people left in America who want to rebel (if only in LARP mode) against her Dead Neoliberal Way of Life—that ought to be cheered for, not sneered at.  

Trump managed to masquerade as a President for 3 1/2 years, and now because of the virus crisis and the social unrest, he's been unmasked and shown to be impotent.

The beast was given a mouth speaking proud words and blasphemies, and he was permitted to exercise ruling authority for forty-two months.

Our Trump: the little beast, full of angry tweets because he knows his time is short.

11 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: Will BLM Take On The US Military?

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say in the last two weeks much of the world has stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement.  Much of the world has listened to black America's righteous outrage over the shameless murder of George Floyd, and to the systemic racism that permeates the USA.

The Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement has accepted the spotlight much of the world has given it.  It has accepted the invitation to air its grievances on Media and in government hearings.  It has accepted money, prayers, expressions of sympathy and the offers of helping hands.

The Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement has said it is cautiously encouraged by the support of whites—and yes, only time will tell how genuine that white support truly is.  It is far too early to determine if any authentic change will occur.  But. . .it would be dishonest to say that there isn't currently an atmosphere conducive to change.

And it would also be dishonest to say the response of the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement to the goodwill much of the world has offered it has not been selfish. . .

The Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement would like everyone to *say the name*: George Floyd.

But there are names of other blacks which the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement does not say. . .

What about the names of 53 year old Mohamud Salad Mohamud? 18 year old Nurto Abukar?  12 year old Fatuma Abukar?  7 year old Adey Abukar?

Black lives murdered.  Black children injured.  In Somalia.  By the US Military.

Do their lives matter?

Even if the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement doesn't care about white lives, what about the black brothers and sisters in Africa?  Does BLM realize how many blacks THEIR military murders?

The Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement has an opportunity.  A rare opportunity.  Much of the world is listening.  But so far, the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement has a very selfish, very narrow pool of black lives that matter, and apparently none for other people of color.  

What a day for much of the entire world if the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement would speak to all black lives, all people of color murdered by the US Military.

But so far, not a word.  No outrage for blacks murdered by the American military in Africa.  No outrage for the colored people of the Middle East murdered by the American military.  No outrage for the systemic racism of the American military that oppresses, brutalizes and plunders people of color the world over.

Total silence from the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement. . . 

Please, let's not excuse the silence of the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement by claiming the US military is not their military.

30% of the women in the military and 17% of the men in the military are black.  The fact is, blacks are over-represented in the military.  The US military, the US military that kills colored people without regret, is blacker than the nation itself.  

How beneficial if Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement used even a small bit of its current platform to address the wrongs committed by its military.

Otherwise, why is it wrong for the po-lice to murder blacks in America, but not wrong for the military to kill black children in Africa?  Or colored people in the Middle East?

Have you wondered why so many top American military leaders have publicly criticized President Trump in his response to the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement protests?  They desperately want to avoid the scrutiny of the black community they heavily rely upon to fill their murdering ranks.  They do not want black Americans questioning the military, as those questions may lead to other uncomfortable questions, such as:

Why is it wrong for the po-lice to murder blacks in America, but not wrong for the military to kill black children in Africa?  Or colored people in the Middle East?

I support the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement trying to help their own community.  If that's as far as it goes, so be it.  At least they have helped clean up the wicked po-lice.

But a great opportunity will have been squandered if the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement doesn't broaden its scope to include blacks world-wide and people of color world-wide.

Will the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement repay the favor shown them by much of the world by broadening and selflessly extending their protest to include the US military?  The fact is, the US Military kills far far more blacks and other people of color than the po-lice.

So: do black lives matter?  Or is it just American black lives that matter?  And what about other people of color?  That's not a concern of the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement?

If this is all the Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice movement amounts to, let's give it its proper due:

If ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

09 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: White Mass Hysteria?

More shocking than the degree to which the USA has been saturated with peaceful protests, more shocking than the earlier fires and looting, and yes, even more shocking than the murder of George Floyd has been the self-abasement of a small but highly visible segment of the white race.

Listen, now, there is nothing wrong in aligning with the peaceful protests.  It's just shocking apathetic Americans have actually managed to stay off the couch for so long.  Hey, it's healthy to protest against the murder of Floyd, and any of the other acts of daily po-lice brutality.  It is long, long past time for po-lice *forces* to be replaced with community service staffs.  Those scare-mongers who predict a daily Purge in a USA without it's current criminal po-lice *force* (not only do the po-lice regularly assault and murder, they also plant evidence, lie, steal, deal drugs, sex traffic, etc.) will be proven badly wrong when it's discovered communities are actually more peaceful when protected and served by a community service staff.

