13 January 2021


Despite a plot that makes QAnon’s Storm seem believable, Becky is a mostly enjoyable revenge/gore flick due to the energetic performance of the kid actress who plays the titular character.  A group of neo-Nazis escape from prison, then head to a vacation home nestled in the woods in search of a key that will unlock something (the viewer is never told what) that will make all their skinhead dreams come true.  The house is inhabited by a newly formed interracial couple with two kids, one of them being thirteen-year-old Becky, who still grieves for her recently deceased mother, and alternates between sullen silence and explosive rage over her father’s many failings, and impending black step-mother and step-brother.  While brooding away from the others in a nearby tree house, Becky just so happens to find the key shortly before the arrival of the neo-Nazis.  This sets off the increasingly illogical torture/revenge plot which leaves Becky as the only member of the unBrady interracial Bunch capable of fighting the skinheads.  Hellbent on taking out all her pent-up rage on the Aryan gang, Becky discovers her inner Hit Girl. With a native instinct and quirky flair (she chooses a chipmunk hat for her battle helmet) for combat, and armed with a wooden ruler, colored pencils, zip line, Nerf Super Soaker and lawnmower, Becky manages to more than hold her own against the bad white guys.  The kid actress who plays Becky is named Lulu Wilson, and her live wire performance as the angsty/angry adolescent gives the film enough juice, along with a couple imaginative gore set pieces, to overcome the silly plot and the rest of the cast’s inept performances, chief of which is Kevin James as the neo-Nazi ringleader.  The flabby James is about as menacing a Nazi as those from Hogan’s Heroes. Movie Formula: Last Tree House On The Left ÷ Kick-Ass.

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