01 March 2019

Oh? Peace in Korea is Tougher than Building a Golf Course in Scotland??

Daily Mail, 28 February 2019: North Korean officials made a rare appearance on Thursday after President Trump departed Vietnam to publicly dispute aspects of his claims about the breakdown in talks. Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho said the country asked for 'partial sanctions' relief, primarily in the areas harming North Korean citizens and affecting their livelihoods. In return, Pyongyang offered to 'permanently' close its Plutonium and Uranium facilities in the Yongbyon region in the presence of U.S. inspectors.

He said North Korea asked the U.S. to lift sanctions corresponding with five United Nations resolutions adopted between 2016 and 2017. Ri claimed that his proposal was the 'biggest' offer North Korea could make based on the 'current level of confidence' between the country and the United States. Trump said that North Korea was 'not ready' to meet the United States' conditions. Ri said talks broke down when the United States 'insisted that we should take one more step' beyond the pledge to abandon Yongbyon, 'therefore it became crystal clear that the United States was not ready to accept our proposal.'

The U.S. president expressed confidence that an accord could be struck in the future that would see North Korea denuclearize, but Ri told reporters an opportunity to make a better agreement may not present itself: 'Our principle stand will remain variably and our proposal will never be changed.'

So the *Nuclear Summit* failed. . .

What a suprise!


Not a surprise that a country that has been in wars 226 of its 243 years of existence fails at peace. . .

Given America's aggressive expression of its self-deluded *Manifest Destiny,* and its unending and unbending adherence to a Military Finance Economy, it becomes all the more remarkable, in hindsight, that the otherwise undistinguished President Barack Obama managed to negotiate a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

Of course, the Plan of Action didn't even last three years, as Obama's incredibly ridiculous successor, the New York slumlord Donald Trump, quit the plan because. . .it wasn't his plan.  Obama's plan was bad because it was Obama's and Obama wasn't the brilliant deal-maker that the slumlord Trump was.  Trump's entire campaign was based on the self-aggrandizement that he was smarter than everybody else and that Mexicans were *bad hombres.*  Amazingly, this thin and imbecilic platform was enough to convince the American people to give Trump the keys to the White House!

Upon taking office, Trump embarked upon his futile pursuit of a wall to protect America from any Mexican not willing to work under the table at one his of construction sites and undoing Obama's few political achievements.

Trump was so stupid, he actually believed after continuously slandering the Iranians for two-and-a-half years and then quitting the Iran Plan, he could slap a few more sanctions on them and force them to accept a new deal. 


Even dumber, Trump didn't realize that by not honoring Obama's Iran Plan, he was making it harder for himself to be taken as a trustworthy partner.

Dumber still, Trump didn't realize that holding a Summit with North Korea while simultaneously trying topple the Venezuelan government would make it nearly impossible for the North Koreans, or anyone else, to take him in good faith.

Trump's *policies* have been complete failures: the retarded trade war with China, the bumbling travel ban on Muslim nations, the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Israel-First decisions on UNESCO and Jerusalem, the enabling of the Saudi disaster in Yemen, changing his word every five minutes on troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan, and worst of all, pulling out of the INF treaty and starting a new arms race with Russia, a nation that should be a US ally (which Trump-the-candidate knew, but Trump-the-President forgot [or was ordered to forget by some Hidden Hand]).  

@@While it is certainly preferable the US have peaceful, friendly relations with all countries, doesn't it seem *odd,* given the ethnic and religious demographics of the countries, that Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, Israel are US allies, and Russia is not?@@

Trump's idiotic *policies* are isolating the US from Europe and increasing tensions around the globe.  In fact, Trump's *policies* are so amateurish, stupid and ineffective, the only natural reaction is the one given to him by world leaders:
Yes, Donald Trump is a laughingstock. . .

So slumlord Donald Trump's North Korea Summit failed. . .

The North Koreans would have to have been as dumb as Donald Trump to give up their nuclear weapons program. . .and they aren't that dumb.  The key statement made by the North Koreans is that their limited proposal was the best they could make given their current level of confidence in the United States

Given the United States failures to fulfill their Treaties and obligations, given the United States' addiction to *regime changes* that serve its *Manifest Destiny* and Military Finance Economy, and given Donald Trump's double mind, the North Koreans simply can't trust the United States.

No deal.

The North Koreans will keep their nukes until the United States has established itself as an honest peace partner.  And given the US history in Korea, the firebombing of nearly the entire North (a fact conveniently forgotten in the US but painfully remembered by Koreans), this was always going to be a difficult proposition.  Add to that the US record of promises made to and then broken with Muammar Gaddafhi and Saddam Hussein, the catastrophic regime change disaster wreaked upon former Gulf War ally Syria, and the US' habitual meddling into other countries affairs, reaching an agreement to denuclearize North Korea was far, far beyond the extremely limited abilities of a blowharding clown like Donald Trump, who would have the American people believe negotiating a golf course deal in Scotland was ample preparation for the job of World Statesman.


The American people may be stupid, but by saying no to Trump's dumb proposal, the North Koreans have proven they are not.

And one can only imagine what stupidity the moron Trump will inflict upon his friends, family and country to soothe the North Korean blow to his gargantuan *Master Deal Maker* ego!!

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