Listen, now, though I am sure to be in my own minority in regard to the fires and looting.  Because of my own distaste for the disastrous inequality and hardship produced by neo-liberalism or late stage capitalism or the FIRE economy, whatever you want to label our American system, the fires and looting don't shock or even trouble me.  My only anger over the looting is Media's weeping for *small business owners.*  They dreamed of owning their own business and worked hard and now watch it being destroyed, blah blah blah.  Fuck their dreams.  Let them push a mop and eat shit like the rest of us.  Most of them have lived off white welfare: one bad business loan after another, which most small business owners never repay.  They bounce from one bankrupt business to the next, chasing their *dream* (living soft on loans they never intend to repay).  And listen, what the crybaby Media ain't telling you, as they produce their weep pieces for small business, is that these poor dreamers haven't actually lost a thing, but instead will gain from what will surely be their inflated insurance claims.  Small business owners will profit from the George Floyd mischief. . .

But the self-abasement of the white race. . .my goodness!  What has brought this on?  For a fairly visible segment of the white population, since the fires and looting, there has been unceasing apologizing, kneeling, confessing, even tithing to. . .to who?  To some generic black America?  To some group called Black Lives Matter?  I don't think the groveling whites even know for who they are humiliating themselves.  They see black skin and they genuflect.

More importantly, do they even know why they are abasing themselves?  Is it out of fear?  Are they afraid the entire black race will turn into Nat Turner?  I have a hard time believing this ritual humiliation is from genuine shame.  Human beings by nature are shameless, thus, there must be another explanation.  Is it a madness?  Some form of white mass hysteria?

I believe a small number of the white self-abasers do act solely from fear.  While in public they will take a knee and mourn for George Floyd, at home they will watch Trump and breathe a sigh of relief when he assures them Law and Order will prevail. 

But I don't believe the majority of self-abasers are motivated by fear.  There has to be a self-hatred that had been buried deep within them for most of their lives, and which the George Floyd opus has brought to the surface.  I don't know what the cause of this self-hatred is.  For the sake of a belief in a basic human decency, I'd like to believe it is the centuries of murdering others in the name of America's manifest destiny. . .from the Indians to the Iraqis.  I'd like to think there is some collective unconscious guilt from all the American bloodshed.  After all, America has never even apologized for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. . .in fact, continues to argue it was *necessary.*  Maybe the sight of a white Derek Chauvin, looking like he hadn't a care in the world or a single thought of regret while murdering an intoxicated stumbling black man, maybe this image of conscienceless killing, strobed over and over on Media, triggered some sort of guilt seizure which drove a portion of the white population into humiliating spasms of contrition.

It's cheaper, in dollars, than reparations. . .but far far costlier in dignity.

Nothing useful will redound to these white door mats (or to anybody else, for that matter).  

Whatever motivated the gestures of abasement, there is now no going forward for the white kneelers.  Whatever the true source, by kneeling, or, worse, laying prostrate in the street in an absurd communal pseudo-stigmata, these whites have signaled they want to be left behind in their shame.  They don't want to reconcile whatever sins have driven them mad and then work together as equals for the good of all, instead they want to be punished and then excluded from society, forgoing any future responsibility, and leaving the hard work of mending a fraying nation to those who retained their dignity.

Let me repeat, I have no solid conviction as to why a portion of the white race has had this shocking psychotic break.  But whatever its origin, this embarrassing obeisance to the unknown black god does absolutely nothing to bring about a colorblind America.  It only places another barrier, however peculiar, between the races, and ensures that *skin colors matter* lives on.

04 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: After The Smoke Has Cleared

The rapid and widespread chaos of Sunday and Monday, an explosion of unrest, really, was difficult to properly interpret.  Was it possible there could be ongoing violent clashes between subcultures, with police/military interference also, to the point the *normal business* of the country would be disrupted for a significant period of time?  Now that the smoke of the fires has cleared, and the gangs of teen looters have run off with their new shoes and iPhones, it seems the answer is no.  The paroxysm of truly menacing mischief is over, and all that is left are the *peaceful protests,* id est the summer block parties of the young, which the taunted lummox police season with their various pepper sprays.  These *peaceful protests* block parties, starring young white girls modeling their new short-shorts, also serve as community theater, with the performances airing via selfies and ineptly filmed live streams over social media.  Partying, hook-ups, exhibitionism forming a simulacrum of *resistance.*

There are millions of disaffected Americans, and a small portion of them (with their varying motivations), drafted behind race protesters/rioters and contributed their own personal rage. . .but after peaking Monday night, the virus of mischief flattened and now turns downward.  Americans remain largely lethargic, difficult to rouse from their stupor of video games, intoxication, binge eating and binge streaming.  Even with the dual virus crises, the American remains enervated by his modest comforts and, perhaps more importantly, his country's castrated democracy, of which, like a neutered cat, he is sleepily unaware.

