16 January 2013

Did Sandy Hook Really Happen?

 The internet is littered with iPamphlets questioning the *reality* of Sandy Hook.

[Sandy Hook: On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, age 20, fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members and wounded two at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in the town of Newtown, CT.  Before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at their Newtown home.  After killing students and staff members, Lanza shot himself in the head as first responders arrived.]

I was amazed how quickly the Sandy Hook conspiracies were birthed.  Literally within hours after the first reports of the school shooting, crude videos appeared on youtube questioning the *official story,* even though there had as not yet been issued an *official story.*  Most of these early conspiracy theories dealt with the *second shooter,* a man wearing camouflage pants and a black jacket who was shown, via helicopter news footage, being arrested in the woods behind the school.  But even though the identity of this man has never been revealed, nor how law enforcement *authorities* eventually disposed of him, the conspiracy theorists quickly lost interest in the *second shooter* (their one piece of *hard evidence*), and moved on to more *metaphysical* speculations, to the point that now even the *reality* of the shooting itself is in question.

How far we have *progressed* since *9/11!*  It took years for the Twin Towers conspiracy to move from the farthest fringe into the kind of mainstream internet kOOkery Sandy Hook has inhabited since Day One.  This may be because the theory for the Sandy Hook conspiracy is easier for the average AmerICKan slob to wrap his dumb head around:

Obama ordered the killings of the elementary school children to provoke support for his fascist plan to take away our guns.

Compare this to the theory behind the *9/11* conspiracy: 

BushCo allowed 3000 AmerICKans to be killed to provoke support for an endless series of neocon wars.

The *9/11* conspiracy theory will never really take hold because it is senseless to most of the AmerICKan populace.  After Bush I's first Gulf war and Clinton's Serbia war, AmerICKans were already conditioned for *military adventure*. . .they needed no *false flag* operation to get onboard the Good Ship Perpetual War. AmerICKans already loved killing the others long before *9/11,* and thus to suggest BushCo staged *9/11* to gain support for something the sheeple already approved appeared (rightly) illogical.  *9/11* will never come close to gaining even the kind of small acceptance the Sandy Hook conspiracy had attained by the end of Day One.

The Sandy Hook conspiracy theorizes the AmerICKan is the ultimate *target.*  The government is coming after AmerICKans.  The *9/11* conspiracy theorizes the others are the ultimate target.   *9/11?*  Who cares if the government wants to kill some sand niggers so zionists can sleep *peacefully?*  BushCo didn't have to knock over the Twin Office Buildings to convince AmerICKans of the necessity of sand niggericide.  That was already the AmerICKan mindset.  But Sandy Hook?  Obama wants our guns.  AmerICKans care about that (as stupid as that is.  Given their immaturity, dim-wittedness and narcotization, AmerICKans are the last people who should be allowed guns).  A fair number of AmerICKans are gun faggots, and fervently believe Second Amendment hocus-pocus.  Fear and paranoia are staples of human nature, and it doesn't take much prodding to rouse them: a couple early conflicting news accounts, Obama grandstanding with fake tears, and voila!, Sandy Hook was a government operation leading to gun control.

What interests me most, however, is that Sandy Hook has moved beyond conspiracy.  *Reality* is now questioned:

I wonder now if anything can ever *really happen* again?

In this age where most Westerners and a fair numbered of coloreds exist mostly on the internet, can anything in the *physical world* ever be self-evident, again?   

Most Westerners and a fair number of coloreds are hooked the majority of their waking existence to some sort of electronic Media device, and participate in life most actively through something called *social media.*  This means the reality of the physical world is now instantly translated into internet applications.  The reality of the physical world is thus instantly degraded into an electronic *update* or *status* or *tweet* or *instagram* and is then further degraded by the moronic feedback (*comments*) posted by the great unwashed electronic masses.  The result is a kind of Jesus Seminar for the Real World.

The Jesus Seminar were a group of 150 *scholarly* anti-Christs, 2000 years removed from the physical reality of the Lord, who nonetheless confidently and arrogantly tweeted their uninformed theories questioning the reality of the New Testament's eyewitness accounts of the life of our Lord and Savior.  

Today we live in a world where everyone is a *Jesus Seminarian.*  Everyone is a *scholar.*  Everyone exists on the internet, and can now question the reality of the physical world.  It is the internet we all now share.  The physical world, the world of time and space, in which we dwell less and less, has now become the *virtual reality.*  The more we live in the internet, where everything appears the same to everyone, the more the physical world, which we share with only a few, becomes more and more strange. . .more and more *unreal.*  When something extra-ordinary happens in the physical world, we rush to the internet and try to make sense of *life* by rendering it in 140 text characters or less.  And then we wait to see what our electronic friends have to make of it. . .

Thus, in the brave new world of the internet, it becomes inconceivable that six Sandy Hook Elementary School children seeking safety after their teacher was shot could have stumbled onto the driveway of Gene Rosen, who becomes an accidental caretaker/hero.  Inconceivable because Rosen wept too much on television.  He *acted* out his grief a few times during interviews, which were then tubed infinitely on the internet, thereby draining the last drops of authenticity.  Replayed over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again in the cybershphere, Rosen is (over)exposed as a fraud, an incompetent actor hired by the government to advance its gun control agenda.  A hero in the ever decreasing and dubious physical world, Rosen becomes an outcast on the internet:

So, no, Sandy Hook never really happened. . .

We now live in an Age when nothing can attain the status of myth.  The *Holocaust* can never happen again, because it would be instantly and endlessly revised.

And so, no, nothing can ever really happen again. . .