22 May 2020

Virus: The Rebirth Of McVeighism

For the first time since the office buildings fell on *9/11,* we see in the United States a significant reappearance of the militia LARPers, those self-proclaimed patriots who have been in hiding since the execution of Timothy McVeigh (much like Jesus' disciples hid in the upper room before the resurrection).

McVeighism, which cautiously stuck its head out under the MAGA hat in 2016 in opposition to a Clinton bogeywoman, has now been nearly resurrected by the virus.  All it lacks for its complete rebirth is blood. . .

The virus has disturbed the somnolence under which the patriot has been slumbering since 6/11 and which *9/11* additionally tranquilized.  In the nearly twenty years since, the patriot has retreated from his loss of political and economic freedom, accepting his terminal indebtedness in exchange for living in cocooned America under the influence of his opium of choice.  

But the virus has infected the cocoon. . .

The little molecule from China has woke the sleeping patriot dog . .

Now the patriot can no longer drive to GameStop to purchase the newest shoot 'em simulation or game system accessory, he can no longer feed his morbid obesity at his favorite restaurant, he can no longer hunt for sexual partners at the corner bar, or, if he can enter the bar, he cannot make a fully informed choice as the sex object's face is now masked.  With his placating electronic and carnal spells frustrated or broken, the patriot reawakens to confront his political, economic and cultural precariousness.

The psychic toll of nearly twenty years of additional decline in wages, reduction of social services and a cultural change far more seismic than the climate change had been suppressed first under United We Stand terrorism, and then by electronic distancing.  Whatever dissent remained active in the patriot was expressed in the same futile fashion as everybody else: social media tantrums.

But the virus' unprecedented and unexpected disruption of the New American Way of Life has startled the patriot from his long lethargy.  He awakens after twenty years only to discover he's been fed shit, and that all the prophecies of Timothy McVeigh have been fulfilled, and then some.  Now the government can even regulate the cutting of hair. . .and this amounts to a call to arms.

The neo-militia LARPers differ from their predecessors in one significant and bizarre aspect:

Their rebirth occurs not in the fringe of an Elohim City, not from outside the political system, but deep in the heart of the republican party!

Their economic humiliation pacified by MAGA identitarianism, the zombie patriots shuffled along after Donald Trump. . .and now we see the surreal spectacle of their revived political dissent directed by the President himself (Liberate Michigan, et al.), as if he were not also responsible for the conditions which provoked it.  Thus, only the governments of *blue* states are enemies of the people.  The Federal Government, as long as headed by MAGA Trump, is indeed as tyrannized (by wicked democrat governors, deep state pedophiles and liberal media) as the poor neo-militia LARPers.

I doubt Timothy McVeigh would be as naive as the new LARPers in the patriot  movement. . .

What remains to be seen is if the neo-militia LARPers are anything more than crybabies staging selfies for social media. . .

It only takes one, however, not to be a crybaby, but the real deal. . .and given the ongoing pandemic, economic upheaval and Trump's quest for a second term, conditions should remain conducive at least through Election Day to provide ample opportunities for an idiot of any stripe to deliberately or accidentally cause a Ruby Ridge type situation, and thereby give rise to a new Timothy McVeigh.

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