05 January 2020

Democracy In Action!

5 January 2020: Iraq’s parliament voted on Sunday to expel U.S. troops from the country, in an extraordinarily rapid and decisive response to the Trump administration’s targeted killing of a top Iranian general at the Baghdad airport on Friday.


Remember one of the many justifications for the insane invasion of Iraq, after it was discovered BushCo had LIED about Iraq having *weapons of mass destruction,* was that American wanted to *spread democracy.*

Well, America, here it is!  Democracy in action!

You spent how many trillions of dollars and killed how many millions of people, just to get a slap in the face?

Somehow, I have the feeling TrumpCo will veto Iraqi democracy. . .

Then there's this:
So the General was on a diplomatic mission to EASE TENSION in the area, and TrumpCo blow him to smithereens!  And we are supposed to believe TrumpCo's current plea for *de-escalation?*  

BushCo's neocon leftovers have been aching for a war against Iran for over a decade. . .now that they are whispering in the ear of an even bigger idiot than Bush, they may finally get their precious Iran war.

Meanwhile, in Iran:
Look at the size of the funeral crowd!  You don't even get a crowd this size in USA at the parade when some team wins a Super Bowl.

I really don't think these people are gonna be satisfied by a couple molotov cocktails being thrown at some US embassy in Africa.  Some Americans are going to have to die.

Best thing for Iran would be to capture some American servicemen and take them back to Iran and put them on trial. . .and then the inevitable public execution.  

Can you imagine Trump's feverish, deranged tweeting as the whole thing played out?  The tough guy threats and the ridiculous boasting about the American military?  

And then what?

We don't know yet how this will all end.  We know how it started, about that, let's be clear.  It started when TrumpCo decided to assassinate an Iranian general on a diplomatic mission.  That's how it started.  How it will end, it's much too early to tell. . .

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