30 October 2009

Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Edward B. Sell. Most who will read these words will have never heard the name. It is only in a small corner of this world the name Edward B. Sell is celebrated. But in the limitless expanse of heaven the name is marked. Crowns are being readied. For Edward B. Sell IS NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

Did you catch that?


Therefore, Edward B. Sell is one of the last Christians on the face of the earth.

Edward B. Sell is the world’s highest-ranked non-Asian in TaeKwanDo. He is the founder of America’s oldest martial arts school. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to witness Grandmaster Sell teach a *karate* seminar. In a booming voice, standing before a class of 6 – 12 year olds and their parents, Sell informed:

Let me tell you what’s different about our martial arts school. In our school, WE ARE NOT ASHAMED TO SPEAK OF GOD AND JESUS.

From his Grandmaster martial artist’s perspective, he proceeded to relate the story of Cain and Abel. He detailed Cain’s fall to sin (paying particular regard to the destructive force of evil thoughts), then dramatized the horror of violence and death before concluding his remarks by presenting the fratricide as the genesis for the need of self-defense. It was a far better sermon than I have heard on 99.9% of my Sundays in various pews across the country.

Interesting to observe were the facial expressions of the parents, as their children sat spell-bound by Edward B. Sell. The parents, many of them Asian or other colored, most of them with the spirit of the dead, seemed puzzled. It must be they had little idea when they registered their children for the seminar they would hear this 9th Degree Black Belt speak about Satan’s ability to destroy lives through evil thoughts, but that we need not be ashamed when evil thoughts pass our mind because they can be resisted through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

The rest of Sell’s seminar was likewise full of fresh takes on Bible stories and Christian principles as he and his wife demonstrated and coached martial arts techniques. My kids have been in various Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools and Do-Gooder groups and camps. . .and these organizations have invariably impressed me as being remarkably lightweight. . .seeming to have as their main goal the providing of *wholesome* activities, games, songs, etc., rather than providing genuine instruction on the Way. In essence, they use the Faith of Christ to serve entertainment. . .in some cases, almost to the point where they apologize Christianity prevents their entertainment and activities from being more worldly. But Grandmaster Edward B. Sell brought TaeKwonDo to the service of the Faith of Christ. And without any trace of apology, he made clear from the moment he stepped in front of the crowd he was NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Trust me, there are not many left like this.

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  1. Remarkable man! Bruce Lee would never do this, I am serious.

  2. Why would so many be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The best explanation is that we have become conditioned to be ashamed of the Gospel. This is due to many reasons. We don't want to be labeled as kooky or ignorant or judgmental or whatever.

    We go along to get along and getting along in the culture seems to mean we have to laugh at the faithful. It's disgusting.

    Kudos to Sell for having the guts. I'm sure being a 5th degree Ass-Kicker helps.