16 March 2019

They Work For The Wrong God

The Daily Caller, 16 March 2019: Former Amazon employee Shannon Allen claimed in a Thursday interview with Tucker Carlson that the stressful workplace conditions nearly drove her to suicide.
I'm sure republicans with soft jobs will dismiss, and laugh at, this woman's claims.  After all, she looks fairly well-fed, and it appears she's had time recently to visit hair and nail salons (and, perhaps, a tattoo parlor or two).  Doubtless workers in Asian plants have it much tougher. . .there are genuine *suicide nets* at Foxxconn factories. . .so far, cue ball Jeff Bezos hasn't had to smudge his bottom line with expenditures for those kind of *safety features.*

I'm sure republicans with soft jobs would tell this woman to quit crying, go back to college and get a good job. . .after all, in America opportunities are limitless, anyone can grow up to be President (except a dwarf. . .I'd be willing to bet cash dollars a dwarf will never be President of the United States).

I don't know how horrible Amazon picking jobs are.  Are they worse than picking fruit or cotton?  I don't know.  I can understand that standing at a conveyor belt stuffing cardboard boxes with trinkets could be depressing—if work is meant to be life's fulfillment.

That's the real issue. . .

Tens of millions of working-age Americans report depression. . .whether they work at Amazon or not.  And even more take depression or anxiety meds, so that means tens of millions of additional Americans just self-medicate without a diagnosis. 

Vast numbers of Americans just don't feel very well, psychologically. 

The problem with life in America? Life is defined by work.  Let's admit the truth: Americans are groomed from at least the moment they enter kindergarten (if not before) that life is about getting into a *good* college and then getting a *good* job.  Absolute Capitalism demands a workforce of material beings who submit to the idea of leading a *productive* life of producing profits for the small handful who own the world.     

If life is defined by work, then yes, we have no doubt workers are depressed, and often suicidal, whether they work at Amazon or Facebook or wherever. 

Human beings were designed to be reproductive, not *productive.*  Human beings were designed to be fruitful. . .the product they were to produce was life. . .they were designed to reflect their Creator and populate the earth as the Kingdom of God

A life spent producing material to fill landfills is a misspent life. . .it ought to be depressing.

Republicans with soft jobs who would offer no sympathy to the Amazon worker, are, by-and-large, self-proclaimed Christians.  They have more treasure than the Amazon line worker.  Their treasure deceives them.  They believe their treasure is a *blessing* from God, and the poor suicidal Amazon line worker just doesn't have enough *faith.*  Their life is even more depressing, for they are even further from God.  When these people encounter the real Jesus and the real Gospel, this is the result.

When Jesus saw the crowds, He felt sorry for them.  They were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. . .

I'm sorry, but most people have wasted their life working.  They worked for nothing of any eternal value.  They are sad, anxious, constantly taking thought for tomorrow, always fretting how they will feed or clothe themselves. . .they work for the wrong god.

[I find Tucker Carlson less offensive than the other talking heads, but his smirk at the Amazon worker's mention of the World Socialist Web Site was, perhaps, a moment when the mask slips. . .]

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