02 May 2011

"A Testament To The Greatness Of Our Country"

Beltane, Bright Fire, 1 May 2011, Barack Hussein Obama (Hawaii):

Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. . .

No Americans were harmed. . .

After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.

And tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. I know that it has, at times, frayed.

Yet today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people. . .

May God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.

It is cryptically interesting to note AmerICKa’s greatest killing comes on Beltane, the day of the bright fire, the day pagans celebrate rebirth.

The pagans believe Bel fire is a sacred fire with healing and purifying powers. The fires celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and the burning away of winter. The ashes of the Beltane fires were smudged on faces and scattered in the fields.

One can easily imagine ashes smudged as camouflage on the faces of the AmerICKan troops as they danced their *firefight* around Bin Laden. . .

Of course, pagan AmerICKans have now inverted Beltane, and celebrate death instead of life. . .

Obama’s speech, in which he promoted himself several times as *directing* this Festival, reveals his hope the Bin Laden *firefight* will have healing and purifying powers, and will bring rebirth to AmerICKa, a country battered by wars, unemployment and a dying dollar, a country Obama admits has *frayed* since the famous *9/11.*

Obama gazes at the corpse of Bin Laden, and sees hope for AmerICKa:

Tonight, we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. . .

But we noted in our previous "Gobsmacked!" entry:

All that AmerICKa used to preen about before the world, her great freedoms, her great riches, are all gone. . .AmerICKa is now seen in her naked form, a harlot who gained her freedoms and riches from riding upon a beast who roams the world, seeking to steal, kill and destroy.

And here, coming on the heels of the killing of Gadhafi’s children and grandchildren, and the killing of Osama, we have confirmation of the above statement, that AmerICKa’s only remaining greatness is her ability to steal, kill and destroy. This is confirmed in Obama’s speech, in which the killing of Osama prompts the Hawaiian-born mulatto to proclaim:

Yet today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people.

I wonder how many, in celebrating the Festival of Death, caught this remark from our leader. Coming on the heels of the killing of Gadhafi’s children and grandchildren, our mulatto leader states unequivocally the killing of Osama is:

A testament to the greatness of our country.

It used to be the mark of AmerICKa's greatness was the famous *Bill of Rights,* or putting a man on the moon. . .now the mark of AmerICKa's greatness is her Death Squads. This is the New Testament of AmerICKa, a nation that openly revels in death.

There is no longer even a pretense of regret over death. . .death is now an Invocation for God to bless AmerICKa.

AmerICKa now has *custody* of Bin Laden’s body, the sacred corpse needed to reanimate an AmerICKan people weary of war, and to hold together its NATO puppet, whose seams were beginning to rip after the Gadhafi assassination attempt. . .

This cup is the New Testament of AmerICKa in Bin Laden’s blood, which is shed for the Military Media Complex, and for the spreading of the gospel of death.


The Healing Power of the Sacred Corpse:

Oil falls, Stocks rise, Economy given *Boost!*

*Christian* Cheers Soul In Hell
The *Christian* Huckabee states:
decent people the world over cheer the news that madman, murderer and terrorist Osama Bin Laden is dead. . .Welcome to hell, bin Laden.

Ha ha ha. . .here's more proof I'm not a decent person! That's why I always say I'm not fit to call myself a Christian, only Christ can make that judgment. There must be something wrong with me, I just can't pin that little flag on my lapel and go out dancing in the street, cheering one more person in Hell. . .may God forgive me.

Listen, every time there is dancing in the streets over death, whether it is AmerICKans doing the dancing, or the
others, the celebrants are merely shadowing Revelation 11:3 - 10.

This Huckabee used to be a baptist pastor, until giving up the pulpit for the *higher calling* of politics. . .and being of the republican variety, I am sure come campaigning time he will issue many words on the evil of abortion, because we all know the right to life stops once the fetus drops out of the womb. . .then it's every man for himself!!

I guess we are supposed to wink at cheering over Bin Laden in Hell because of his great sins, after all, Huckabee has judged him a madman, a murderer and a terrorist, so why not enjoy his eternal torment? People just cannot resist the temptation to engage in relative righteousness. . .but from my understanding of the gospel, God Almighty only looks for one thing when He scans humanity for fitness for His kingdom: the blood of Christ. You're either covered or you're not. God don't look for the blood, and then take a second look for *relative righteousness.*

And speaking of His kingdom, these cheerleaders for Hell who have given up the gospel for a *higher calling* ought to remember the words of our Lord:

No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. . .

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