20 June 2009

The Stink Of Freedom

Look how delighted this anti-Christ is with herself for mocking our Savior! So much fun! Living her dream! So worldly! So cool! So *in!* This New York ethnic with a filthy mouth and a filthy lifestyle. And the degenerate white *hostess,* so *edgy!*

Some would call this foul conversation *freedom.* This is what makes America the greatest nation on earth, the brainwashed freedomites exult! We can be as profane and pornographic as we want, that’s the strength of America, our license for public licentiousness! The world envies our freedom to wallow in the mire!

Satan, playing upon the perversion of the soul, found in the Americans his most fervent supporters of his doctrine that the shameless exhibition of filthiness is a virtue. What makes America great? Her unwavering support for the reprobates’ right to fart their stinks into everyone’s nose. That’s what this New York ethnic is doing with her *freedom* to slag Christ, she’s farting the putrid gas of her dead soul into our nostrils.

And listen to the audience whooping and hollering! [Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.] They love the stink! It intoxicates them! Freedom, they cry! They’ll support any war if they are told it’s in defense of their freedom to inhale the stink.

I came across this video by accident, had no idea of the content. This garbage was aired a month-and-a-half ago—and I do not believe a single peep has been heard about the crude remark made against the Lord. That’s fine for most Americans, vessels of dishonor, but where are the Christians? The great blowhard Christians, who can’t shut their fat pie holes over faggot marriage and abortion? The great whining Christians, who cry every time a nativity scene is banned from public display? The great double-minded Christians, who are still pouting over the *persecution* of Carrie Prejean, the Miss Titty Flasher Christian Exhibitionist?

Christians entangled in the world, making asses of themselves trying to get the world to live according to their traditions.

If you’re a Christian, you ought not to be a practicing faggot, so what matter is it if the world faggots marry? If you’re a Christian, you ought not to be having abortions, so what matter is it if the world aborts its children?

The world is going to Hell, anyway, a little faggot marriage is just another log on the fire. . .

Christians and the world will always be at odds. This meddling of Christians in the world, therefore, is just wood, hay and stubble—it will be burned.

Christians have two responsibilities to the world: to preach the gospel of Jesus and to let the light of Christ shine through them as a witness.

So when some New York ethnic opens her sewer mouth and pollutes the name of the Lord with a filthy command, the Christian ought to reach out to the guttersnipe and say, young lady, allow me to expound more perfectly the way of this Christ you have so shamelessly insulted.

Has any Christian preached the gospel of Jesus to this sewer mouth?

Or have Christians been too busy with the *more important* commission of legislating the damned?

Not a word spoken for the gospel after the New York ethnic spoke filth about our Lord. . .Christians unprofitably redeeming their time with their worldly busy work.

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

As for the infidels who revel in America’s garbage culture, we must remember Westerners were barbarians before Christianity, and now in the post-Christian West, we see the inevitable return to vulgarity.


  1. For the "New York Ethnic" and the degenerate "HOst", no possible defense can save them once they face the Lord as their words will weigh against them in judgement...
    everyone sins but those two nobodies embody America's decline into a 3rd world white ghetto.

    I liken America as a woman who sleeps around yet condemns other women who do the same as "Whores!".

  2. Yes, the audience loves her when she says those things that do not deserve repetition. The funny thing is how they likely feel edgy and rebellious in their lockstep laughter at blasphemy.

    Yet when Mel Gibson has a drunken rant about Jews, he's put on the public pillory, made to talk to rabbis, do the talk show apology. . . . sigh. But have a Jewish woman blasphemy Christ? That's called comedy nowadays.