31 January 2017

The Smallest Star

I was pumping gas earlier today at Exxon when all of a sudden I hear some negress jabbering gibberish.  I look around.  Where's the negress??  There's no negress.  But I hear a negress.  And then I see.  What the Hell??  The negress is on the fucking gas pump!  The fucking gas pump has a television, and the gas pump television is broadcasting some fucking gasoline show *starring* a high yellow negress.

C'mon. . .are people that addicted to electronica, to their screens, to their 24/7 media, they can't even be loose of it for the couple minutes it takes to fill their gas tank?  

Ha ha ha ha!

There's probably sheeple that watch Exxon TV!  They pump their gas and keep watching, transfixed, long after the tank is filled!  What's on next, they wonder? Perhaps that hot new Exxon Original, *Oil's Well That Ends Well,* a riveting drama about an Exxon mini-mart clerk who helps customers with timely advice on foot-long hot dogs and 5-Hour Energy drinks.

Binge watching at the gas pump. . .

But anyway, can you imagine the high yellow negress on Exxon TV?  She probably tells her peoples she got her own TV show, dat she a *star!*  Dey ax her what network she on: 



'Exxon, nigger!'  

'Exxon, what dat?'  

'Nigger, please, dat de channel on de gas pump!'  

'Huh?  You on TV at de gas station?'

'Hell, yeah, nigger! I'm bigger dan Wendy Williams!'

I just googled this shit, and it looks like Gas Station TV has been around for at least 5 years, but today was the first time I've come across it. . .I must live in a real hick town.  But anyway, one more sign the Media Dictatorship demands your brain waves every waking moment. . .

Just watch. . .do not think. . .the screen knows what you want.## 

##That you just want to consume, and be free of all other responsibility in life. . .

1 comment:

  1. There are a couple versions of these things going on with the gas tv but then there are ones that are touch screens and voice activation wanting you to upgrade something or open credit or something.

    It's tough to really tell when trying to not pay attention to the racket.

    Even if you find the mute button some of them will continue asking you questions that kind of lead you into upgrading into something.

    I stopped pushing the buttons and ignore the noise. It took about a year to get used to it.