02 October 2020

243 Pound Droplet Of Death

2 October 2020: The White House said Friday that President Donald Trump was suffering “mild symptoms” of COVID-19 after the announcement of his illness threw the country deeper into uncertainty just a month before the presidential election. The revelation came in a Trump tweet about 1 a.m. after he had returned from an afternoon political fundraiser without telling the crowd he had been exposed to an aide with the disease that has killed more than 205,000 Americans and more than a million people worldwide.

Trump has spent much of the year downplaying the threat of the virus, rarely wearing a protective mask and urging states and cities to “reopen” and reduce or eliminate shutdown rules.

Hours before Trump announced he had contracted the virus, the White House said a top aide, Hope Hicks, who had traveled with him during the week had tested positive. While House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Friday tried to assure the public that Trump was conducting business as usual, even as he confirmed that the White House knew Hicks had tested positive before Trump attended a Thursday fundraiser in New Jersey. 

Trump has consistently played down concerns about being personally vulnerable. He has mostly refused to abide by basic public health guidelines — including those issued by his own administration — such as wearing face coverings in public and practicing social distancing. Instead, he has continued to hold campaign rallies that draw thousands of often mask-less supporters. “I felt no vulnerability whatsoever,” he told reporters back in May.

Questions remain about why Trump and his aides continued to come to work and travel after Hicks fell ill. Trump traveled to New Jersey on Thursday for the fundraiser, exposing attendees to the virus. Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who were originally set to join him on the trip, were replaced at the last minute by other aides.

It's hard to accept Trump getting the virus is a random event. . .

It's hard to accept that Trump could just as easily have not been infected with the often-deadly virus. . .

Given how dismissive (and deceitful) Trump has been about the *kung flu,* it's hard not to accept it was inevitable he would himself become plagued with it.  Call it Cosmic Immunological Synchronicity. . .

And then, paradoxically, one can imagine neither outcome, serious illness/death or asymptomatic, as random, but the inevitable outcome of either:

A) Trump's responsibility for x number of deaths, such as the *negro republican* Herm Cain's, those (now dead) followers who (while alive) adopted Trump's disdainful attitude toward coronavirus safeguards


B) Trump's existential immunity, which has allowed him a life of ill-gotten prosperity, suffering no detrimental consequence for lying and cheating his way to a life of delicious living, and the contemptuous boasting of a personified Babylon.

Agreeing with the wisdom of the Ecclesiastes, I foresee an asymptomatic Trump:

All things have I seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness.

<And can you imagine the endless boasting of an asymptomatic Trump: the power of my immune system, the favor of the Almighty. . .>

In any event, I am left to wonder at the mix of arrogance and ignorance which led to Trump's infection.  How much due to his stupidity, and how much due to the bubbled life of privilege led him to throw precaution to the wind in his comings and goings during/after his contact with the infected Hicks?

<Will anyone who attended Trump's golf club fundraiser die because they wanted to give money to what is now a 243 pound droplet of death??  Tickets reportedly cost up to $250000!  Imagine forking over a quarter mil just to buy your own death.  LOL!  One of the rare instances when it's better to be poor!>  

Fitting, perhaps, science also may be Trump's undoing.  Perhaps he believed that because everyone who came within 6 feet of him was tested, and that he was concierge tested numerous times a day, he felt the virus molecules could not approach him.  But the idiotic Trump apparently did not realize in this one regard that testing is, indeed, as he often claimed, worthless:

As soon as that swab is pulled from the nostril, the virus watch is reset, and with the very next inhalation the test result is already outdated. . .

Alas, for Trump, that is why one ought to wear a mask. . .