07 July 2016

Out-Of-Shape White Cops In Fear For Their Lives Kill Gold Tooth Black Man Alton Sterling

Man, those two white cops are a joke!  Fat, out-of-shape, weak as shit. . .a shot-up Gold Tooth compact disc peddler named Alton Sterling nearly escaped from them!

But, hey now, let's be clear, I seen a lot of comments on the Social Medias which state, as if it's an obvious fact from the video, that Gold Tooth didn't resist.  


What video are they looking at?

If you watch the video above, it's clear Gold Tooth wasn't just laying passively on the ground. . .you can clearly see he is trying to get up or get the one white slob cop off him. . .and just before the first shot, you see Gold Tooth's right shoulder moving, either trying to get his gun, or knock the cop off him. . in any event, Gold Tooth does clearly resist, because in the next second, clear as day, he shoves the one out of shape white cop who was on top of him into the other slob white cop, knocking him off balance. ..then you don't see nothing for a couple seconds, as you hear the doubtless *frightened for his life* cop (as all white cops seem to be) scream 'get on the ground,' as perhaps Gold Tooth has managed to get to his knees, then you hear the frightened cops fill Gold Tooth with more lead.  When the camera returns to the *action,* you see the one frightened slob white cop pointing his gun at Gold Tooth, Gold Tooth's shirt shiny with blood leaking out his chest, his left hand in a death twitch, and the slob cop, surveying his day's work, sez *fuck!,* no doubt realizing the giant fucking mess he and his out-of-shape partner have made.

Not that Gold Tooth's resistance justifies the slob white cops' actions. . .it don't.  If the slob cops could have managed to do their fucking job correctly, Gold Tooth would be alive (and in jail, trying to post bond, no doubt).  But let's talk about what the video clearly shows. . .we don't need to make up fairy stories about some poor peddler laying meekly on the ground to condemn the incompetent white cops.  We can condemn the cops even while noting Gold Tooth was resisting.  Tell the story straight. . .the slob cops didn't just happen upon some black man laying on the ground and then shoot him for no reason.  Apparently the slob white cops were responding to a disturbance call about the Gold Tooth compact disc peddler threatening somebody with a gun. . .and then the out-of-shape cops couldn't do their job, and were too frightened to try to do their job without the use of a gun. 

Would Gold Tooth still be alive, if he hadn't resisted?  Who knows?  White cops are so gosh darned scared of blacks, they might have murdered him, anyway.

My opinion: if Gold Tooth had just laid passively on the ground (as is claimed by most on the Social Medias), he'd still be alive. 

BUT. . .

The out-of-shape white cops are still guilty of murder, even if Gold Tooth resisted. . .they murdered him because they were physically and emotionally incapable of performing the duties of their job properly. . .physically and mentally weak, they panicked and unjustifiably shot to death a Gold Tooth compact disc peddler.

By all means, I'm all with the Social Media folks who want to condemn the white cops. . .but let's tell the story straight, so the condemnation is as just as the killing was unjust.

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