13 July 2015

President Whitey Milkshitter

Twitter is the perfect post-*9/11* platform for waging AmerICKan political campaigns.  The sheeple, already provincial, embraced jingoism after the Manhattan office buildings fell, rather than admit there could be consequences to AmerICKan manifest destiny.  The AmerICKan sponsored deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children had nothing to do with the attack on the office buildings.  AmerICKa serving as the Scarlet Beast which the Whore rode to herd the Palestinians into the slaughterhouse had nothing to do with the attack on the office buildings.  No.  The sheeple could not face their national sins.  And when their Figurehead said 'we are good, they are evil,' the sheeple found the covering for their sin.

'We are good, they are evil,' was the first tweet, the mother of Twitter, and the Hail Mary of the newly founded AmerICKan Church of the Innocents.

Twitter's 140 character limit encourages shallowness, superficiality, stupidity--the hallmarks of jingoism, and became the perfect format for the expression of AmerICKan *Thought:*  

'They hate us for our freedoms.'

It's no coincidence Twitter emerged during the George W. Bush presidency.  Bush was an authentic twit, a man of inherent superficiality, and his natural born jingoistic tweets conditioned the sheeple to embrace a social network that rewarded simplemindedness.

Ten years later a blowhard such as Donald Trump can use Twitter to gain a popular following.  I doubt we are at the point where this kind of electronic populism can actually overturn the real world power behind a political party, but that day is coming.

For now, we enjoy the spectacle of a halfwit like Trump being trumped by the bandit El Chapo. . .

Ha ha ha. . .here you have someone supposedly running for the *highest office in the land* engaged in a battle of insults with a drug dealer. . .and losing.
After making this boast, El Chapo (or his son) responded by threatening Trump and calling him a milkshitter.  Trump, the man who would be Commander-in-Chief, was so unnerved, he immediately ran to the FBI for protection!
How the American political process has fallen!

Yes, it is true, for decades the American elections have been nothing but theatre. . .but they at least were staged in the grand tradition of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Now a fugitive on the run calls an American political candidate a milkshitter. . .and seems more Presidential!

I wonder if you took an *instapoll* right now, if El Chapo would do better than the yellow-bellied Trump?  Certainly he could take California. . .

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  1. For the first time I'm starting to wonder about this Jade Helm stuff. . .all of a sudden Mexicans are the new muslims. . .and El Chapo is on the loose. . .and Jade Helm is taking place in the border states. . .I got the feeling we may be seeing some sort of *security incident* with a Mexican patsy. The US government needs to expand its War Economy beyond the Middle East, and maybe sees a new market and partner emerging south of the border. . .in fact, this partnership may have already begun: