05 January 2010

Jesse Ventura's *9/11* Conspiracy Theory

My friend and colleague, the eminent conspiracy theorist, ‘DVH,’ sent me a videotape of the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory program that deals with the famous *9/11* and the collapse of the three New York City office buildings. . .

Sorry to say, the show is garbage, at least to those who think there are serious questions about the famous *9/11* that need answering. ..

The show is staged in a hokey fashion, you often see Jesse ‘the former Body’ sitting around a table with his ‘elite team of investigators and researchers’ hashing out the various *9/11* conundrums (example can be seen at the six minute mark of the above YouTube clip)—these are obviously scripted sessions (and poorly acted, at that), but can be excused, as, after all, this is the kind of pandering the boobs who watch TV religiously have grown addicted to. (BTW, The negress ‘investigator’ with the limey accent is H.O.T.).

What can’t be excused is the amount of time the show wasted on the ‘thermite/controlled demolition’ and ‘lost/found black box flight recorders’ issues. The thermite thing has been beaten to death in a battle of ‘scientific experts’ from both sides, and the black box ‘witness,’ Mike Bellone, is about as credible as John Mark Karr.

By presenting red herrings (in a hokey fashion), and ignoring the more troubling *9/11* questions, Ventura’s cutesy program can only lead the uninitiated to believe there is nothing of substance to doubters of the government’s 9/11 Commission Report.

It would seem the Ventura program deliberately picked the flimsiest *evidence* of a *9/11* conspiracy—why? Because the Ventura people don’t know any better? Or to discourage serious inquiries with this contrived cavalcade of kOOks? When you dress your conspiracy in kOOks clothing, what response can be expected? Only that ‘conspiracy theory’ will remain stigmatized. . .

For this particular episode, at least, we must conclude Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory is nothing but a Trojan Horse of Disinformation.

Here are a few of the more troubling *9/11* issues which ‘the former Body's’ Conspiracy Theory ignored:

The Larry Silverstein/Lewis Eisenberg WTC lease deal

Marvin Bush/Securacom

*Dancing Israelis*/Israeli *Art Students*

Odigo prior warning

How were the alleged 19 perpetrators identified in less than 72 hours – and why were none of the their names on the passenger lists released the same day by both United Airlines and American Airlines?

How could alleged perpetrator Satam Al Suqami’s passport have been found buried among the Word Trade Center debris when not a single flight recorder was found?



  1. hahahahahaha! Gah, Jesse Ventura is your typical thick-tongued and even thicker-headed Minnesotan. "It never added up to me." And then the "why this" and "why that."

    Conspiracy theorists only have questions and the flimsiest of answers. The best retort from a "truther" is "you must be part of the NWO conspiracy. You like to lick the boot of your master."

    And the little investigative team? They were clearly cast. You've got your white guy, the Asian chick, and the Negress. And they are all on a first name basis.

    What a fabulous joke!

    How about looking into real conspiracies like how the US helped fund bin Laden against the Ruskies or how most of the highjackers were from the "friendly" nation of Saudi Arabia or how the US funded both Iran and Iraq during their war or how there was likely a quid pro quo with the Iranians to keep the hostages UNTIL after the election of 1980 or calling out the legacy of Reagan by referencing his pattern of lies with regard to the arms for hostages thing?

    Nope, not here. Jesse wants to talk about discredited crap like thermite and how it looked like a controlled demolition and false flag fantasies.

  2. I wonder if Jesse got a piece of that limey negress? That'd be worth selling out the *9/11 Truth Movement,* no?

  3. She's not my style but I like the idea of Jesse puttin' it to her with his little ponytail swishing around and his clumsy words. "You like dat, dontcha? Yah."

  4. Jesse Ventura is from the insane world of Professional Wrestling, everything he does is a lie (or a "Work": a carny slang used for decades to describe fakeness). "Marks" are those who believe what they see as in the case of Ventura's show. It is so similar a fashion as it was in the carnival days when Pro Wrestling got started. Suckers would be separated from thgeir minds and wallets.

  5. Good point, Anonymous, good point.

    ITP, re: negress. It's the accent that makes it work for me. . .makes her seem white (or, human). If she talked like a Detroit negress, I wouldn't look twice at her.