21 April 2015

I See Men As Trees, Walking

Probably what happened is some nearsighted white cop was patrolling the park after dark, and he saw what he thought was a skinny black kid waving his arms around all crazy, like he was on bath salts or something.  Naturally the white cop feared for his life, and ordered the skinny black kid to get down on the ground.  When the black kid *resisted,* the white cop, in fear for his life, pulled out his gun and shot the skinny black kid, he had to fire off 6 rounds before the kid finally dropped.  The nearsighted white cop then cautiously approached the body, whereupon he discovered it was just a tree that he had shot, a skinny little tree that had been waving in the wind, and not a skinny black kid high on bath salts.   The white cop then saw the Michael Brown memorial plaque.  "Oh, shit!  What do I do?  What do I do?  Maybe if I take the plaque, nobody will notice?"

America, where more trees get killed by cops than by terrorists. . .

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