18 April 2013

Subway Sandwich (Camel) Jockey Latest A-rab To Be Tarred & Feathered

Ha ha ha. . .AmerICKa is supposedly this very PC country. . .you can’t even call fat people fat anymore. . .but there is one group of *people* you can accuse at will:

A-rabs. . .sand niggers. . .whatever you want to call them.

Ha ha ha. . .these two dopes found themselves on the front page of the New York Post (and NUMEROUS internet sites) as wanted men for the Marathon bombings.  One of the dopes, Salah Barhoun, in the white hat, turns out to be a high school kid who works at Subway (maybe he stole a *pressure cooker* from work. . .ha ha ha). . .when he saw the pictures and news articles fingering him as a bomber, he turned himself in, after first proclaiming on Facebook:

Going to the court right now!! Shit is real. But u will see guys I did not do anything.

Well, Salah, it probably doesn’t even matter. . .look at the example of John Doe #2, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, the first sand nigger to be falsely accused (the evidence of his guilt: he ran injured from the bomb blast seeking medical help—this *suspicious* behavior enough to convince Southie rednecks the sand nigger must be the bomber, whereupon they roughed up the injured raghead and turned him over to the police). . .and so just a day or two after being cleared of the bombing, our John Doe #2, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, continues to have the shadow guilt hanging over him, as right wing Media whites such as Sean Hannity, who claims not to be a conspiracy nut, still promote the view Alharbi is a terrorist, and even suggest Obama had a secret meeting with a Saudi prince to arrange for the quiet deportation of the nefarious sand nigger of the nefarious sand nigger (story here).

In 21st Century AmerICKa, sand niggers just can’t win. . .  

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