19 March 2012

French Scooter Shooter A *Racist?*

France24.com, 19 March 2012: Four people, including three children, have been killed after a man opened fire outside a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse Monday. Police say the bullets came from the same gun that was used last week in the murder of three soldiers.  The shooting occurred at about 8.10 am, just ahead of the start of classes in most French schools. The shooter, wearing a helmet, fled the scene on a black scooter.

On Monday afternoon, judicial sources confirmed that the bullets fired at the school had been fired from the same weapon used in last week’s deadly shootings in Montauban and Toulouse. The shooting on March 15 in nearby Montauban saw two soldiers killed by a gunman riding a scooter. The soldiers, of the 17th Parachute Engineering Regiment recently returned from operations in Afghanistan, were killed outside their barracks. Four days before, a soldier from another airborne regiment was killed in Toulouse.

“All the soldiers who were killed were from ethnic minorities,” said a government spokesman. “So this is looking like a series of racist killings. One of the soldiers killed in the earlier incidents had been of Caribbean origin and the other two Muslims.”

The French government, the *Authorities,* have crafted a plot starring a scooter riding racist zipping through the south sniping *ethnic minorities.*  This is drama from the 21st century political Theater of the Absurd.  The story cannot withstand the barest scrutiny--yet this will not cause the *Authorities* any concern, for the sheeple, in matters of VIOLENCE, do not question what they are told.  Segments of sheeple may question economic policy, especially if entitlements which provide a soft lifestyle are jeopardized.  But when BLOOD is spilled, the sheeple embrace the *we are good, they are evil* fairy tale, which absolves them of any moral responsibility.

The French *Authorities* would have it believed, just after an AmerICKan soldier slaughtered sixteen Afghan civilians, a *racist* spontaneously generated in the south, killing coloreds--and completely coincidentally, at a French military barracks which houses soldiers who *served* in Afghanistan.  We are told the scooter spree killer is racially motivated, killing coloreds out of hate.  The killings, the sheeple are taught, are purely racial in nature, and are not related to political policy.

But, in fact, any individual capable of even a brief consideration of the facts will have to reject the French government’s *racist* propaganda, for it seems incredible a scooter riding racist could know for certain the ethnicity or religion of soldiers loitering outside a barracks.  One might suggest the *racist* was just looking for any darky--but if so, why choose a military barracks when, if the scooter shooter truly was racially motivated, he could have made his mission much less risky by picking an easier and more purely racial target, as the scooter shooter did in his second attack?

The *Authorities* know the *racist* is killing for political, and not racial, reasons.  But they cannot confess to the sheeple there is any concrete risk (instead of the flimsy and abstract, but never-ending *terror* threat) of any blood consequence for the Judeo-Christian War Complex.  The decades long Judeo-Christian crusade against Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran are marketed as cheap wars--cheap in Western blood.  The French *Authorities* cannot afford to tell the sheeple the truth, that sheeple blood may be required at the brazen altar of the Judeo-Christian War Complex.

Here is the simple, psychologically valid truth of the scooter shooter:

The merciless killing of the sixteen Afghan civilians, mainly children (on the heels of the Koran bonfire) inspired a French muslim to take up arms against the Judeo-Christian War Complex.  The scooter shooter, whose methods seemed fused from those of the Mossad and John Muhammad, is not an enemy of darkies, but an enemy of Western states.  Last week he killed soldiers who fought in Afghanistan, and today, to make clear his declaration of war against the Judeo-Christian alliance, he killed Jews (the Jewish school children no doubt as *an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth* response to the killing of the Afghan children by the AmerICKan soldier).

There is no psychologically valid reason why a racist intent on killing coloreds would select a military barracks as his first target, a much more difficult and less racially obvious target than simply riding into a southern slum teeming with coal black North Africans, or, as today, an ethnic institution.

One might ask, if the scooter shooter is a politically motivated French muslim, why he killed two muslims at the military barracks?  He either made a *booboo,* or he didn’t care what religion the soldiers were, because their participation in the Judeo-Christian War Complex invalidates any supposed religious identity. 

We note the scooter shooter has not been termed *deranged.*  When he is apprehended, there will be no chance of him being anything other than a cold-blooded killer (no doubt he will also be called *cowardly,* as any individual who dares to stand alone against the trillion dollar Judeo-Christian War Machine is illogically labeled).  This is in contrast to the AmerICKan soldier Robert Bales, who killed sixteen (mainly children) Afghan civilians.  Bales has already been pardoned for crimes and returned to AmerICKa as a *hero* who *snapped.*  In the bizarre AmerICKan interpretation of the actions of Bales, it was his own *heroism* which caused him to murder Afghan women and children.  The *stress* from serving so heroically in Iraq and Afghanistan exacted such a toll on Bales, it was only *natural* and *inevitable* that he *snap,* become *deranged* and kill sixteen Afghan civilians.  His heroism is confirmed by the murders.  Bales lay down his life for the Judeo-Christian War Complex, and the sixteen Afghan victims are his witness.  Only in a country of perpetual war, where the sheeple have long since forgotten the humanity of the other, could such an outrageous biography be published.

In any event, MARK MY WORDS, when the scooter shooter is caught, he will explain his actions as POLITICAL, not racial. . .yet he will not be heard, his testimony will not be received, as the French *Authorities* have already framed him as a *racist.*

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  1. That American soldier that snapped...I recall when CNN recently interviewed his football coach he said "He wasn't anything special...average ability. average intelligence...never stood out."

    Perhaps the average man is dangerous. His personal purgatory, neither Heaven nor Hell, coming from an average all American town that creates this very purgatory.

    From there most average men enlist and play soldier, knowing nothing of the ways of the world to begin with. They grew up with Video games, porn, and film...knowing nothing of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I believe had they known the Gospels they would have said "To hell with Satan and his pawns..."

    I think of today's climate as a very slow unveiling of the Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation").

    I am grateful Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He Himself said "My Kingdom is not of this world."