08 February 2012

French Literature

Cain began human civilization in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden, x thousands of years ago. With a small number of mostly minor exceptions, nothing of value has resulted. One of the exceptions, of course, is French literature. The French have been the best at chronicling human futility. . .

In the videos above and below, we meet Michel Houellebecq, the personification of French literature. . .

Just look at the reprobate way Michel smokes his cigarettes. . .

Dissolute, disheveled, despondent, he appears to have stepped from the pages of Huysmans’ À Rebours to remind the 21st century sheeple of the hopelessness of their condition, that capitalism and their electronic devices won’t save them, and the new gods of Science and Technology will ruin even fornication and pedophilia for them. . .

Reading Houellebecq will get me through another six months. . .


  1. *Something told me you'd have a soft spot for Houellebecq. I'm just surprised it took you this long to give the poor, ectomorphic Frenchman an honorable mention.

    *He seems about as legitimate a feller as you could find these days. A slovenly, well-spoken asshole who writes interesting books. Pretty erratic during interviews too, or so I've heard: falls asleep holding lit cigarettes....gets fresh with good-looking female interviewers. Rock-star cool, without any of the glam.

    *If you're interested, here's an interview he did with The Paris Review:



  2. Houellebcq would be a great neighbor in an apartment building. . quiet, but good for a couple minutes interesting small talk everyday in the elevator or at the mailbox.

  3. This may be a bit low-brow for you, but I've always enjoyed Larry McMurtry's stuff. Duane's Depressed remains my favorite existential fiction from the US.

    For non-fiction, Game Changer was enjoyable if you like mainstream political stuff to read.