11 August 2009

David vs Goliath, 2009

Ha ha ha. . .look at this pathetic white buffoon! Confronting the government! Standing up for. . .uh. . .standing up for. . .uh. . .Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry?!?! It’s great when the little guy comes to the aid of poor defenseless Corporate giants!! They’ll reward him by selling him his Diovan for $5 a pill. . .

This jackass claimed to speak for God. . .but he kinda knocked God down a peg or two. . .he said God would one day stand before Arlen Specter. . .ha ha ha. Uh, no, God ain’t gonna get off His throne for a fleabag like Arlen Specter.

But anyway, I wonder if this brainwashed clown thinks he scored some brownie points with the Almighty? Ha ha ha. . .his pastor will probably ask him to give the sermon this Sunday: David vs Goliath, 2009. . .

Does this bumpkin really think God is worked up about *Health Care Reform?*

All nations before Him are as nothing; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity.

America herself is less than nothing to God, so what is her grubby politics, then, but less than less than zero? But this Pennsylvania shit-kicker imagines himself fighting the good fight. . .

No, this clodhopper is nothing but a hash-slinger after the heart of Martha. . .laboring in vain before God. And his burden will be dismissed, just as Christ dismissed Martha’s busy-work (Luke 10:38 – 42).


  1. Is it just me or do all Whites act like buffoons whenever they hear about changes in the Health Care system?

    Why do they stand up for a system that victimizes them...its like they are defending an abusive slave owner!

  2. Ha ha ha! Well said, well said.

    You hear these people talk the US Constitution as if it is some kind of self evident document. If it were so self evident, we would not be arguing about the silly thing.

    Even then their words are full of fail. Just as this man misstates God's standing (God does not stand before man; man stands before God), they misstate the Constitution.

    If a national health care plan violates the Constitution, then how does the current system not violate the Constitution? Our system now is mired in federal red-tape just as a so-called "National" plan would be mired in red-tape. There is no provision stating "There shall be no red-tape."

    Choice? What of the draft that was perfectly Constitutional until sometime in the 70's? Emission standards? Hell, even growing wheat for your personal consumption has fallen under the Commerce Clause.

    But don't ask these buffoons for any such nuance or deeper thought. They've gotten their info from their earthly leaders. Their cultishness is the same as the cult of Obama dressed in a poorly maintained beard and a pretense of patriotism.

    What a pathetic joke.

  3. No question about it. They bend over and say:

    Thank you, sir! May I have another?

    And the Insurance Industry and Big Pharma are pulling the strings perfectly. . .they got the right wing crazies frothing about *socialism,* and they got Obama so scared of a *political defeat,* he’ll accept any crumbs they toss at him.

    About the only thing Obama’s got going for him right now is the lefties are too embarrassed to admit Obama played them. The lefties are like the lonely fat girl in high school who spread her legs at the empty promises of her horny high school crush. . .sure, baby, I love ya, as he zips his pants. Next day in the hallway, he walks right on by, don’t even notice the fatty. And the fatty is too embarrassed, too ashamed to do anything about it. That’s how the lefties got played by their crush Obama. . .

  4. AH HA HA! J, that high school analogy to Obama is spot on.

  5. From what I'm getting from the health care "reform" thing is the insurance companies and federal government will enjoy a closer relationship. As in, the insurance companies should do well because the feds will force everyone to have health insurance.

    And I was hoping to see an option called "The Healthy White Guy Plan" with an appropriate price for the group. You know, a plan for the people who aren't killing the system.