20 April 2013

You Can Come Out Now. . .

When life has no meaning, it's good to be an AmerICKan!

I think I'd feel a little silly whooping it up in the streets after obeying Big Government's order to hide under my bed all day. . .

An entire city peeks from behind the curtains for a whole day over one teenager hiding in a boat, then they bust out the flags and dance in the streets like it's VE Day. . .ha ha ha.

Assorted crackpots all over the world undoubtedly took note how little it now takes to terrorize AmerICKa and bring a major metropolitan area to a complete standstill. . .so who really *won?*


  1. "#Boston Strong."

    Gotta love the "hash-tag" on every thing nowadays. And here I thought texting would be the death of communication. Nope, it merely softened it up for Twitter to obliterate.

    After the second guy was captured, the Watertown cops were all smiles, high-fives, etc.

    I get it. We're happy to have the bad guy in custody but that happiness, to me anyway, is severely tarnished by the deaths and limbless victims of the bombings.

    The "victory" tastes like ashes in my mouth, especially knowing that we as Americans will not ask why these two men (if they're all that exist in these bombings) bombed the marathon?

    Even the 9/11 report, written by Americans, cited the Muslim attacks on the US were motivated by US imperialism and meddling in the middle-east but still were ignored for putrid explanations such as, "they hate us for our freedom."

    Yeah, if you define American freedom as being US troops, seen as invaders, in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the middle-east as freedom, sure. They hate us for our "freedom."

    But if we're talking about a freedom in the US to have an abortion, drive a Hummer, wear bikinis, drink booze, etc?

    I don't figure a single Muslim on the globe really gives a shit about that stuff. The Muslims are pissed at the US for our invasion, occupation, and rampant murder of innocent Muslims, and blind support of the apartheid state named Israel.

    That opinion, back by the 9/11 report, is unpatriotic, however.

  2. I don't understand the AmerICKan insistence that everything about AmerICKa has to be the greatest, most special, most enviable. . .

    All the blowhards after the Boston thing ended:

    **The president's praise for law enforcement was echoed by Republican leaders on Capitol Hill. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio called their actions "a job well done under trying circumstances," while Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said the nation "marveled at the coordination, skill, and bravery of military, intelligence, and law enforcement officials at every level."**

    C'mon! Please! Why does everything in AmerICKa have to be so exaggerated? Why this endless puffery? McConnell marveled at Law Enforcement? Law Enforcement was inept. They let the teenager slip through their fingers. . .they had nothing to do with his capture. . .some guy having a nicotine fit steps outside his house and notices a blood trail to his precious boat. . .he peeks in and sees the kid, calls the cops, and then these cops don't even have the guts of The Smoker, can't look in the boat until first firing hundreds of rounds into the boat hoping to kill the kid terrorist. . .this is what McConnell *marvels* at?

    Just tell the truth. . .it was a comedy of errors, and embarrassing that an entire city had to shut down, and still the kid made it out of the dragnet. There was absolutely NO evidence of skill or bravery on the part of Law Enforcement.

  3. The support of Boston PD is akin to "supporting the troops", so any sort of criticism of how things were handled is a form of unpatriotic behavior.

    Shit, even that uncle who spoke very critically of his two nephews had to "act" the part of "patriot" by saying something about the US being the greatest country in the history of nations.

    That's not to say the US is so horrible. If it were so so horrible, people would be fleeing the nation like it were Mexico or some other similarly-situated shitburg.

  4. And this idea the Boston bombers "failed" is ridiculous. Pat Buchanan writes about the notion here: http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/did-the-brothers-tsarnaev-fail/

  5. AmerICKa is no better or worse than most countries. . .certainly not as good as the Scandinavian countries, but far better than those in Africa or the Middle East. . .just an average Western nation that curses the world with a Leviathan military and an insane sense of manifest destiny. This idea of AmerICKan exceptionalism is pure delusion of grandeur.

    Patty B.'s article was right on the money. . .

  6. The terrorists ultimately won:


    The American standard of victory, however, will be the running of the Boston Marathon next year without regard to the stuff shown in the video above, complete with chants of "USA, USA, USA!!!"