13 October 2021

2021 College Football Week 7, NFL Week 6

Week 6 College Recap: Some outstanding games last week.  Did not see A&M's win over the Menstrual Tide coming.  A&M had not done a thing all year.  Alabama still has a roster of 4 and 5 star recruits, top roster in the game. . .but. . .this season's 5 stars are not the same as previous.  There is no Jeudy, Waddle, Ruggs, Smith. . .not even a Najee Harris.  This Alabama team cannot score at will, and thus are made vulnerable by their declined defense.  Alabama used to play defense like Georgia plays defense.  Now they are a Penn State or Iowa level defense.  A good defense, but not one that can shut down even an above average offense for 60 minutes.  Oklahoma and Texas played an entertaining game of flag football, and Lincoln Riley, the most over-rated coach, must be saluted for benching Spencer Rattler.  Not many coaches would sit a prima donna QB that quick.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, Oklahoma will now once again get into the Playoff and promptly give up 45+ points.  Scott Frost had to fight back the tears after Nebrasska once again fumbled away an opportunity for the so-called *signature* win.  After the game he blamed the zebras and talked about his 3-4 team as if they had just won a championship. Penn State's back-up QB was given the game ball by Iowa. . .ba-dum-tish! For real, though, rough game for the kid.  You don't want to be a black QB and play bad for that part of Pennsylvania.  Kentucky probably made Ed Orgeron a Dead Man Walking. 

College Picks Week 7 (25-21-1 vs the spread for the season):

Oklahoma State +5.5 @ Texas: Cutty Sark's Longhorns got the DTs against Oklahoma, their defense too busy clawing at the imaginary insects on their arms to tackle the ball carrier on the last play.  That was a drunk's loss, all the way.  Self-inflicted.  They are going for their 1 week chip against OK St, but I bet they fall off the wagon, again.  Oklahoma State.  

Florida -10 @ LSU: LOL! The Two Shitty Coaches Bowl!  I mean, LSU is begging Florida to kick its ass, but Dan Mullen will fuck it up, like he always does.  This is probably the only good team (on paper) Orgeron can still beat.  LSU.

Kentucky +23.5 @ Georgia: I know Georgia is a monster this year. . .but this seems like a lot of points. . .Georgia only beat them by 11 last year.  Kentucky.

Alabama -17 @ Mississippi State: Too many points for a non-vintage Menstrual Tide team against a Mike Leach team.  Mississippi State.

Week 5 NFL Recap: LOL!  Once again, more news was made off the field.  Last week it was Urban Meyer's finger in Cayman Nebraska's anus, this week it's Jon Gruden's eleven years old  n gger lips email!  The League is littered with thugs and rapists of all colors and preferences, yet Gruden isn't welcome because of some crude personal emails??  I mean, Lions fans had to endure 3 dark years of Matt Patricia football even though he raped a girl in college!  There was barely a peep made about that, but Gruden is out for email??  An absurd *policy.*  Anyways. . .on the field the Browns once again closed small, showing they are still not quite ready to take the final step to team greatness. . .they got 12 more games to get this shit right and make the Super Bowl, otherwise they just wasted the best roster in football.  The Seahawks look dead in the water at 2-3 and Russell Wilson out for at least 4 games.  Dan Campbell cried after the Lions latest WTF?!?! loss.  Hayley Mills probably had the best game of any rookie QB this year. . .but the Texans faded badly and blew a winnable game against New England. . .man, we almost had Dana Scully beating Belichick!  As it is, it took a ridiculous 3rd and 18 roughing the passer call to save the Pats.  They are a horseshit team still getting treated by the zebras like they are a Glamour Team.  I gotta admit, crybaby Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense looks pretty damn good.  Kellen Moore will be a HC next year, probably have his pick of jobs.  Lamar Jackson passed the Ravens to a huge comeback win??  Never thought I would see that.  Good for him and his ugly mug.

NFL Picks Week 6 (21-26-1 vs the spread for the season):

Miami -3.5 vs Jacksonville
: What a dog of a game for London.  The only action will be off the field, with Shelley Meyer hitting the East End looking for a tart to bring back to her hotel room for her and Urban to play with.  I actually believe Jacksonville is the better team.  They can run the ball, and Girl Hair Lawrence is cutting down on his INTs.  Jacksonville.

Green Bay -4.5 @ Chicago: The Bears defense played a helluva game against the Raiders.  The Packers are once again a mediocre team with a great QB and a fake SB contender won-loss record.  Packers win because of MeMe Rodgers.  Green Bay

Cincinnati -3.5 @ Detroit: Based on nothing other than cosmic sentimentality, I predict the Lions are fated to win this Sunday in order to restore serenity to Dan Campbell's tortured soul.  Detroit

Los Angeles Chargers +3 @ Baltimore: The Chargers have surprised me the most of any team.  The Ravens are 4-1 not on talent, but on character.  Interesting game.  Los Angeles Chargers.

Arizona +3 @ Cleveland: Time for the Arizona bubble to burst.  Cleveland.

Las Vegas +3.5 @ Denver: Both teams started 3-0 and are now on 2 game losing streaks.  The supposedly tough Denver defense flopped against a shit-ass Steeler offense.  The Raiders have the perfect excuse to lay down and die.  Denver

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