30 May 2020

Powder Keg USA: Who? Why?

I watched the Minnesota governor Saturday morning struggling in a press conference to make sense of the unrest afflicting his state.  He seems like a decent fellow, trying hard to do the right thing for his constituents.  At one point he made the claim that 80% of the agitators were not from Minnesota, and speculated some of them may be involved in organized retail crime, or from subcultures of hate.  And I am sure some of them probably are in Minneapolis just to steal, or just to spread hate.  And we can probably wonder similarly about the crowds of mischief makers at the numerous other sites of unrest breaking out across the USA:

Who are they?

Why are they doing this?

It's now abundantly clear they are not all grieving George Floyd justice seekers.  Some are obviously thieves, plain and simple.  Others are anarchists.  Some just plain old regular folks out for a wild block party after being cooped up for weeks under virus lockdown.  Some are haters, with varying targets of hate.  And who all else, God only knows. . .

But there is one salient fact which escaped the governor of Minnesota: one banner unites every person taking part in the unrest everywhere in America. No matter who or what they hate or want to protest, or if they just want to steal or party, THEY ARE ALL AMERICAN.  

Thus, America is a sick society, currently infected with a percentage of its population who openly want to either protest America, burn America, loot America, injure or kill other Americans, or simply want to chaos dance in its streets.

The specific motivation of the individual agitator doesn't really matter.  What matters is that a percentage of Americans are disaffected.

How many malcontents are there?

The crowds still seem small.  In the hundreds, perhaps low thousands in some of the bigger cities, but certainly not mass crowds.

Most Americans are still too lazy, too lethargic, too addicted to the distraction of their choice to actually comprehend if they are disaffected, let alone do anything about it.

There is also a fairly significant portion of the population who are consciously disaffected, but are simply too obese do anything about it.  Walking, running through several city blocks for two or three hours is simply beyond their physical capabilities.  They must cheer on the mischief makers through TV or the internet, much like spectator sports fanatics.

It's hard to tell how large is the percentage of American malcontents.  How many are absolutely sickened at the idea their best-case scenario life involves forty to fifty years of struggling to maintain hourly wage indebtedness, with no meaningful social interaction to soothe them?  And then there are the countless neuroses which afflict Americans: addictions, fears, disorders, manias, depression, etc., etc. etc. for which the American seeks pharmacological relief.  Americans are the most medicated people on earth, this alone proves America is a sick society.

If we cut away all the fat of political/cultural over-labeling, we see in our current American unrest sick Americans seeking to alleviate their pain by destroying the cause of their sickness, or through the intoxication of chaos.

Will the numbers of the sick agitators grow? 

How long will this last?  

Is this virus of unrest just a *little flu* that will soon disappear?  Or a more dangerous contagion that can cause long-lasting damage to the American body? 


After watching another night of Powder Keg USA, I would describe the State of the Union as follows: 

The Garbage People, sick of being treated like garbage, now want to turn the rest of America into garbage.

Meanwhile, as his country unravels, the idiot President seems totally unaware he is the President. He chooses to act as if he is just some MAGA dummy who can watch from the sideline and hope the right wing wins. . .as if there is anything to win. Hard to imagine the nation could have a worse President.

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