06 June 2013

Whatever Happened To Serial Killers?

Remember when serial killers used to be celebrities? 

What happened?  I can't remember the last time a serial killer captured the nation's attention. . .

Has there been a celebrity serial killer since Jeffrey Dahmer? Was he the last great serial killer? That was twenty years ago. . .

[BTW, the best Dahmer book is pictured above. . .a great *graphic novel,* a vivid portrait of a sad high school dork.] 

There have been a few spree killers who made the headlines, some school shooters, etc., like the faggot who killed Gianni Versace, the islamophobe nut in Norway, and recently the Sandy Hook nerd. . .but none of them ever became as *popular* as Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy or Dahmer.

Is it because AmerICKans supposedly have greater fears, now?  Is it because simply being murdered is no longer a big deal in the Age of Terror?  Did Osama bin Laden ruin it for serial killers? 

But even terrorists haven't been able to garner the fame and adulation that Dahmer and the other A-List serial killers did.  Mohamed Atta doesn't inspire the same kind of nutty fan clubs and cottage industries that Gacy did.  Is it because Atta killed *Americans* instead of coeds or twinks?  If the flag is also violated in the murder, instead of just the victims genitals or orifices, can we not express the same morbid fascination?  

Patriotism may be the last taboo. . . 


  1. Has America ever had its own Attila The Hun?

  2. If you mean someone who plagues AmerICKa the way Attila plagued Rome, not yet. . .

  3. And if as on cue, Richard Ramirez dies today. . .

  4. We have enough serial-killer porn to watch and read coming from our own government.

    Who needs these lone-wolves when you have the US Military, Inc.?