13 November 2012

The Twin Turds

Ha ha ha. . .look at all the shit-eaters of AmerICKa, feasting on the twin turds of Benghazi and Petraeus.

"There's something more than meets the eye," the shit-eaters say as they examine the crap they are about to swallow. . .

While licking the feces from their fingers, they spout cant and bombast about *conspiracy* or a *cover-up*. . .

But what possible conspiracy or cover-up could there be?  

Obama is trying to hide something, and Petraeus knew about it.

That's about the gist of it. . .really.  A vague hope in the rubble of the embassy in Libya and in the rubble of the General's personal life there can be found something to tar our tar-baby President's second term.

This thin reasoning is expressed, for example, in the dramatic-but-empty *tweet* of Laura Ingraham:

COINCIDENCE?!  Petraeus is set to testify NEXT week at a closed door session on Capitol Hill abt Benghazi.  Did BHO push him out?  This stinks!

The only thing pretty talking air head Ingraham got right is that it stinks.  But it stinks not because of some vaporous conspiracy, but because Benghazi and Petraeus naturally stink. . .they are the natural waste products of the AmerICKan Beast System.

Benghazi is the shit that naturally results from AmerICKa's deranged War Machine, and Petraeus is the shit that results whenever some phony AmerICKan hero is exposed for the regular swinging dick he is.  

Of the two, Petraeus is the more foul-smelling, for he embodies the idol worship of the War Machine.  Petraeus is a white Colin Powell, mediocre at everything except self-promotion (how proper that he is undone from fucking the cunt propagandist who authored his lie-ography. . .which is about as close as you can come to fucking yourself).

How many millions of dumb AmerICKans believe this nerd is a hero!

He leaves ruin in his wake. . .which, if one were a secular AmerICKan would be fine, if AmerICKa could only just profit from the ruin. . .but the ruin has bankrupted the AmerICKan economy.  Yet the AmerICKan infatuation with Military, with Violence (which are, of course, both anti-Christ) is so complete, all sins of the bumbling Warrior Priests are excused and forgiven, as shown in this pathetic, groveling apology for General Petraeus:

which concludes with this amazingly blind and nauseating stool sample of hero worship:

One thing is for sure, there doesn't seem to be a single person, other than Petraeus's wife and possibly Broadwell's husband, who holds this against him. Despite this ungraceful exit, General Petraeus is still going down in history as an American hero and one of the greatest generals in our nation's history. He completely rewrote the book on how our country runs wars and is one of the few people who truly changed the world.  

Ha ha ha. . .look at all the shit-eaters of AmerICKa!!

For one last laugh, go here and read all the numerous glowing reviews shat out by various *luminaries* from Television, Literature and Academia for Temple Prostitute Paula Broadwell's Petraeus lie-ography.

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  1. The book should have been titled "Balls Deep."

    What a crock.