It's clear the buffoon President Trump badly over-reacted, his fear for his personal safety infecting nervous older Americans through the looting-obsessed FOX news network.  Trump's subsequent call-up of the military has been entirely unjustified, and we are left with Trump's Theater of the Absurd, as evidenced in the prior post, in which we see the empty streets of Washington DC occupied by the National Guard to prevent the takeover of America by a half-dozen angry and/or drunken malcontents.

Of course, barring some act of truly mass violence, all of this will be long forgotten come election day, and Trump may still win re-election by default over the glitchy Biden hologram.

Still no hope for genuine change to reverse America's now four decades long decline. . . 

Powder Keg USA, Farce Edition: Trump Scared Of His Own Shadow

Hey, America, here's what's got your President Trump so scared he called in the National Guard to protect his frightened ass. . .what a fucking joke!  200 weekend warriors guarding an empty street in Washington DC so Trump can peek out his bedroom window and not see a half-dozen angry faces.  The whole world is laughing at that coward Trump.  Hey, Trump, go *inspect* your bunker and let these weekend warriors go back to their day jobs.  And America, you better pray you never need these weekend warriors to save your sorry asses from China, cuz they ain't up to it, they got rattled, some of them actually cried like little girls cuz they couldn't handle playground taunts from a half-dozen scraggly ass motherfuckers! 

02 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: The Gospel According To Donald Trump

Random thoughts on Powder Keg USA

Donald Trump: The President is in full buffoon mode now.  After hiding in fear all weekend in his fortified bunker five stories below the White House, he ordered an extra dose of security from the National Guard and active duty US Military to drive the rabble away from his bedroom window.  While he was giving his *unity* speech in which he claimed he was an ally of peaceful protesters, he had his THUG security force gas the shit out of peaceful protesters to clear out space so he could go to St. John's church and hold up a bible he never reads.  It's amazing to me that tens of millions of people are fooled by this moron.  It's now abundantly clear from the dual crises (virus and unrest) that Trump is perfectly content to be President only of *red* states. . .to be President only of people who say nice things about him.  It's also clear Trump has no patience for dealing with complex issues.  He wants one simple solution to everything, so he can relax and check his ratings.  With the virus, his response was: Oh, it comes from China, OK.  Don't let people from China come here.  That's solved.  Next.  That's how you end up with 100000 corpses, and counting.  With the civil unrest, his reponse: Oh, people are angry? No, they're being provoked by antifa.  They are now officially terrorists.  Put them in jail for a long time.  Tell the governors to do the same.  That's solved.  Now bring me my Big Macs!


So tired of hearing Media's obligatory cop worship.  Yes, this Derek Chauvin guy is a murderer, we'll agree. . .but 99% of cops are good!  Look, we hear this every time a cop commits a crime.  Just remember, last time the cops were in the spotlight, Derek Chauvin was one of the 99% of good cops. . .even though complaint after complaint after complaint had been filed against him.  99% of the cops are NOT good, that's why this problem never goes away.  Cops commit crimes daily, they lie, they steal, they plant evidence, they injure and kill people.  If even 50% of cops were good, we wouldn't have these constant policing issues, because the good cops would police the bad cops.  It's no secret any good cop who does try to police a bad cop is shunned and considered a rat who deserves no back-up.  Sorry, the *99% of cops are good* shibboleth is a LIE.


Media is so stupid. . .antifa. . .outside agitators. . .please!  Listen, these protests are EVERYWHERE. . .from the mega cities like New York to little sod buster towns like Sioux Falls. . .but Media says outside agitators, most often something called *antifa,* comes into these towns to provoke trouble. . .uh. . .the mischief is going on everywhere, so why don't *antifa* just stay in their own town and cause mischief there, why travel?  Media would have us believe *antifa* from city A is going to make mischief in city B, while *antifa* from city B is going to city A to make mischief. . .do they drive past each other on their way to make mischief??  I think Media repeats this falsehood because they have no real interest in advertising the truth: these protests are the result of disaffected Americans expressing their disaffection, it isn't something being provoked from outside. . .it's the internal disaffection of large numbers of Americans, provoked not by *antifa,* but by their disgust for an American Way of Life that has failed them.


Red state Trumpbots hope the blue state mischief makers get the virus, and enough of them die in the swing states to get their messiah reelected.  It would be hilarious if it turned out tear gas killed the virus!