29 April 2011


In AmerICKa, a somnolent state under the rule of the Military Media Complex, a *politician* could never speak the words of Putin, could never express any consideration of the *cost* in *civilian* life exacted by her wars.

No concern for the other can ever be shown, less the AmerICKan sense of superiority, of divine favor, be pricked. The others must remain biologically and spiritually invisible, the others must remain nothing more than tin targets to be knocked down in AmerICKa’s carnival shooting gallery wars.

Knock them all down with our smart weapons, and win a prize--Libya’s oil reserves or her sovereign wealth funds! Step right up! 3 Predator Drones for only a billion dollars! Knock down the tin Gadhafi and win the Libyan Investment Authority for your sweetheart!

If an AmerICKan politician ever hesitated over killing the others, he would be labeled weak, un-AmerICKan, liberal, ATHEIST.

Though these wars don’t materially benefit AmerICKa, and only drain her dwindling treasure, they produce a brutal narcotic the sheeple have become addicted to: blood pride. If we can kill the others, we must therefore be better than the others. That is all that sustains the AmerICKan identity: bloodshed. The priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so. . .

All that AmerICKa used to preen about before the world, her great freedoms, her great riches, are all gone. . .AmerICKa is now seen in her naked form, a harlot who gained her freedoms and riches from riding upon a beast who roams the world, seeking to steal, kill and destroy.

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