29 June 2019

The Democrats

After watching 2 nights of mostly bland democrat debates, the following can be stated with absolute certainty:

Kamala Harris is another empty bi-racial Flim-Flam pol. . .Obama with a cunt. . .no doubt she could beat Trump. . .and then do nothing for 8 fucking years. All style, no substance. Even that *big moment* with Biden was just pure
theatre. . .she begged the moderators to give her a chance to perform her busing soliloquy.

Bernie Sanders could beat Trump, but he'll never get the nomination. . .Sanders is fairly honest (for a politician) but the fake Injun Elizabeth Warren (who Trump would crush) has stolen half his supporters.  All the proof you need to know Warren is a fraud, and would serve as a waterboy for the Elite, is that Media refuses to grill her for lying about her Native American heritage.  Media protects that old bag Warren because Warren will protect the status quo.  She talks a lot of *progressive* mumbo-jumbo but her entire career she's been a tool for bankers and the miliary media complex (proof here, here, here, etc.).  The only changes she would make to America's brutal Absolute Capitalism are cosmetic. . .in the end, she's just a wrinkled old white gal painting her face red.   It's a damn shame this dried-out old cunt is stealing support from Sanders because Bernie still seems sharp as a tack, and very energetic. . .unlike:

Joe Biden. Hahaha!  He's the Weekend At Bernie's candidate. I actually felt sorry for this old fraud (he's Elizabeth Warren with a cock) on the debate stage.  All stammers and frozen stares out from under his cosmetic surgery.  If the democrats actually think he could beat Trump, they are woefully self-deluded.  What could possibly motivate any normal human being to drag his or her ass to the polling place and stand in a slow-moving line to vote for this dusty throwback candidate?  This should be Biden's campaign logo:

Tulsi Gabbard was my personal favorite. Absolutely 100% the best choice to be Commander-in-Chief and run foreign policy, which are really the president's main jobs. Of course, Gabbard is being totally blacked-out by Media (except Tucker Carlson), because she is not a war-monger. Too bad. If you don't want to kill the others and exploit colored labor, *They* will never let you near the White House. If she got anywhere near 10% in the polls, Media would give her the same smearing they gave Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.

Cory Booker is an inverse Pete Buttigieg. . .a bigger fake than Warren.  What would Booker have thought of his hidden faggot self if they had put him on the same debate stage as the unafraid Buttigieg?

Buttigieg was the most admirable of all, for refusing to bullshit about the white killer cop in his shitty Indiana town.  Black folk who hold that against him are just holding themselves back.  Absolute stupidity to punish decent, honest white folks because they can't cure racism overnight.  So go ahead and vote for another mulatto sell-out and keep working for 10 bucks an hour and gittin' yo ass thrown in jail for drivin witta spended license. . .

Most of the others were total zeroes. . .no personality, no ideas. . .that kOOk Marianne Williamson was far better than those robot politicians.

Sickening to see them all bow before the abortion altar. . .which that AI politician Kirsten Gillibrand labels *reproductive rights*. . .serial killers ought to start demanding their *self-actualization rights.*

Oh, the Asian nerd Andrew Yang had the single best idea with his $1000 a month handout. . .