05 September 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse, Hero?

Evidence of the increased derangement of the American populace, its declined capability in critical thinking during the Helter Skelter summer of 2020, is that a significant portion believe Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old arrested development/cop sniffer/militia hanger-on who killed BLM riff-raff in the Kenosha hurly-burly, is a *hero.*


Yes, there is a lot to process this American summer.  The virus, the tattered economy, the many-threaded protests.  Information stimulation above an already difficult to process level, along with a near-continuous demand from Media for immediate action/reaction, leads to rushed, poorly thought-out elaborations.

Still, it ought to be evident from the graceless sight of the baby-fatted teen Rittenhouse's stumbling rifle firing that his killing of scrubby Jacob Blake leeches was several rungs below the heroic.

What's heroic about willfully adding to the troubles of a neighboring community?  Of adding a loaded weapon to unstable streets?  What's heroic about about engaging in confrontation (whatever the degree of responsibility in its origin) and then refusing to disengage until an immature mind sees no alternative other than rifle fire?  

That's not heroic.  Rittenhouse made one poor choice after another.  Yet now he is celebrated by many.  And of the many, some not few claim themselves *Christian!*
What a complete lack of discernment!  

You wonder how much these *Christians* leave in the offering plate on Sundays. . .

You wonder how much these *Christians* give to missionary work. . .

Sins of omission and commission.  How much genuine need did these *Christians* refuse for the sake of the brainwashed cop sniffing teenage anti-Billy Jack?

What would have been heroic, and what would be heroic, is if Rittenhouse had stayed home, praying and fasting for the gospel to be preached in the Kenosha unrest, and if *Christians* supported the gospel instead of the deaths of unwashed sinners.

Kyle Rittenhouse, hero?  


And any *Christian* who thinks Rittenhouse is a hero needs to read Luke 9:51-56, and then pray for repentance. 

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  1. Wow cherry pick the bible much and ignore almost all the verse on self defense.